The Photographers LOVED me

I got my MarathonFoto e-mail yesterday.  When I clicked over to see my pictures, I giggled.

There were OVER 30 pictures of me.  Is that an obscene amount for just 13 miles? Cause that seems pretty crazy to me.  There were practically 3 pictures per mile.

After realizing that if I purchased the download-all-pics option, each picture would be only $2 -- and also really appreciating how many Oakland landmarks were captured in the pics (it's my home for now, but won't be forever, so the landmarks will be nice)...I decided to buy.

So sit back and enjoy the show. (Seriously go get popcorn, there are A LOT).

(Note: I possess the discretion to avoid posting any pictures in which my thighs look like they will explode into the pavement.  You know that kind of shot...the "landing" shot).

Finish line...I have absolutely no recollection of running through a ring of Raider Girls

This might be my fave.  Got the Lake and the Fish church behind me.  (This is the lake I always write about running around)

Cheekbones of steel!  Lake in background.

Some of these are like a flipbook, they are a millisecond away from the previous picture.  You'll see what I mean

hahahaha,  look at all those men I'm passing.  This was mile 10-ish.

Showin a little more leg

I love this.  I only look at my watch when it "beeps" at a mile mark, so this was a mile mark.

This was the 13th mile, about to go up a mini-hill.  This is an example of a thigh explosion pic.

breathing hard, huh?

I think this is the last 0.36.  I love mid-air shots.

Let's just be honest here, I look like a dying turtle.

See that yellow tag? The infamous Third Place Woman tag.  Look how proud I erroneously was.

OK GET READY, HERE IS THE AWESOME FLIP-BOOK PART.  These are ALL different pictures, look carefully.

one inch later

2 inches later

and UGH.  the landing.

Calf almighty!!

Mid-air.  I'm running out of captions...

This is GREAT!  I'm laughing at the "You Go Girl!!" that adorable tubby dude gave me

And here I'm laughing because as I swung around the corner for the homestretch, I almost whacked my boyfriend who was trying to extend his arm to take a picture.

Sorry to put you through all that.  Which picture is your favorite?  Careful, I might silk-screen it onto a pillowcase and send it to you.

I want to say a quick word about my last post -- I hope everyone knows that "ripping on bloggers" is all in jest.  I was making fun of myself, and of the pickiness of some of the comments on eatliverun's post.

Plus, isn't everyone a little bit bitchier on the internet?? Have you ever READ comments to YouTube videos?

Lastly -- I think we all saw this coming -- I am semi-injured.  With my lovely stance of "I'm too busy to strech, blah blah blah", I failed to stretch after Sundays race.

I tried to run Wednesday morning, and literally 2 minutes out my front door, my hamstring just gave out on me.  Kind of snapped.  Oddly enough, I wasn't even sore in my hamstrings from the race.

So no runs so far this week.  I'm hoping to get one in on Saturday by resting it until then.  I've been putting an ice-water-bottle under my hamstring at work, which seems to be doing nothing except making my foot fall asleep.

in the words of cheaperthantherapy, Have a Thpeedy Thursday!!

Bloggers School Me

Back to the grind.  I was dreaming about running and reading running blogs all day while working and sitting.

or standing in the bathroom, stealthily taking a phone-photo

You know, there are a couple other things I did at Sundays race that I have never done before.

1) Wore a Garmin Watch.

I received it in December, have trained with it since, and this was my first race with it.

I've wanted one forever, but my law student budget prevented me from owning one -- and from entering many races.

I heart my Garmin, and wear it while it?  It's the hideous watch that takes up my whole forearm
EatDrinkRun and her cohorts of commenters shat all over runner-bloggers who dare to type out their "Garmin recorded" time/distance.  

Apparently I made a rookie mistake by publicly noticing that my watch clocked the race at 13.36 miles (as The Running Wifle also observed on her GPS while running Oakland.  We both noticed it was mainly the 1st mile that was off).

