City Hike with my Valentine

Keeping up with my unofficial New Years resolution, I went on a long hike with cutie-pie-panini this Saturday.

We have hiked between 12 and 18 miles together every Saturday so far this year.  One large reason for this is because since we began working this January--after years of spending every waking minute together as students--we try to really milk our weekend time together.

Last Saturday. Mt Diablo with friends.  Me on left.

We also try and make up for the constant ass-in-chair position that is required by 98% of jobs.

(Am I alone in having a secret desire to be a postman/woman? I so envy them, walking up and down beautiful neighborhoods all day with a smile on their face.  And they get gifts! My parents always leave a Holiday gift for the mailman!)

So dreamy.  Sunol, two Saturdays ago

Mt. Diablo with friends, I'm on the left

While the Bay Area has countless great state/city/national parks for hiking in, sometimes we wake up at 10 a.m. on a Saturday and don't want to waste a precious hour driving to the perfect trail-head.

Solution? CITY HIKE.

Reasons why City Hike's are Brilliant

  1. No transportation time -- just walk out your front door
  2. No need to worry about packing enough water.  Just stop at any 7-11 and buy a slurpee.
  3. No need to eat Nuts and Granola for lunch -- make your halfway point a delicious Mexican food joint and down sopas for lunch! (We walked from Oakland to Albany, and at 8.5 miles had Mexican food and frozen yogurt).
  4. If you feel too tired to go on, call a taxi or jump on a bus (we joked for the last 8 miles about calling a taxi.  For some reason we were both wiped out the entire hike.  But, being frugal cheapies, we walked the whole way -- 16.8 miles).
  5. Walk through pretty shiny neighborhoods that you have never seen before, and romantically dream about which home you will own one day.  We're both lusting over the homes in Albany.
  6. You can wear tennis shoes! No heavy hiking boots.
  7. No risk of poison oak!
  8. If you have to pee, just pop into Starbucks instead of hiding behind a tree.
  9. People watching.  We walked past UC Berkeley twice, each time entertaining ourselves by eavesdropping on conversations that went EXACTLY how you would expect 19-year-old Berkeley-girl convos to go ("What kind of veggie burgers do YOU get?", or "Dude, there's like SO much anarchism everywhere right now.").  These both happened.
  10. You can tackle a couple errands.  We stopped at Trader Joe's at one point and threw some groceries in our packs.
  11. Act like a tourist.  You will appreciate your city in a whole new light when you see it at a slow pace instead of whizzing by streets as you drive to work. 
  12. For runners, it is a nice way to take a "rest" day for you legs, while still being active and grabbing some endorphins.

Off to enjoy the last hour of my weekend.  Except did you know that Mondays are the new Fridays? That is to say that I look FORWARD to Mondays, as it is the Bachelor day! Ahhh, my favorite guilty pleasure.

The Bachelor and Parks & Recreation are my shows.  What are yours?