Planning a Fabulous Symposium

My work for a law professor at my alma mater culminated in an amazing, full day symposium on Women's Health that gathered 25 of the most brilliant doctors and legal minds from across the U.S.

This is my frazzled look at the end of the day, after running around since before 7:00 a.m. taking care of behind-the-scenes-details.

I'm not actually that flat-chested.  This is a deception!  I went for an unflattering bra, since my shirt was pretty low cut.  In my defense, I present exhibit A:

Cleavage.  Proven.

The behind-the-scenes details included making this sign with my childish handwriting

Handing out gift bags to our amazing panelists, such as these accomplished women.

Replenishing bottled waters on the stage, making name-cards for panelists, and buying one panelist a Diet Coke, because that's what she wanted and her wish is my command

I also selected a florist, ordered and transported 30 of these gorgeous flower arrangements

As well as ordered the lighting that lit up the panelist stage

Another view of the flower arrangements and the lighting.  Tables and tablecloths also ordered by RoseRunner

And another awesome picture of the dank auditorium turned into a beautiful room filled with the interested public

This image below shows the symposium artwork on our program -- I absolutely adored it.

And lastly, a few of the lovely law students on the Women's Law Journal who helped the entire day.

I apologize if that recap was not remotely interesting to you -- this is mostly for my own documentation, so I can remember the incredible event years down the road.  It was my first experience as an "event planner" of sorts, and it was quite thrilling.  

Yes, I have a law degree...why was I event planning? It's complicated.  At least it was a legal event...


Today was one of those days where the treadmill was friendly to me instead of my brutal enemy.

I've grown fond of the treadmill for speedwork, so even though my first foray onto the machine was merely less than a month ago (can you believe it!?), I've actually been choosing it despite cooperative weather (today was a sunny 50 degrees).

8.26 miles in one hour.

10 minute warm up (all 1.0 incline, my default).
5 minutes each at 8.0 through 8.5
10 minutes at 8.6
10 minutes working my way up to 9.0, where I stayed for about 4 minutes.

While running, I watched a bit of TV.  The consensus this morning was that Anne Hathaway and James Franco failed as Oscar hosts.  

I think James Franco needs to get himself some sleep, and drop about 8 of his 29 jobs so he doesn't appear quite so lost and dazed.  

Anne just needs to remember her life is not a Disney movie, and to cheer the EFF down! TOO CHEERFUL ANNE! There really is such a thing.

I have no questions.  How was your weekend? Oscars viewing? Run?

RoseRunner Presents: Oscar Picks

Some guy at Trader Joe's today was like "dude, this is the Oscar's rush.  EVERYONE comes to Trader Joe's during Oscar weekend."

To which I was like, (in my head of course) "you are so very wrong.  This TJ's is always this packed if not more so, and I think you are the only person in here who knew the Oscar's were on tomorrow."

However, I tipped my hat to him with thanks, figuratively speaking, for reminding me that the Oscar's are indeed on tomorrow night.

Since I'm female a human being, I will be watching mostly for the gowns and jewelry, and to see who fasted with the most discipline the prior week and is therefore exposing an extra sharp rib or collarbone.

I WILL be paying a little attention to who takes home the shiny gold man, so let's take a peek at some of the Best Picture nominees this year.  I will force upon you my opinions of them, in order of most hated to most appreciated.

10) Black Swan:  This film hands down places last for me.  You don't want to get me started.  I could wax on all day about why I despised this film.

Natalie, even your reflection hates you for making this movie

To spare you from my whining I will put it briefly like this: I found the entire story to be a cheap thrill, meant to enrapture the audience through shock value rather than good acting or interesting script.

I feel people are impressed that Natalie Portman lost a lot of weight and was able to look like an angelic 19 year old.

Scenes that made people gasp and later claim "wow, that movie really impacted me and got me thinking about deep things!", made me furrow my brow, look at my boyfriend, and groan "why the hell did no one warn me we would be seeing Saw IV: At The Ballet!?"

9) Toy Story 3:  This get's a low rating because it was hyped up for almost a year before I rented it two weeks ago.  It was impossible to live up to the insane hype.

It turns out this is mostly a heist film (a la Ocean's 12.  Or 13.  Or 11.).

I also kept hearing that the movie made people cry.  I kept interrupting the film to ask panini "is that the cry part?...was THAT the cry part!?...maybe this is the cry part?"

The movie never got a hold of my heart-strings.  I don't believe any 18 year old boy gives a flying crap about a cowboy doll, nor about 4 year old girls from the hood.