So lesson learned.  Now I know not to trust the ole GPS watch, and to remember that bloggers like to rip on things that other bloggers do.  For instance, I'm ripping on bloggers who rip on other bloggers.

2) I was a blogger.

I think most of you already know this secret.  The inspiration of other bloggers (every single running blog that I read inspires me) and the confidence-building of every single comment is an immeasurable source of assistance while running.  IMMEASURABLE!

I learn new things from the blogging community all the time.  I learned to take more iron.  I learned that treadmills are great at teaching you how to pace yourself or do sprints.  I learned to stop comparing myself to others and focus on my own goals.

What have you learned from the running blog community?

I've also learned a lot of things which I have failed to know, stretching (oops.  never do it), foam rolling (don't know where to buy one), icing (I never volunteer to be freezing), and all those things that make for a less-injury-prone-runner.

And as you may have read already, I did a billion things wrong (read: unfamiliar things) on race day, a runner faux pas.

Repeat Pic.  Sorry

I'm pretty convinced it's all superstition now.  While running, I wasn't even noticing how my shoes/shorts/shirts felt, or how my breakfast/dinner the night before was sitting.

I Wore new pants and shirt at this race too.  BRIGHT GREEN AGAIN!?!?!

I don't know if anyone caught this, but I actually did NOT wear new shorts.  I changed my mind at the last minute, and low and behold absolutely no chafing anywhere on race day.   phew.

But RoseRunner, why did you wear new shoes, in a design you'd never worn before? WHY?

I signed up for the race a little over 1 week beforehand.  I realized my primary running shoes were wearing thin, and that they wouldn't suffice for race day.

I went to my local Sports Authority the weekend before the race, tried on the Saucony Pro Guide 3's and the Asics Cumulus 12, loved them both but hated the prices.

brand new pro guide 3's.

So I went home, checked all over Amazon and Ebay, and rush ordered a pair of the Saucony's because they were cheapest ($45).   They arrived on Thursday.  It rained all Friday and Saturday so I didn't want to wear them.  And that is how it came to be that the shoes never once met my feet until race day.

Lastly, I deeply appreciate all the kind words on my Oakland Half recap.  The only thing more exciting than having a great race is that is digs up some new commenters.

last week
monday:      none
tuesday:      18.3
wednesday: none
thursday:    20.7
friday:         none
saturday:    5
sunday:      13.1

Year Total: 857.5 miles

This week: so far too sore to do anything but crack my knuckles.

Be honest, did that make you start cracking your knuckles?

Oakland Half Marathon Recap

They Say Never to Try Anything New on Race Day...

Let's take a look at the numerous things I did wrong, which should technically have resulted in a failure of a race day.

1) I wore a brand new pair of shoes, in a style I've never worn before.  They came in the mail two days prior to race day.

Saucony Pro Guide 3

2) I wore brand new socks.  I got a little shop-happy at the you will continue to see...

I have ALWAYS wanted a pair of REAL running socks. My first.
3) I wore brand new sunglasses.  Again, expo.

$19.95.  So light and flexible.

4) Brand new shorts.  Beginning to see a trend...?

I only run in shorts with full pockets, which is hard to find, so I had to swipe these.  $30.

5) Brand new hideously bright 80's tank -- I bought this so my sweet supportive boyfriend would be able to spot me easily, because the last time he watched me race there was a little issue called "he has NO ability to differentiate runners as they speed past him", and I had to holler up in his face as I was passing by.

Just hideous.  Wait til you see me in it.

6) I ate something unfamiliar to my stomach the night before -- an entire roasted kabocha squash (a small one).  I went to bed feeling like a log, and really, really kicking myself for eating it (I also had extreme heartburn from it)

I hate you Kabocha.

7) I woke up and drank something entirely new to me (from the expo)

I had about half.

