Day 1: My current relationship

I spotted this on a blog, and swiped it, thinking it would be a good tool to get this blog going and documenting/learning bits and pieces about myself.

So why the heck not?

Immediate problem: relationships are private and all that jazz so I don't know how freely I should discuss this.  But I'll do this all bullet style since I learned something about thought-organization in law school:

  • I met my cutie-pie-panini the first day of law school. 
  • Our professor forced us out every week to a seedy Tenderloin bar, where we flirted and he showed off how funny he is.
  • We started e-mailing (internet romance!) during the hibernation period of our first finals because I think we were missing each other.
  • We spent every day of winter break together, and fell fast and hard into our 3+ year loveship. 
  • He is hilarious, brilliant, thoughtful, sweet, selfless, hottt sexy handsome, hard-working, a talented musician, an incredible cook, athletic, and breaks every stereotype that Cosmo and Glamour told me about men.  (He makes fun of slutty looking girls instead of checking them out, he typically doesn't care about the football game, he cleans and cooks, he's a better communicator than I am, etc etc)
  • We moved in together after dating for 7 months because all the stars aligned and it made sense to.
  • We have been living together for 2.5 years, are basically married, and talk all the time about getting married, mostly so I can be on his health insurance plan and we can save $120 a month.  sooo romantic!

And since this is a running blog after all, I'll say a word or two about running.  I received a running calendar for xmas, and so have been "logging" my miles, something I've never done before.  According to ye ole calendar, I'm at 328.5 miles for the year.  Today is the 30th day of the year, so that seems like a lot.  But don't be alarmed, I have taken the last two days off (the usual, as to avoid injuries).

My cute boyfriend looks like more fun than writing anymore, so bye!