10 Most Craziest Plastic Surgeries to Look Like duplicate of Someone Else

1. The woman who had 51 cosmetic surgeries to look like Egyptian Queen Nevertity
2. The grandma who spent US 16,000 to look like essica Rabbit.
3. The mother who had surgery just to look like her daughter.
4. The twin sister who paid 6,000 pounds on surgery to look completely indentical.
5. The octuplet's mom who wanted to look like Angelina Jolie.
6. The woman who underwent plastic surgery to look like her husband's ex wife.
7. The female impersonator who spent $ 16.00 to look like Michael Jackson.
8. The woman who beat the world record for most plastic surgeries to become a real-life Barbie.
9. The dying woman who spent $ 50.000 on plastic surgery to look loke Demi Moore.
10. The security guard who spet $ 5.000 so he could like the DEVIL