8) I ate caffeinated Gu Chomps before the race, something I've never done before (I usually eat a banana before running -- NOTHING else seems to sit well -- but we were all out of bananas).  I usually avoid caffeine at all costs.

Mine were cranberry apple I think

9) I decided not to bring my ipod.  The last 3 times I have tried to race with music, my effing Apple product decided to effing die at the start, so I give up on effing Apple products.

However, if you saw my brief earlier post, my race was not a failure at all!  It went as smooth as possible.

If you're wondering why I never mentioned this upcoming race in the past couple weeks, it's because I only signed up for it 1 week ago.  I don't know why I was dragging my feet.

Oh wait yes I do.  Because races are FREAKIN EXPENSIVE.

The race began at 9:00, which was just dreamy -- I woke up without an alarm at 7:30, got my business done at home, then sauntered over to the start a mere 1.5 miles from my front door at 8:30.

No, it is not 1988.  I'm just wearing highlighter-green.

After shivering in my ugly tank and shorts (upper 40 degrees), I tucked in about 10 rows deep behind the starting line and we were off at 9:00 promptly.

8:45, waiting.

I felt crazy disconnected to my body, thanks to the caffeinated Gu Chomps and my shivering skin, so couldn't tell what speed I was clocking.  I was loosely aiming for a 7:15 pace, but truth be told hadn't put much thought into it at all and was just going to run.  Have some fun.

This is about the 3 mile mark, first time I saw my boyfriend.  Smiling!

My Garmin alerted me at the one mile mark.  I looked down to see where I was hanging.

Mile 1: 6:27

"Oh. SHIT" -- I said this, out loud, truly concerned.   I never, ever run sub 7:00's outside.  I have done 6:40's a few times on the treadmill, but it's not a pace I can hold for more than 15 minutes. 

In short, I thought I screwed myself, and that I would be hobbling the rest of the race.

Instead, this is what happened.

Mile 2: 6:47
Mile 3: 6:34
Mile 4: 6:39
Mile 5: 6:43
Mile 6: 6:47
Mile 7: 6:46
Mile 8: 6:49
Mile 9: 6:49
Mile 10: 6:47
Mile 11: 6:48
Mile 12: 6:48
Mile 13: 6:50
0.1 (0.36 according to Garmin): 2:21, 6:26 pace

chuggin along

Spot the bright green?  Passing some men at mile 9.

I really don't know what happened.  Like I said, I don't run sub 7:00.  I kept thinking I would run that pace for 1 more mile, but I never ended up feeling bad enough to stop.  So I just kept it up.

Terribly consistent though, right?  Look at how many of those miles are within 1-2 seconds of each other!

My chip time was 1:30:00, and I mentioned in my earlier post that when my Garmin hit 13.1 miles, my time was 1:28:24.

Any thoughts on Garmin innacuracies?  Do GPS's fail, or does this mean I was weaving/taking the long route?

Doesn't look like I'm weaving...
1st place in division (of 379), 5th woman (of 2,095), 57th person (of 3,408)

Here's the sad part though.

As I ran through the finish line, a race official approached me, threw a tag over my neck, and said "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU PLACED THIRD!".

To which I said "huh?  Of Women?"


So for the next 2 hours, I proceeded to brag to my boyfriend, my mom, Mr. Incredible Runner Dane Rauschenberg, and my two friends who were also running the race, that I placed third.

I really wanted to go home and shower.  Instead, I sat around waiting because the idea of standing on a podium and getting a trophy SOUNDS PRETTY FRIGGIN AWESOME.

Finally, at noon, I learned that the race official is a gosh darn dream-ruiner, and was mistaken in giving me that tag.  I placed 5th in Women.

And so, that is how an incredible race ended up making me actually feel quite bad.  I was moping as we went home.

Another reason I was mopey -- and this addresses a reader question -- is that I was a MILLISECOND from breaking the almighty 1:30.  And I KNOW I had it in me.  I'm not sore at all for goodness sake, I didn't kick it at the end.  I really regret not making that 1 second happen, especially with how much energy I had afterward.

