RoseRunner Presents: Oscar Picks

Some guy at Trader Joe's today was like "dude, this is the Oscar's rush.  EVERYONE comes to Trader Joe's during Oscar weekend."

To which I was like, (in my head of course) "you are so very wrong.  This TJ's is always this packed if not more so, and I think you are the only person in here who knew the Oscar's were on tomorrow."

However, I tipped my hat to him with thanks, figuratively speaking, for reminding me that the Oscar's are indeed on tomorrow night.

Since I'm female a human being, I will be watching mostly for the gowns and jewelry, and to see who fasted with the most discipline the prior week and is therefore exposing an extra sharp rib or collarbone.

I WILL be paying a little attention to who takes home the shiny gold man, so let's take a peek at some of the Best Picture nominees this year.  I will force upon you my opinions of them, in order of most hated to most appreciated.

10) Black Swan:  This film hands down places last for me.  You don't want to get me started.  I could wax on all day about why I despised this film.

Natalie, even your reflection hates you for making this movie

To spare you from my whining I will put it briefly like this: I found the entire story to be a cheap thrill, meant to enrapture the audience through shock value rather than good acting or interesting script.

I feel people are impressed that Natalie Portman lost a lot of weight and was able to look like an angelic 19 year old.

Scenes that made people gasp and later claim "wow, that movie really impacted me and got me thinking about deep things!", made me furrow my brow, look at my boyfriend, and groan "why the hell did no one warn me we would be seeing Saw IV: At The Ballet!?"

9) Toy Story 3:  This get's a low rating because it was hyped up for almost a year before I rented it two weeks ago.  It was impossible to live up to the insane hype.

It turns out this is mostly a heist film (a la Ocean's 12.  Or 13.  Or 11.).

I also kept hearing that the movie made people cry.  I kept interrupting the film to ask panini "is that the cry part?...was THAT the cry part!?...maybe this is the cry part?"

The movie never got a hold of my heart-strings.  I don't believe any 18 year old boy gives a flying crap about a cowboy doll, nor about 4 year old girls from the hood.

Sup, I'm an 18 year old with an existential crisis regarding whether I still care about my toys or not

8,7,6) Winters Bone, The Fighter, The King's Speech:  Sadly I did not see any of these.  But judging a book by it's cover, I will rank them in that order, with King's Speech taking the lead.

This just LOOKS like a good movie, right?

(If anyone has read my blog long enough to know that I once posted that I was off to see the King's Speech, I ended up seeing 127 Hours instead.  I was in Berkeley and all the 50+ year old rich intellectuals were at the thee-ah-ter that night, making King's Speech sold out).

5) 127 Hours:  this story is FAN-FREAKING-TABULOUS, it takes my breath away every time I really sit and think about it.  Buuuut, the movie itself was merely quite good.

Look at that cutie

It certainly impacted me, and the visuals mixed with James Franco's excellent acting made me choke on my tears at a certain point (I almost left the theater because I was embarrassed about sounding like I was drowning).  It still fell a little short of some of these other nominees.

4) Inception: Really cool movie.  Super fun to watch (except for the snow-level of dreaming.  That part was too Die Hard for me).

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my #1, seriously he stole my heart when I was 6 and he made an appearance on Roseanne, then moved on to 3rd Rock From the Sun.

you're welcome

I didn't think it was as confusing as some dummies out there claimed it to be.  But this movie was just too much of a guilty pleasure to be Best Picture material.  Maybe best original screenplay?

(p.s. did anyone see Inception and Shutter Island, both starring Leo, and notice that his characters have nearly identical tragic romance storylines???)

3) The Kids are Alright: of all the movies on this list, this was the only one where I fully believed I was a fly on the wall in someone's living room, rather than RoseRunner sitting in a chair watching actors act.

Actors or real people? You decide.

The acting was superb.  I hope everyone nominated from this film (Annette Bening and Mark Ruffalo?) win for their category. The family in the film became so real.  It also got some chuckles out of me.

Who says "chuckles"?  Geeeez I sound like every other movie critic in the world.  "guffaws". 

2) The Social Network: this film is actually tied with my #1 choice.  But I'm knocking it back to # 2, because I think in 10 years this film will seem a little dated, whereas #1 is timeless.  Westerns are always timeless.

Also you're welcome, for any JT fans.

I remember wanting this movie to never end, it was SO entertaining and the dialogue was so catchy and witty (but not in a Gilmore Girls kind of way).  The weaving in and out of different time periods was done so creatively and made the film even that more gripping.

Also, very funny.  And I fell in love with Mark Zuckerberg.

1) True Grit: for crikey's sake, this film stars Jeff Bridges!! Anything with him in it shoots to #1, no matter what.  Yes, this means I would put Tron: Legacy at # 1 if it had been nominated.  Well, maybe.

I'm not a Coen Brothers groupie by any means, I just fell for the story, which was so full of passion and excitement.  And it was a Western! So much nostalgia!

He's just the coolest

I don't want anyone to hate me, but I didn't think the 14 year old (Hailee Steinfield) was that awesome.  She just knew how to talk fast and without smiling.  Good job kiddo!


The running front has been pretty disappointing this week.  I tried a couple of fast treadmill runs on rainy days, and knocked out 8.2 in one hour on Tuesday (it felt like hell), and 7.9 in one hour on Wednesday (I couldn’t summon up the energy to make this one any harder).

I had to take Thursday and Friday off because of loooong workdays (Friday was over 15 hours, and I’m not a nurse or doctor, so that is just plain crazy), so today I slogged through 20 miles in 40 degree temps and just felt like death the whole time.

It was easily the slowest run that I have ever run in the history of RoseRunner runs.  It was hilly, but slow even for a hilly run.

Just to remind you who is writing this blog