Day 4: My Views on Religion

My running pattern on a day-by-day- basis is something like this:

day 1:long run
day 2: no run or 3 miles with cutie-pie-panini
day 3: long run
day 4: no run or 3 miles with panini
day 5: long run
day 6: long HIKE!

Oakland hills, sometime in 2010.  Cool hair!

Rocky Mountains, Colorado.  2008

I love nothing more than a full day hike.  Escape the world for 5-8 hours.  We've had a pretty awesome 2011 so far and have gone on a long hike every Saturday.  Last Saturday was Sunol, a beautiful area near Pleasanton and Fremont.   Once panini loads those pictures up, I'll share more details of the Sunol hike (eeep....I....don't know load pictures from his camera to the computer.  I'm sure it involves a cord, and I don't know where to find it).

As for the above pattern, sometimes a long run will be less than 10 miles but with some sort of extra effort -- sprint intervals, generally trying to run faster (something akin to what runner folk call a "tempo" run), hitting a long string of stairs (there are GREAT stairs everywhere in Oakland.  Especially in Montclair).

If you catch my drift, yesterday was a long-ish run of 4 laps around Lake Merritt, so today I will just run a 3 mile lap with Panini after work.

The lake has lights all around it, only 50% of which work, so running around it in the dark is a walk on the wild side.  I once pondered the idea of running in elbow and knee pads, since I'm pretty sure I will wipe out soon.  (Janae just had a post mentioning running falls, and I shared a comment--in this midst of 122!!! other commenters-- about my double hip scar from falling on two different runs on the exact same part of my hip).

Day 4: My Views on Religion 

Let's keep this one brief.  I don't want to lose any of my 2 blog readers already.

I was raised as a celebrator-of-holidays.  That is my religion.  The only things I've ever learned about the bible are from my 10th and 12th grade English teacher, Thomas Newton Thomas (biblical allusion! spot it!)

Christmas 2010. Baby Jesus who? give me presents!

Christmas 2009

Of course, I have no beef with any religions and am happy for anyone who has a spiritual aspect to their life.  

I do have an issue with "church and state" intertwining (I find it disturbing that to have a viable chance of winning a presidential election, the candidate MUST allude to being a religious person.  This also means that I don't appreciate religious perspectives getting in the way of the state-run institution of marriage.)

In sum, you know, COEXIST as the bumper sticker says, but don't actually get the bumper sticker or I will judge you to be an east-bay hippie with too many liberal thoughts to spew all over their car.