Sup, I'm an 18 year old with an existential crisis regarding whether I still care about my toys or not

8,7,6) Winters Bone, The Fighter, The King's Speech:  Sadly I did not see any of these.  But judging a book by it's cover, I will rank them in that order, with King's Speech taking the lead.

This just LOOKS like a good movie, right?

(If anyone has read my blog long enough to know that I once posted that I was off to see the King's Speech, I ended up seeing 127 Hours instead.  I was in Berkeley and all the 50+ year old rich intellectuals were at the thee-ah-ter that night, making King's Speech sold out).

5) 127 Hours:  this story is FAN-FREAKING-TABULOUS, it takes my breath away every time I really sit and think about it.  Buuuut, the movie itself was merely quite good.

Look at that cutie

It certainly impacted me, and the visuals mixed with James Franco's excellent acting made me choke on my tears at a certain point (I almost left the theater because I was embarrassed about sounding like I was drowning).  It still fell a little short of some of these other nominees.

4) Inception: Really cool movie.  Super fun to watch (except for the snow-level of dreaming.  That part was too Die Hard for me).

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my #1, seriously he stole my heart when I was 6 and he made an appearance on Roseanne, then moved on to 3rd Rock From the Sun.

you're welcome

I didn't think it was as confusing as some dummies out there claimed it to be.  But this movie was just too much of a guilty pleasure to be Best Picture material.  Maybe best original screenplay?

(p.s. did anyone see Inception and Shutter Island, both starring Leo, and notice that his characters have nearly identical tragic romance storylines???)

3) The Kids are Alright: of all the movies on this list, this was the only one where I fully believed I was a fly on the wall in someone's living room, rather than RoseRunner sitting in a chair watching actors act.

Actors or real people? You decide.

The acting was superb.  I hope everyone nominated from this film (Annette Bening and Mark Ruffalo?) win for their category. The family in the film became so real.  It also got some chuckles out of me.

Who says "chuckles"?  Geeeez I sound like every other movie critic in the world.  "guffaws". 

2) The Social Network: this film is actually tied with my #1 choice.  But I'm knocking it back to # 2, because I think in 10 years this film will seem a little dated, whereas #1 is timeless.  Westerns are always timeless.

Also you're welcome, for any JT fans.

I remember wanting this movie to never end, it was SO entertaining and the dialogue was so catchy and witty (but not in a Gilmore Girls kind of way).  The weaving in and out of different time periods was done so creatively and made the film even that more gripping.

Also, very funny.  And I fell in love with Mark Zuckerberg.

1) True Grit: for crikey's sake, this film stars Jeff Bridges!! Anything with him in it shoots to #1, no matter what.  Yes, this means I would put Tron: Legacy at # 1 if it had been nominated.  Well, maybe.

I'm not a Coen Brothers groupie by any means, I just fell for the story, which was so full of passion and excitement.  And it was a Western! So much nostalgia!

He's just the coolest

I don't want anyone to hate me, but I didn't think the 14 year old (Hailee Steinfield) was that awesome.  She just knew how to talk fast and without smiling.  Good job kiddo!


The running front has been pretty disappointing this week.  I tried a couple of fast treadmill runs on rainy days, and knocked out 8.2 in one hour on Tuesday (it felt like hell), and 7.9 in one hour on Wednesday (I couldn’t summon up the energy to make this one any harder).

I had to take Thursday and Friday off because of loooong workdays (Friday was over 15 hours, and I’m not a nurse or doctor, so that is just plain crazy), so today I slogged through 20 miles in 40 degree temps and just felt like death the whole time.

It was easily the slowest run that I have ever run in the history of RoseRunner runs.  It was hilly, but slow even for a hilly run.

Just to remind you who is writing this blog


Talkin bout Marathon Goals

First thing is first, I said I would take pictures of Ethiopian food, and I deliver.  Read it and Drool.

All veggies except for the the goop at 5 o' clock

Injera wraps...taste like sourdough but look like toilet paper

Seriously, anyone who is ever in the Bay Area, for a race or otherwise, LET'S GET ETHIOPIAN FOOD TOGETHA!  Oakland/Berkeley has dozens of Ethiopian restaurants and markets -- even our corner market is owned by Ethiopians and carries injera.

It's totally vegetarian friendly (I don't know anything about vegan friendly though), it's chock full of those things that are good for you (lentils, vegetables, spices...are spices good for you? sure why not) and my garlic allergy was not even bothered!

