27 Beautiful Water Guns

1.Whiplash, Anyone?

2.This is a great way to make anyone furious.

3.Someone is extremely serious about playtime.

4.More DIY

5.It's like a firefighter's hose.

6.It's great for offensive moves, not so handy during retreats.

7.These could shoot a bird out of the sky.

8."Ah, Yes!"

9.It looks scary.

10.RAMBO Water Gun

11.Antique Water Gun

12.+5 Stealth

13.Forget about refills! (And Also Traveling Beyond 25 Feet)

14.Antique Gun (From Outer Space)

15.That picture is misleading.

16.Great for Pranks, Getting Arrested and Giving Mom a Heart Attack

17.You're not supposed to shoot yourself, silly!

18.Hang Back With This Hose Attachment

19.Here's another scarily realistic looking water pistol. Does it silence the squirt?

20.Gun and Shield in One

21.Things were so simple when you were a kid.

22.The More You Pump, the Higher the Pressure

23.Less Whiplash, More Cute

24.A Very Steampunk Summer

25.Pew! Pew! Squirt...?

26.If you're going to make someone really sticky and uncomfortable with this soda bottle gun, just make sure they aren't near your pool.

27.It seems like refills would be required every minute or so and this would have a hard time fitting under the sink nozzle.