And then I remembered I kicked butt and had a really, really good time in my own city, and so all is good.

Oakland Half Marathon


6:52 avg pace


Time was 1:28:24 at the 13.1 mile mark

1st place in age division (of 379)

5th place woman (out of 2095) 

57th place overall (out of 3408)

10th mile.  I had no idea my boyfriend was here cheering :(
Unexpected.  I was aiming to break 1:35.  I'm pretty happy, but there is one reason I am not very happy.  Details to come, plus a lovely full recap.

Off to see my new baby nephew!

If you Ask, I will Answer

Let it be known that anything that is asked by any of the hot, incredible, genius people who read this blog, will be answered.  

If I ever don't answer something, call me out and I'll get on it.

I was asked a couple Qs lately, so here goes:

Q:  hot thing Briana was like, "Dearest RoseRunner, do you cross train? What do you do for exercise besides running? Yours truly, Briana"

I kind of spiced that up, but you get the point.

A: Yes ma'am!

I have a love/hate relationship with going to the gym instead of running outdoors.

The love is for NICE, awesome, clean gyms with new equipment.

The Hate is for my stanky, crowded, dirty, muggy gym with old equipment.

Despite my gross gym, I will hit the elliptical when:
1) I don't feel like running but still want endorphins
2) when I'm feeling an injury coming on
3) the day after a long run.

I sent this pic of me on the elliptical to my boyfriend so he would know I wasn't kidnapped when I walked there in the dark

During law school, I got a shit ton of reading done on the elliptical.  I sacrificed running for the elliptical because I could not figure out how to study while running (although I did try listening to this douche law student on a podcast while running for a while).

Nowadays, I read a quatrillion magazines.  I now associate the wonderful feelings of reading magazines with the elliptical, and so I love ellipticallizing.

To sum up, I nix a run for an elliptical session about 2 times a week.

For instance, I ran long today (see details below), so I will probably ellipticalize for an hour tomorrow morning.  With the December issue of Oprah (I don't want to let go of the holidays!! I'm hangin on!!)

As for other exercise, I also go on long hikes with cutie-pie-panini on the weekends when we can (a few of my very first posts talk about this).

Hiking in Joshua Tree Nat'l Park

But I never, ever bike or swim, and I have about zero interest in it.

Q:  Kelly kindly inquired, "Did you read the People magazine article that Brad and Emily were interviewed for?"

A: NOOoooo, I didn't know about it, pray tell me the details!?!

Are they claiming they are madly in love and that the fighting is so Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton of them and it just shows their passion?

Will you fight with me til death do us part?

Gossip up.  I'm not ready to let the Bachelor go quite yet.

(p.s. Kelly, I spent a semester in DC as an undergrad, and I totally understand why it swept you away...)

Q: Diana spastically talked about hugging/farting her fiance (don't ask), and then further spastically asked what I think about while running -- perhaps Bananas? 

A:  Besides thinking about how Diana's comments make me laugh for 6 hours straight, I usually think about the day ahead of me.

If my headphones are on, I think about the podcast/song I'm listening too.

And a lot of the time I think "hurry the eff up, or you will be late to work!!"

Gotta get to work on time! Lots of winking to do!

I'm constantly stressed that I won't make it home in time.

Now if you want to be called a spaz -- or alternatively, hot -- ask me some q's.


My run this Thursday a.m. started in the blackness of the night, with me defying the weather forecast and believing it wouldn't rain too hard.

Forecast 1, RoseRunner 0.

Within 20 minutes of my run I ceased to run and instead was swimming (read: drenched), so I ran home.

Then I changed clothes, packed my gym bag, and hit the treadmill instead.

16 miles, 2 hours 3 minutes.  

my treadmill was parked right in front of a mirror, so I watched my face jiggle with each step, in between watching the news.  jiggle, jiggle, jiggle.

watch the news, or watch this jiggle? Easy decision.