Me on the right with Sister #1 just before dinner.  She's pointing at her pregnant belly

I rub her pregnant belly, she rubs my diet-soda bloat

pointer sisters

She paid! Thanks nani!! (note my adorable brother-in-law)

Moving on from last weekend to NEXT weekend, let me again delve into being the lame blogger who talks about the weather: it is forecasted to SNOW this weekend in the bay area.

!!! That has happened like twice in the history of the universe, which means I will be buying skis tomorrow to fully take advantage.

Nahh, I won't really be buying skis. 

Get your act together and un-pigeon-toe yourself!


Caitlin R. said something really nice recently that I wanted to address.  In response to my sub 3:30 goal for the Eugene Marathon in May, she said that I would DEFINITELY break my goal, in light of my most recent treadmill work-out I posted (8.3 miles in one hour).

First of all, I was deeply encouraged by her words and really appreciate them.  I can always use a boost of confidence.

Second, it made me wonder -- if I can bust out several miles at a 7:00 minute mile pace or less, then why haven't I already crashed through 3:30?  (My once-annual marathons have all been between 3:31 and 3:36)

These are my guesses (or excuses) as to why:

1) I have always run for pleasure, not competition, and so never "trained" or even ran with a pace in mind.  It is only recently, when I was gifted a Garmin in December 2010, that I started to become aware of how to pace myself.  My running has already changed drastically because of this.

2) All the marathons I ran except for my first in Los Angeles did NOT have any time or clock-things ANYWHERE, and I didn't run with a watch, so I had NO idea what my time/pace was.  This gave me no incentive to push the pace, as I had no idea where I was hanging.

3) I have been injured-ish for all marathons.  Usually an injury related to my hip.

4) I have major mental problems.  For real, I can be as prepared as possible, and then at mile 13 convince myself I suck and should just drop out.  It's hard to push your limits and get a great time when you are constantly considering giving up.

5) At least for my last marathon in March of 2010, I didn't warm up, went out too fast, and then burned up my quads by mile 16.  This is easy to fix, and I really hope I can control this.

So, the plan is to fix each of these contributing problems (number 1 and 2 are fixed now that I have a Garmin!) so that I can run to my capability.

I think the blog community will play a huge role in motivating and inspiring me, and I'm excited to see how things go!

Day 8: My Most Satisfying Moment

This is a hike-less Saturday, thanks to the rain that just won't quit.  Do I talk about weather too much on this blog? Am I turning into awkward-elevator-conversation blog girl? I'll try to cool it on the weather talk.

No Hike Today :(
Although I think runners must all be obsessed with weather unless they are a treadmill kind of person.

I'm stuck inside, anticipating a fun double-date tonight with my sister at an Ethiopian restaurant in Oakland, while my boyfriend records some music (his music is awesome, but he's super-shy about sharing it, so one day we have to convince him to do a private concert).

(sidenote: he just came up to me and gave me a private concert of like 2 lyrics.  'Twas good).

Me and my older sis, at Ubuntu restaurant in Napa

If you have never experienced Ethiopian food, it is rather unique and fun.  I'll try to take a picture tonight.  It involves spongy, yeasty tasting injera wraps, which you use as your eating utensil to grab mushy delicious dishes (this is a lazy definition, based on my past experience and not wikipedia or some other fine source).


This topic is literally impossible to tackle.  Can you do it? Anyone? Just ONE moment? Gimme a break.

Satisfaction.  Hm.  I mean, there are physically satisfying moments -- a great run, getting to pee after having to hold it for hours, falling into bed after a long day, a big delicious meal that had been highly anticipated.
Ahhh.  This was a big diner meal after a 3 hour run
Emotionally satisfying moments -- making a loved one proud, being told that you are loved, seeing someone receive a gift from you that they love.
Pure bliss, on vacation with Panini

I will take the leap and say that emotional satisfaction is more powerful.

In that case, one of the most satisfying moments of my life (ONE OF -- I can't pick a top), was at whatever point it was during my 23rd or 24th year when I finally grew up and had a "truce" of sorts with my Dad.

My Dad and me

Our relationship was a battlefield of power and pride throughout my teenage years, which kind of puttered out in college, but was never fully healed until we really addressed the problem during a law internship at my hometown which resulted in me living at home for 2.5 months.

Having a mature, adult, loving, relationship with him means the world to me.  It is indescribably satisfying.  I used to have trouble falling asleep sometimes, thinking about the guilt and regret I stored about not being able to express my love for him.  It's a relief to not have those concerns anymore.

