Day 1: My current relationship

I spotted this on a blog, and swiped it, thinking it would be a good tool to get this blog going and documenting/learning bits and pieces about myself.

So why the heck not?

Immediate problem: relationships are private and all that jazz so I don't know how freely I should discuss this.  But I'll do this all bullet style since I learned something about thought-organization in law school:

  • I met my cutie-pie-panini the first day of law school. 
  • Our professor forced us out every week to a seedy Tenderloin bar, where we flirted and he showed off how funny he is.
  • We started e-mailing (internet romance!) during the hibernation period of our first finals because I think we were missing each other.
  • We spent every day of winter break together, and fell fast and hard into our 3+ year loveship. 
  • He is hilarious, brilliant, thoughtful, sweet, selfless, hottt sexy handsome, hard-working, a talented musician, an incredible cook, athletic, and breaks every stereotype that Cosmo and Glamour told me about men.  (He makes fun of slutty looking girls instead of checking them out, he typically doesn't care about the football game, he cleans and cooks, he's a better communicator than I am, etc etc)
  • We moved in together after dating for 7 months because all the stars aligned and it made sense to.
  • We have been living together for 2.5 years, are basically married, and talk all the time about getting married, mostly so I can be on his health insurance plan and we can save $120 a month.  sooo romantic!

And since this is a running blog after all, I'll say a word or two about running.  I received a running calendar for xmas, and so have been "logging" my miles, something I've never done before.  According to ye ole calendar, I'm at 328.5 miles for the year.  Today is the 30th day of the year, so that seems like a lot.  But don't be alarmed, I have taken the last two days off (the usual, as to avoid injuries).

My cute boyfriend looks like more fun than writing anymore, so bye!

Deep Thoughts, By Rose Handy.

I don't know if you realize this or not, but there are a lot of folks out there who are very angry about the fact that grape flavored things do not taste like grape at all. I was thinking about this while eating an apple that was so sour and juicy and crisp, it actually tasted like an apple Jolly Rancher. Then I realized something. Something PROFOUND. All these artificially flavored grape and apple and cherry things (by things I mean Candy) are based on the flavor of the fruit's JUICE. The Juices really do taste different than the whole fruit!

So there you have it. Grape flavored Charms lollipops are not a fraud, they taste like grape juice.

This is me pondering my profound realization. OK seriously, recycled pictures for infinity until I get my act together and figure out how to be a real blogger.

Today I tried to make a quiche. I think the recipe was in Redbook or some other classy mag I swiped from the gym. I love reading magazines at the gym, it is on my top 5 favorite most relaxing things to do. On my top 5 least favorite things to do is cook. I'm so lazy, but more importantly, I take all kinds of shortcuts and cheats (ahem, lazy) so my cooking is truly horrendous. So one step was to whisk egg whites for 30 seconds. Being too frakkin lazy to move my hand in a spinning motion for 30 seconds, and not wanting to ask the BF where a whisker was, I grabbed this little frothing stick we got for christmas. I whirred the egg whites til they were all frothy on top, and continued with the recipe.

It turns out that frothing your egg whites makes your quiche look like lemon meringue pie, and taste like coffee since someone (me) was so bad and cleaning the frother the first time it was used. I ate most of it anyway.

I'm off to see the King's Speech. We need to be prepared for the Oscar's you know? Colin Firth is nominated for prom king this year in the strange pageantry that is movie industry award season. So far, I'm pretty enamored with Mark Zuckerburg (which is what I now call Jesse Eisenberg).

What's that you say? Another outdated picture? ok.

Ah yeahhhh, Toon Town.

Allow me to Explain

When I read blogs, I skim, scroll down, and generally pay very poor attention until something fun catches my eye -- usually some sort of race re-cap, or most importantly A PICTURE OF THE BLOGGER. I suppose I'm like a 2nd grader who picks their books based on the high picture-to-word ratio, but that's what I like.

So to satisfy myself and any future one day readers of this blog who are like myself, I'm just going to keep on posting pictures of myself until I figure something else to talk about. (Also, I don't have a camera, so I just swipe these from my live-in boyfriend's computer and therefore don't have any documentation of things that don't involve hanging out with him).

I would love to eventually talk about my love for running (loooong. 3 miles? get outta here. I want all or nothing, usually 14+ satisfies my itch), and my hate for law school (which I kicked in the nuts/graduated in May 2010), and my super cool awesome boyfriend who you already know has a camera....but I don't even know where to start. So until then, pictures of me. And maybe also of this.

10 Craziest Food Tattoos

This tattoo is an entire full breakfast plate with eggs, bacon and potatoes, including the knife and fork. Yummy!
Strawberry ice cream cone with chocolate on top please! Melons not included!
This magical ham fairy would be cute if doodled in the margins of a high school text book, but is less than adorable as a sprawling tramp stamp.
What would be better than a delicious triple layered slice of lemon pie?
Are you on a diet? This evil potato will make you lose your appetite every time you stare at him.
"It's Totally Taco Time."
I hope he doesn't forget the can opener.
Leave it to beaver.
Who doesn't love a good bag of "poporn"?
The forbidden fruit which appears to be a strawberry when it actually is a human heart with a serpent wrapped around it.


Craziest Dogs Haircuts

12 Craziest Matching Tattoos

Nesting dolls.
Pac man.

Baby Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee.
Bombtastic Friendship Tattoos.
Philosophical couple. From the song My Gift & My Curse by Blood on the Dance Floor. (Thanks, Amber)
Looks like a scene from Nightmare Before Christmas … how romantic!
Matching pair of Hello Kitty Punisher tattoos.
Gemini zodiac tattoos.
Kissing animals.
Men's best friend tattoos.


Craziest People with the Worst Teeth in the World

This people got the worst teeth in the world, even if we want to treat our lovely teeth but sometimes our eating habit will make our teeth gone bad. Do you know that britain got Worst Teeth follows four twenty-somethings with some of the worst teeth in Britain. Their teeth are so bad they affect every aspect of their lives. They are in pain and are embarrassed to go out. They find eating and speaking difficult, and not surprisingly, they find it difficult to attract partners.
There is an epidemic of poor teeth in Britain. 1 in 5 people never visit the dentist. 1 in 10 is terrified of the dentist chair. Sugar consumption, eating disorders, and bad diet make Britain’s global reputation for being a nation of terrible teeth completely justified. and how to avoid a bad teeth to protect your beauty smile?? because we know that the beauty smile was happen when you got a nice teeth. and here’s how to avoid a bad teeth. you have to do this: Regulardentist visits, not smoking, minimizing your coffee, soda and red wine intake, and brushing and flossing. Other factors, like having hard water or a dry climate, can also stain teeth or create a dry mouth

All might not be lost. Three of Britain’s top dentists have agreed to take on these four cases and see if they can do anything to save their terrible teeth. here’s the picture collection of the People with the Worst teeth in the World