Day 6: 30 Sorta-Interesting Facts About Me

Should I really be re-posting this every day?
Day 6 is up: 30 interesting facts about RoseRunner

1) I’ve been a pescetarian for almost 1 year and the thing I miss the most is beef jerky on hikes and road trips. 
I want some jerky!
2) I’ve lived in Napa, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Oakland.

3) I find several lost wallets every year, and always make sure I get it back to the owner (the internet really helps).  The Karma has been good so far.

4) I can recite all the parts of an engine in less than 12 seconds (thanks Mr. Blair – Allison, you know what I’m talkin bout).

5) My desert-island food is frozen yogurt.  I have never, ever not been in the mood for it.  Not the tart kind. (Allison, you know what I’m talkin bout).
It's kind of hard to believe this is the only picture I could find of me with frozen yogurt.  As you can see, I go big

6) I’ve been reading blogs for 3.5 years, commenting with my real name.  If you’ve received a comment from me as RoseRunner, I'm not a random newbee, I’m a long-time reader.

7) I’m allergic to garlic.

8) I was born at home with a midwife.

9) My grandparents were holocaust survivors, but their parents and many siblings did not survive.

10) I tutored some famous people’s kids.
2006 with some cute 4th graders

11) I have 0 cousins, 0 aunts, and since 2007, 0 grandparents.  But 3 sisters.
3 sisters! I'm in the pink velvet dress. My mom is at the head of the table.  Dad is cameraman

12) I am the first person in my family tree to attend law school.
Tootsie Pops helped me survive long hours studying

13) I once forced my family Chihuahua to the vet while home alone because I didn’t know what a dog boner was.

14) I broke my arm while running through the house to watch Olympic figure skating.

15) I can wiggle my ears.
I can also do this

16) I’m not really blonde, this is just a phase.

17) I almost never, ever go clothes shopping – all my clothes comes from Christmas and my Birthday.
Receiving running shorts for Christmas

18) I ran 4 marathons before I finally ran a half, and only because there was a Groupon for the half.  I’ve never run any shorter races.

19) I ran my first marathon, with 0 training, in 2006 with a 3:34 time.
My 2nd Marathon, Napa, getting my $ worth in yogurt

20) Foods that I refuse to eat include green beans, okra, hard egg yolks (if they are liquid I like them), meats that are not fish (and I try to eat sustainably caught fish), citrus fruits, persimmons, and dark chocolate.  Blech.

21) I once ate pine nuts and got something called “Pine Mouth” (it’s a real thing!) which led to the most torturous 2 weeks of my life, during which EVERYTHING I ate tasted like bitter poison.  It was true hell for someone who loves eating and is constantly doing so.  I could tolerate 7-up and that was it.

22) I played soccer for 13 years (age 5-18).

23) I graduated from law school in May 2010 and recently passed the CA Bar.

24) I can only fall asleep on my stomach, so have never slept in an airplane.  I’m afraid of flying to Europe because of this.

25) The lead singer of Incubus, Brandon Boyd, told me he would never forget me.  I don’t believe him.
He was literally shirtless when he told me this

26) My whole life I have decidedly not wanted to have children, but I keep expecting my mind to change one day.  I really just want 3 dogs.
I love this baby, but would appreciate not having one 24/7
27) I’m into couponing right now.  It’s a fun game, and I get anxious and uncomfortable about buying something without some sort of discount.  I just bought a picture frame at Michael’s that wasn’t on sale, and I’m tempted to return it.

28) Bananas are one of the only foods I can eat before running that don’t give me a cramp.

29) I almost always chew gum while I run (and bring a few pieces in my pocket) because when I was a kid, my mom chewed gum while teaching aerobics and told me it was to keep her saliva going so she wouldn’t get thirsty.  She got me addicted.  It’s an expensive habit, and it’s hard to find running shorts with good pockets (that stupid tiny square flap on the inside of most shorts does NOT count.  It’s gross, everything you put in there gets soaked with sweat).

30) Nobody ever replies to me on Craigslist (I have been trying like CRAZY to buy a mirror), and it really bums me out!