He is the most brilliant, hard-working, accomplished person I know (he played football AND completed Med school at Harvard), and in addition has a great sense of humor that can put anyone at ease (he has like 50 million friends at the gym, whereas I consider myself a humanitarian for so much as smiling at someone at the gym).
My Dad, the lovely camera-man for his high-estrogen family of 4 daughters

I am so bloody thankful I have been able to know this side of him, instead of just the authoritative figure he used to be to me.  And for that, I am Most Satisfied.


Another treadmill rainy workout yesterday.  8.3 miles in one hour, 7:15 mile pace, more or less like this:

Minutes                    Pace MPH
1-5                           7.7
5-10                         8.0
10-15                       8.1
15-20                       8.2
20-25                       8.3
25-30                       8.4
30-35                       8.5
35-50                       8.6
50-60                       8.5

Felt OK.  I think my body is quickly getting used to the treadmill.

I won't beckon you with a question here, but please, comment away!

I Love Vaginas

Oh boy, we'll see what crowd I accidentally draw to this blog with that title...

This has been an exciting week of getting home at 9:00 p.m., shoving dinner in my mouth, and getting in bed by 10:00 p.m.  Going to bed right after eating is not my fave, but it had to happen and wasn't too sleep disrupting.

Eating Dinner....and yes I KNOW my pictures are not always relevant, I'm trying to entertain here!

Tuesday night I came home late because I decided to make some extra $ on the side by signing up to participate in focus research groups.  I attended a focus group on selling cars (surprise surprise, I was the ONLY girl out of 10-12 of us) from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. and received a cool $85 check.

In general, I don't love sharing my opinion -- I feel like I can be rather wishy-washy, saying whatever I think up on the spot, or what I think others expect me to say (why, I would make a GREAT politician!)  But for a paycheck, I will gladly pretend to be the most uber-opinionated car seller this world has ever known.
Oh hi there, can I sell you my car!?

Wednesday night I came home late because I went to a production of Vagina Monologues put on by my law school, with my Professor/boss playing the role of "The Woman who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy".

My Law School

Aside from being in utter awe at how ballsy and hilarious my professor/boss is, my primary thoughts were: this whole Vagina Monologue thing has really worked on de-stigmatizing discussion about lady bits.

The play is meant to shine a spotlight on these "hidden stories" of women all over the world who had never been asked before to talk about their vaginas (their feelings about it, stories both warming and indescribably horrific), and so spilled forth with chatter.

However, as far as my social and media circle extends, there seems to be NO shame at all anymore.  The play worked THAT FAST! (It began in 1996, and hit it big in 2001 -- 9 years is pretty fast considering many social issues linger for decades despite urges for change).  People talk about vag's all the  time.  Vajay-jay this, 'gina that, vajazzling those.

Georgie O'Keefe

So is the show past it's prime? or does the vagina discussion need to continue?

*NOTE: the show also highlights violence against women, which is a never-ending discussion and concern -- but I'm only addressing the vagina shame issue.


Anyway, my vagina tagged along on another treadmill run with me this week, again to escape a rainy forecast that actually resulted in me staring out the gym window gazing longingly at the shiny sun.  (Why didn't I hop off and run outside? Because I was dressed and prepped for a steamy gym run - tank and short shorts.)

Workout: 1 hour 40 minutes alternating between 7.8 mph and 8.2 mph, for an average of 8.0 mph (7:30 mile pace).  Somewhere around 13.5 miles.  Treadmill on 1.0 incline as the norm.

I know there is some debate on this, but I'm of the opinion that treadmills are WAY harder than running outside.  When my Garmin tells me I'm running a 7:15 pace, it feels considerably easier than the same pace on a treadmill.
On the treadmill, I feel like this guy
Maybe it's because of the triple-stress of trying not to accidentally hit EMERGENCY STOP (which I always do, and get SO pissed about), trying not to fall off, trying not to get tangled in my long-ass headphone wires, etc.  It's tricky stuff.

Any news to share on your vagina? Or penis? Or both? DE-STIGMATIZE....

Workout on the Running Machine, and How it Almost made me Barf.

Ohhhh, runner's regret.

Today was forecasted to be very rainy and formidable.  Being the weather wimp that all Californians are, I pouted and decided not to run today.
It looked gloomy out, like this

Not like this.  Which would also be scary, in an Armageddon kind of way

Serves my wimpiness right! It hasn't rained at all today.  Brgggggghojhdss.