And then I bought a boat so I could drive to work.  Seriously, California needs to get it's act together.  

I Like Long Runs and I Cannot Lie

I promise to you I am not vain -- I'm your average girl who has 2039847 complaints about my appearance -- and so there is a reason, besides vanity, that I try and post a picture of myself in every single post.

Sup, it's me as usual

I have, oh, probably 50 blogs stacked up in my Google Reader subscription.  Sometimes -- especially if I am reading a newly added blog -- I read one paragraph of a post, then the next paragraph, and realize that despite the blog name, I have no idea whose blog I'm reading.

Is it that competitive college runner? Or that 38 year old lawyer?

Then I have to open up a new tab to see their blog live, scroll through and look for a picture, so I can remember what the heck I'm reading.

You're reading about ME, remember?
Can I get a holler down there in the comments if my trick worked and you now know who wrote this post even though you might not have remembered?

If I get no hollers, that means I have especially poor blog reading skills, and I will work on my memorization skills...


Monday, no running.  Today, 18 miles in the a.m. watching the sun rise and waking up somewhere around the 12 mile mark.


The same reason why I ran 22 miles on a treadmill on Saturday:

Because I like long runsI don't like short runs.

If anyone is wondering why I go on such long runs, it isn't because I'm following some training plan -- I wake up and run whatever I'm in the mood for (and of course have the time for), and that usually happens to be between 14 and 20 miles.

It's relaxing.  Training and sprinting are not relaxing.  I run because it feels nice, not because I am trying to reach a goal.

My goal (which happens to be to PR my May 1st marathon -- sub 3:30)  comes second to enjoying myself. 

Maybe one day it will be important to me to reach a certain marathon or half-marathon goal, but for now the marathon is just a sorta-nice way to gather with other runners, travel somewhere I've never been (Oregon!), and push myself a little. 

Running these 18 miles before the sun comes up is pretty scary for me, but once dawn peeks out I LOVE it -- such a beautiful, crisp, gentle time of day.

Question: what do you think -- Run at 6:00 a.m. in the darkness which means an early wake-up call and having it out of the way, OR run at 6:00 p.m. when it is light out which means less free time in the evening to eff around and play on blogs.

And while I've got you, another SERIOUS QUESTION: Super duper Green bananas, so green they are hard to peel -- OR sweet and sugary brown bananas?  Or plain jane yellow bananas?

I'm on this major kick where I'm craving my bananas to be as GREEN as humanly possible.

green green green green

Maybe this is a remnant from St. Patty's day...some leprachaun infiltrated my brain and made it want green things. 

Running and Fighting


I was looking forward to getting some running in this weekend, but the weather isn’t cooperating (Hard Rain).

After much dilly-dallying and watching rain drip down the windowpane (or according to Eminem, Window Pain...), I chose to do a LONG run on a treadmill.
Feeling so much Window Pain

I really enjoy 20 miles out in the fresh air with changing scenery and cool temperatures – but my gym is stuffy as hell (really, it’s gross, they don’t have A.C.), and the treadmill TV’s have less than 10 channels.  On weekends those channels are mostly sports (

Unless it's soccer or the Giants in the World Series, I'm bored

When it comes to my NEW friend the treadmill, I typically choose to do speed work, and cut the run off at 1 hour max.

I ended up being a hamster on the wheel for….ugh.  22 miles. 

(It was actually 21.6 miles—in 2 hours 49 minutes— and then I’m tacking on the 0.5 miles I ran from my home to the gym).

First hour: between 7.9 and 8.2 mph, 1.0 incline

Second hour: between 7.7 and 7.9 mph, 0.5 incline (I…started dragging…big time)

Last 40 minutes: between 7.3 and 7.6 mph, 0.0 incline (legs began to stiffen up).

