Day 7: I'm a Capricorn, which means I'm too practical to believe in Zodiac Traits

Today I went on a fast, 17.1 mile long run to sweat out the stress and nerves of a 9-person interview yesterday.  My game face seriously started to droop during the last half-hour of interviews.

(FYI, I'm looking for a big-girl law or government job, while currently working for a professor at my law school).

5 laps around Lake Merritt = 17.1 miles, 2 hours 6 minutes, average pace of 7:26.

I took a picture of those stats on my Garmin running watch to show I ain't bluffin, and cutie-pie-panini showed me how to upload pics from his camera.  So here ya go

OK I LIED.  17.08, not 17.1

Now I have to figure out how to keep that pace up for a full 26.2. . . it definitely wasn't a treacherous pace, but at the 17 mile mark I was quite happy to be done.

It didn't help that I did the usual and overdressed by wearing a long shirt in sunshine since my apartment was so freezing.  You know what else didn't help? For the first time, my Garmin was causing major discomfort problems.

Do you see how bulky that thing is?

It felt like it was banging and bruising against my forearm and weighed 5 pounds.  Any solutions to the bulky Garmins, runners or solution-bearing non-runners? 

 Day 7: My Zodiac Sign and Does it Fit My Personality?

To set the scene, let me explain that I have no idea what my zodiac traits are, so I will have to do some research here.  This should tell you that I don't care about astrological silliness, I like SCIENCE AND HARD FACTS.  NO SPIN ZONE.
HARD FACT: I love slurpees

I'm a December 30th baby (yes, I get short-shrifted on gifts because of Christmas).  That means I'm a Capricorn, because we all agree that our signs didn't actually change during The Biggest Event To Hit Facebook Statuses Ever? yes?

The one thing I do know about Capricorn's, because I had a close high school Taurus friend who taught me such things, is that Capricorn's get along with Taurus's and Virgo's.  Fancy enough, my boyfriend is a Virgo, and that best friend was a Taurus, so it must be. . . science? fact?

In case you forgot, I get along with this here Virgo


1) Practical and Prudent
  •  Well, I don't believe in horoscopes, evidence that I am practical and prudent.  I truly am a person that bases decisions, opinions, and beliefs on facts and science, rather than gut feelings or faith.  So yes, practical.
Working on a crossword: Practical!

2) Ambitious and Disciplined
  • This is very accurate of me during high school and college.  I have always been a disciplined student and am pretty disciplined about exercise (even though that is not something I have to force).   However, I'm very UN-disciplined about other things, like vacuuming or not procrastinating. 
At a Bar Swear-in ceremony.  You don't pass the Bar without discipline...

3) Patient and Careful
  •  Not patient at all.  Definitely on the extreme side of impatient.  I can practice patience in  certain calm situations, like a lazy Sunday enjoying a slow stroll.
  • Careful? I suppose.  I attempt to be as prepared as possible for anything, whether it be a presentation or camping.

we carefully camped in Big Sur. 

4) Humorous and Reserved
  • sure.  I need a good dose of daily humor.
  • I'm not a loud person, and the larger the group I am with and the less people I know, the more reserved I am.  This is not to say I am shy, because I enjoy meeting new people and don't feel uncomfortable chatting them up.
come on, this is pretty hilarious, no? I am so invested in getting the perfect shot that I put foil over my tooth
Lesbian hilarity.  Or just narcissism?

5) Pessimistic and Fatalistic
  • Not generally pessimistic, though I can be in certain situations.  I tend to feel very hopeful and excited about most aspects of my life.
  • WRONG.  most wrong of all.  I do not believe in fate and destiny, I believe all actions are free will and lead you to an end-point that may not have existed had a different choice been made.
Happy as a non-capricorn

6) Misery and Grudging
  • I'm not miserable.  Except when I have to practice my patience or am severely underslept. 
  • Perhaps grudging, as I am stubborn when I really believe something to be true and may be reluctant to give in. 
So any other Capricorns care to share if this fits their bill? Or if you know me personally, did I get myself wrong on any of these? Like maybe I'm actually not humorous at all?

Bring me that FRIDAY night!!!