Yesterday was equally treacherous outside (50 degrees, too many threatening clouds and pieces of wind for my taste), so I did the UNHEARD of.

I ran on the treadmill.

No, you don't understand.  The last time I ran on a treadmill was when I was 14 and I was bored at my mom's gym, waiting for her aerobics class to end.

But that's the cool thing about the blog world.  Other blogs and people inspire you.

I was inspired by a few amazing runner-bloggers (who I'm not even going to take the time to link to because they have 28743 billion readers, yes you Janae and Lizzy) who have gotten some incredible training runs and results by making these running machines force them to go fast.

So I thought I would oblige to the running machine, and demand it to make me go fast.

My first ever treadmill workout looked like this:

Mile 1:  7.5 mph (8:00 min mile)
Mile 2:  8.6 mph (6:59 min mile)
Mile 3:  7.6 mph (7:54 min mile)
Mile 4:  8.7 mph (6:54 min mile)
Mile 5:  7.7 mph (7:48 min mile)
Mile 6:  8.8 mph (6:49 min mile)
Mile 7:  7.8 mph (7:42 min mile)
Mile 8:  9.0 mph (6:40 min mile)

for a total of just over 8 miles in one hour.

This was NOT easy.  I don't think I've ever forced myself to run a mile in 6:40 in my life.

And I was bored to tears, staring at the Nealy's doing Down Home cooking since I didn't know how to change the channel.  Why is running outside so much less boring?

Since it was SUPPOSED to rain today, I tried to repeat that workout today.  I immediately was not rockin it, but thought I would feel better.  Then all of a sudden after about 25 minutes of running, I had to puke, IMMEDIATELY.

I felt like THIS
Instead of all cute like THIS

I ran upstairs to the bathrooms and stood over the toilet before willing myself to not throw-up.  then I splashed water on my face and stood in front of a fan and gradually felt better (but not good enough to try running again).

So, I don't know what happened.  My best guess is that one should never try to run a sub-7:00 minute mile within an hour after eating breakfast.  From now on, fast treadmill workouts only on an empty stomach.

City Hike with my Valentine

Keeping up with my unofficial New Years resolution, I went on a long hike with cutie-pie-panini this Saturday.

We have hiked between 12 and 18 miles together every Saturday so far this year.  One large reason for this is because since we began working this January--after years of spending every waking minute together as students--we try to really milk our weekend time together.

Last Saturday. Mt Diablo with friends.  Me on left.

We also try and make up for the constant ass-in-chair position that is required by 98% of jobs.

(Am I alone in having a secret desire to be a postman/woman? I so envy them, walking up and down beautiful neighborhoods all day with a smile on their face.  And they get gifts! My parents always leave a Holiday gift for the mailman!)

So dreamy.  Sunol, two Saturdays ago

Mt. Diablo with friends, I'm on the left

While the Bay Area has countless great state/city/national parks for hiking in, sometimes we wake up at 10 a.m. on a Saturday and don't want to waste a precious hour driving to the perfect trail-head.

Solution? CITY HIKE.

Reasons why City Hike's are Brilliant

  1. No transportation time -- just walk out your front door
  2. No need to worry about packing enough water.  Just stop at any 7-11 and buy a slurpee.
  3. No need to eat Nuts and Granola for lunch -- make your halfway point a delicious Mexican food joint and down sopas for lunch! (We walked from Oakland to Albany, and at 8.5 miles had Mexican food and frozen yogurt).
  4. If you feel too tired to go on, call a taxi or jump on a bus (we joked for the last 8 miles about calling a taxi.  For some reason we were both wiped out the entire hike.  But, being frugal cheapies, we walked the whole way -- 16.8 miles).
  5. Walk through pretty shiny neighborhoods that you have never seen before, and romantically dream about which home you will own one day.  We're both lusting over the homes in Albany.
  6. You can wear tennis shoes! No heavy hiking boots.
  7. No risk of poison oak!
  8. If you have to pee, just pop into Starbucks instead of hiding behind a tree.
  9. People watching.  We walked past UC Berkeley twice, each time entertaining ourselves by eavesdropping on conversations that went EXACTLY how you would expect 19-year-old Berkeley-girl convos to go ("What kind of veggie burgers do YOU get?", or "Dude, there's like SO much anarchism everywhere right now.").  These both happened.
  10. You can tackle a couple errands.  We stopped at Trader Joe's at one point and threw some groceries in our packs.
  11. Act like a tourist.  You will appreciate your city in a whole new light when you see it at a slow pace instead of whizzing by streets as you drive to work. 
  12. For runners, it is a nice way to take a "rest" day for you legs, while still being active and grabbing some endorphins.

