Follow-up Facts and Eugene Marathon

I was bouncing around like a care-bear riding on a pegasus over rainbows and cotton candy because of how happy each and every comment made me that I received today and yesterday.

In real life, everyone probably sounds all monotone, like "roserunner you are so cool you're my hero yeah right whatever k bye", but on the internet with all these explanation points and smiley faces, I can't help but feel indescribably stoked when I get a nice comment. !! :)  :) !!

I have a couple follow up thoughts based on yesterday's "30 Interesting Facts About Me" that I'd like to share, based on some of these cotton-candy comments.

1) My childhood BFF made a very good point that not only do I miss beef jerky on hikes due to my pescatarianism, but I miss dipping 7-11 beef-sticks in Slurpees.  This was majorly fun -- did anyone else discover this combo?

BFF in red, me in Heidi Braids.  We are dining like gentlemen here, not eating beef-jerky-slurpees

2) Among the famous people's kids I tutored were the children of a famous chef whose name rhymes with Yolfgang Buck (I'm trying to be careful here because I'm facebook friend's with some of these kids and don't want them to find this), children of the Johnson & Johnson dynasty, children of a Director of some old Sylvester Stallone movies, children of some famous baseball player whose name I can't remember (redwing? wingate? something like that).

Look Y'all, I know Zach Efron! (name-drop drop drop drop).  I'm on the right.

3) Brandon Boyd of Incubus incident: he biked past me at Venice Beach at the height of my obsession with him, and I couldn't let him simply wander out of my life, so I chased him down.

Literally, in 2 inch shoes, I chased him as he biked away for a half-mile before yelling "BRANDON!!".  He biked back toward me, as I clearly tricked him into thinking he knew me or I was on fire, and we chatted.  He had no shirt on.  I thanked him for his time and told him I would never forget our chat as long as I lived.

He gazed wistfully yonder and whispered into the breeze, "neither will I."

I guess being chased by a girl on foot while riding a bike is pretty memorable.

Gazing wistfully like an Incubi at Sunol Regional Park

Anyway, Joy is way more awesome for going to the same high school as him, and seeing him billions of times at her work. Please tell him I say sup, but that I'm happily taken now and he missed his opportunity big time.  Joy, who is his lady these days??

And Alyssa, please share how YOU met him before he was famous??

4) Being allergic to garlic really is rather tragic.  Places that are hard for me to dine at: Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Thai restaurants, Vietnamese restaurants, ETC ETC.  But at least I can date a vampire.

What can I eat? Rich people American food!! (once a year, as I am not rich)

5) Surviving the Holocaust was a very defining part of my grandparents lives, so I have learned a lot about it although rarely directly through them (they passed away in 2001 and 2007).  I interviewed my grandmother once for a history class, and I've asked my mom a lot of questions about things she gathered while growing up with them.

What I know: they were at one of the major concentration camps.  They both lost their parents and most of their siblings.  They were interviewed by Steven Spielberg for his SHOAH foundation.  My grandpa had a tattoo on his arm of his "inmate/slave" number.  They lost a lot of faith at first, but somehow regained it.  They were young teenagers when they were freed, and met each other shortly after.  They chose to immigrate from Poland to the US instead of Israel, which was their other choice.

6) My first marathon with "no training" means I was just running as a hobby, then realized one day that if I could run comfortably for 2 hours, I should try a marathon.  I heard about the Los Angeles marathon, and signed up for it at the expo the day before (nuts.  I think my number was 24,999).

I'm not sure why I didn't consider a shorter race first.  I think it's because I knew I could run 13 miles, and at the time I believed the point of races was to see if you could FINISH, not to get a good time or PR.  So I picked a marathon to see if I could run 26 miles.

What's that? well if you must know, Jason Sudeikis is my other BFF.  (Name drop drop drop)


Tonight, I'm going to bite the bullet and sign up for the Eugene Marathon!!  Hotel is booked! I've never been to Oregon, so I'm super-stoked.  Please send any recommendations for tourist activities my way, as I will be there Friday April 29th through Monday May 2.

The Eugene marathon is the answer to my wish for a nice, fast, west coast marathon course before the summer.  Napa's marathon sold out early, and I had been hoping to run it.  Screw Napa (that's my hometown so I can say that), Eugene you are my new bff city!! (unless it rains on marathon day).

Seattle, the closest I have ever been to Eugene Oregon (unless Oakland is closer)


This morning I was sooo jazzed, I was going for one of my tri-weekly long runs and had loaded my ipod with the soundtrack to Les Miserables.  I was going to be singing/dancing/running through the streets of SF!

Well my plan failed, my ipod was improperly plugged in and the battery was out.  I ran a silent 17 miles of hilly SF, I didn't dance at all not even once, nor did I have anything to sing with (except for Rihanna's earworm "hey nana", which is required by law to be played on the radio every other song).

That's right, music MOVES me

This is still the best CA winter ever, 62 degrees and bright blue sky today. 


I bought a giant family sized tub of almond butter at Costco last-last Sunday, making that about 10 days ago, and am proud to say I'm licking it empty right now.  Way to eat like a family of 5 RoseRunner!

And I should mention that the real true main reason I hate San Francisco is because their frozen yogurt options are craptastic.  You Los Angelinos and San Diegans have it so good.