Day 3: My Views on Drugs & Alcohol

This morning I ran 4 laps around Oakland's Lake Merritt.
This part smells like dead fish plus sulfur plus my mom's fruit farts
3.5 miles

A Lake Merritt lap is a flat, slightly-less-than-3.5 mile loop that is pleasantly alongside water, but unpleasantly overflowing with waddling people to dodge and water that smells like egg burp.

This route is unbearably normal for me, as most long runs in Oakland start with a lap or two of the lake, then verge out into the hills of Piedmont or Montclair or even Berkeley.  Here's the issue: If I want a flat run, I have to run in circles around the lake, because all other "safe" running paths in Oakland/Berkeley are in the wealthier neighborhoods which are very hilly.  (I have a theory about this, which is that homeless and scary people do not like to work very hard while they scare runners and pan-handle, and thus never enter hilly neighborhoods.  And therefore, the rich people move to the hills.  And therefore, I run in the rich people hills).
Piedmont Hills view

I ran a hilly SF route two days ago, and wanted to run flat today.  Thus, 4 dizzying circles around the lake.  I intended to do 5 laps, but luck was not on my side so I cut it short (too windy, I got hungry, and I ate too much fiber yesterday IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN).

All in all, 14 miles in 1:46, somewhere near a 7:30 mile pace.  I very rarely go for a flat run, and when I do, I find that I go a much faster pace (which is kind of duh.  Hilly runs are usually around an 8:30 pace).

What do you think is worse for a run:
super windy gusts
90 degree weather
raining but 64 degrees
or 20 degree weather?

Since my memory is short and today's run was way too windy for my liking, I'm going to say windy.  But in reality I think 90+ degrees is the WORST.  Especially for my wallet, since I stop every other block to buy a powerade.

Today's Getting to know the New Blogger Topic is "My Views on Drugs & Alcohol" 
 (see what this is all about from earlier blog posts)

Pina Colada in hand at the city of Vices

I'm not going to bring anything groundbreaking to this discussion.  my stance is this: Everything in moderation, except for drugs that can kill you even in moderation.

That is to say, I enjoy a drink or 3 and am quite entertained by drunk people, but addiction is a scary and sad thing so lets not be drinking every day.  You know what, I'm not going to say anything more about alcohol as I one day hope to share this blog with my parents, who may or may not still believe I was a somewhat law abiding pre-21 year old.

chug chug chug

My tolerance for drugs ends at marijuana.  Call me a chicken, but whatever I read about kids dying from Ecstacy when I was 14 really stuck with me and I decided I like being alive.  Not worth the risk.   I also kind of hate MJ since another one my theories is that it suppresses your immune system.  Every time we whip out the marijuana, Cutie-pie or I get sick shortly after the experience.

One more thing: NO DRINKING AND DRIVING. so. obvious.  Don't turn yourself into a weapon by half-consciously trying to operate a multi-ton machine.

I've always said that I was addicted to running, aka running is my drug, which would have been A GREAT SEGUE to talking about running here,  but I already did that at the beginning of this post.  At least you know I could have segued if I wanted to.