Off to enjoy the last hour of my weekend.  Except did you know that Mondays are the new Fridays? That is to say that I look FORWARD to Mondays, as it is the Bachelor day! Ahhh, my favorite guilty pleasure.

The Bachelor and Parks & Recreation are my shows.  What are yours?

Day 7: I'm a Capricorn, which means I'm too practical to believe in Zodiac Traits

Today I went on a fast, 17.1 mile long run to sweat out the stress and nerves of a 9-person interview yesterday.  My game face seriously started to droop during the last half-hour of interviews.

(FYI, I'm looking for a big-girl law or government job, while currently working for a professor at my law school).

5 laps around Lake Merritt = 17.1 miles, 2 hours 6 minutes, average pace of 7:26.

I took a picture of those stats on my Garmin running watch to show I ain't bluffin, and cutie-pie-panini showed me how to upload pics from his camera.  So here ya go

OK I LIED.  17.08, not 17.1

Now I have to figure out how to keep that pace up for a full 26.2. . . it definitely wasn't a treacherous pace, but at the 17 mile mark I was quite happy to be done.

It didn't help that I did the usual and overdressed by wearing a long shirt in sunshine since my apartment was so freezing.  You know what else didn't help? For the first time, my Garmin was causing major discomfort problems.

Do you see how bulky that thing is?

It felt like it was banging and bruising against my forearm and weighed 5 pounds.  Any solutions to the bulky Garmins, runners or solution-bearing non-runners? 

 Day 7: My Zodiac Sign and Does it Fit My Personality?

To set the scene, let me explain that I have no idea what my zodiac traits are, so I will have to do some research here.  This should tell you that I don't care about astrological silliness, I like SCIENCE AND HARD FACTS.  NO SPIN ZONE.
HARD FACT: I love slurpees

I'm a December 30th baby (yes, I get short-shrifted on gifts because of Christmas).  That means I'm a Capricorn, because we all agree that our signs didn't actually change during The Biggest Event To Hit Facebook Statuses Ever? yes?

The one thing I do know about Capricorn's, because I had a close high school Taurus friend who taught me such things, is that Capricorn's get along with Taurus's and Virgo's.  Fancy enough, my boyfriend is a Virgo, and that best friend was a Taurus, so it must be. . . science? fact?

In case you forgot, I get along with this here Virgo


1) Practical and Prudent
  •  Well, I don't believe in horoscopes, evidence that I am practical and prudent.  I truly am a person that bases decisions, opinions, and beliefs on facts and science, rather than gut feelings or faith.  So yes, practical.
Working on a crossword: Practical!

2) Ambitious and Disciplined
  • This is very accurate of me during high school and college.  I have always been a disciplined student and am pretty disciplined about exercise (even though that is not something I have to force).   However, I'm very UN-disciplined about other things, like vacuuming or not procrastinating. 
At a Bar Swear-in ceremony.  You don't pass the Bar without discipline...

3) Patient and Careful
  •  Not patient at all.  Definitely on the extreme side of impatient.  I can practice patience in  certain calm situations, like a lazy Sunday enjoying a slow stroll.
  • Careful? I suppose.  I attempt to be as prepared as possible for anything, whether it be a presentation or camping.

we carefully camped in Big Sur. 

4) Humorous and Reserved
  • sure.  I need a good dose of daily humor.
  • I'm not a loud person, and the larger the group I am with and the less people I know, the more reserved I am.  This is not to say I am shy, because I enjoy meeting new people and don't feel uncomfortable chatting them up.
come on, this is pretty hilarious, no? I am so invested in getting the perfect shot that I put foil over my tooth
Lesbian hilarity.  Or just narcissism?

5) Pessimistic and Fatalistic
  • Not generally pessimistic, though I can be in certain situations.  I tend to feel very hopeful and excited about most aspects of my life.
  • WRONG.  most wrong of all.  I do not believe in fate and destiny, I believe all actions are free will and lead you to an end-point that may not have existed had a different choice been made.
Happy as a non-capricorn

6) Misery and Grudging
  • I'm not miserable.  Except when I have to practice my patience or am severely underslept. 
  • Perhaps grudging, as I am stubborn when I really believe something to be true and may be reluctant to give in. 
So any other Capricorns care to share if this fits their bill? Or if you know me personally, did I get myself wrong on any of these? Like maybe I'm actually not humorous at all?

Bring me that FRIDAY night!!!