Talkin bout Marathon Goals

First thing is first, I said I would take pictures of Ethiopian food, and I deliver.  Read it and Drool.

All veggies except for the the goop at 5 o' clock

Injera wraps...taste like sourdough but look like toilet paper

Seriously, anyone who is ever in the Bay Area, for a race or otherwise, LET'S GET ETHIOPIAN FOOD TOGETHA!  Oakland/Berkeley has dozens of Ethiopian restaurants and markets -- even our corner market is owned by Ethiopians and carries injera.

It's totally vegetarian friendly (I don't know anything about vegan friendly though), it's chock full of those things that are good for you (lentils, vegetables, spices...are spices good for you? sure why not) and my garlic allergy was not even bothered!

Me on the right with Sister #1 just before dinner.  She's pointing at her pregnant belly

I rub her pregnant belly, she rubs my diet-soda bloat

pointer sisters

She paid! Thanks nani!! (note my adorable brother-in-law)

Moving on from last weekend to NEXT weekend, let me again delve into being the lame blogger who talks about the weather: it is forecasted to SNOW this weekend in the bay area.

!!! That has happened like twice in the history of the universe, which means I will be buying skis tomorrow to fully take advantage.

Nahh, I won't really be buying skis. 

Get your act together and un-pigeon-toe yourself!


Caitlin R. said something really nice recently that I wanted to address.  In response to my sub 3:30 goal for the Eugene Marathon in May, she said that I would DEFINITELY break my goal, in light of my most recent treadmill work-out I posted (8.3 miles in one hour).

First of all, I was deeply encouraged by her words and really appreciate them.  I can always use a boost of confidence.

Second, it made me wonder -- if I can bust out several miles at a 7:00 minute mile pace or less, then why haven't I already crashed through 3:30?  (My once-annual marathons have all been between 3:31 and 3:36)

These are my guesses (or excuses) as to why:

1) I have always run for pleasure, not competition, and so never "trained" or even ran with a pace in mind.  It is only recently, when I was gifted a Garmin in December 2010, that I started to become aware of how to pace myself.  My running has already changed drastically because of this.

2) All the marathons I ran except for my first in Los Angeles did NOT have any time or clock-things ANYWHERE, and I didn't run with a watch, so I had NO idea what my time/pace was.  This gave me no incentive to push the pace, as I had no idea where I was hanging.

3) I have been injured-ish for all marathons.  Usually an injury related to my hip.

4) I have major mental problems.  For real, I can be as prepared as possible, and then at mile 13 convince myself I suck and should just drop out.  It's hard to push your limits and get a great time when you are constantly considering giving up.

5) At least for my last marathon in March of 2010, I didn't warm up, went out too fast, and then burned up my quads by mile 16.  This is easy to fix, and I really hope I can control this.

So, the plan is to fix each of these contributing problems (number 1 and 2 are fixed now that I have a Garmin!) so that I can run to my capability.

I think the blog community will play a huge role in motivating and inspiring me, and I'm excited to see how things go!