I entertained myself by watching Kill Bill and some Cake Wars, with a touch of Obama air-bombing Libyan air forces.

Can you believe this picture? 0.0001 seconds before this Libyan plane hit the ground.

Takeaway:  I lose steam when I go out at a 7:30 pace.  I have to try and restrain the urge to go out strong, even though it feels so good for the first 1.5 hours.

Also, even though it should be a confidence booster that I can do 22 miles without too much pain, I actually felt LESS confident after this run – because I left feeling like “Oh HELL NO I could NOT have run another 4.2 miles.  Pure torture.”

week total: 55 miles
Monday: none
Tuesday: 9
Wednesday: none
Thursday: 20.5
Friday: none
Saturday: 22
Sunday: 3.5


I just watched the Bachelor finale yesterday night.

SPOILER ALERT for anyone who is planning on watching it on Hulu even later than me:

Brad proposes to Emily, aka Barbie Mother Theresa.

"You are very pretty, will you be my arm candy?"

I think it’s pretty clear after spending 20+ hours watching the series this season, that Brad was not comfortable around Emily, that she is rather dull, but that quite simply she is the most perfect LOOKING woman ever to exist in accordance with societal expectations.

She’s got glowy, tan golden skin, big bright white straight teeth, shockingly gold long locks, 26-foot long skinny legs, skinny everything in fact, but a nice big rack.

Not a fan of the bikini, but I'll take the rest
Blondest hair ever
I thought this date was the best she ever looked

So he chose arm candy – knowing that for the rest of his life, people would admire his “wife” or be jealous of him, over picking someone who stimulates him emotionally, intellectually, and physically (let’s be honest here, Emily was a prude – and if you are ballsy enough to date someone on national television, you better be willing to seal the deal.)

And the result is, apparently Emily and Brad have been fighting constantly – brutal, claws out, walls down, fighting.

They are going to attempt to push through these “troubles” for love though. 


Here’s why I’m posting about this, because this fighting got me thinking. 

Fighting this hard after just weeks of being engaged? That is a HORRIBLE sign of things to come.

The first YEAR of dating my boyfriend was 100% puppies and butterflies.  I would have collapsed in tears and confusion if he expressed an angry emotion.  It was just such a delicious, young love phase.

This is like, 2 days before we officially began dating
First vacation together -- the Swiss Alps! OK, it was Disneyland.

The guy we asked to take a picture of us FORCED us to do crazy poses

We probably didn’t have our first “fight” for well over a year, and over 6 months of living together (we moved in together after 7 months of serious dating).   And I’m guessing it was one of those arguments where I hadn’t slept enough, and he told me to watch out for another car that was merging and I said “I KNOW, I SEE IT!”  I get angry when I drive…

After 3.5 years together, we still have never YELLED yelled at each other, and I doubt we ever will.  That’s just such a scary, useless way to communicate. 

We hear the single father who lives below us yelling at his kids daily, and it serves as an excellent example of WHY NOT to yell at others – we hear the older brother verbally abusing the younger brother when they are home alone.  I wonder where he learned this…

Christmas punch
So we don’t fight.  Every now and then I snap at something, and it is usually related to being tired.   I’ve known since my first sleepover when I was, I dunno, 5 years old, that not sleeping enough makes me cranky. 

Instead, we say “I Love You” like, 678 times a day.  Seriously, it’s gross.  We say it when we wake up, when we leave for work, through texts all day, when we see each other in the evening, while eating dinner, and before bed. 

Christmas, not punching

Ha, made you look at PDA!

So the point of this post is two-fold:

1) I’m curious how others communicate with their loved ones.  Can fighting be an element of a truly stable relationship?  Does anyone NEVER fight?  And how do you fight?

2) Spread a little love.  Don’t be afraid to say “I love you” too much.  The sound of those words never, ever get old.  And it’s so much better for everyone than fighting.

And since most of you are just my blog friends and I don’t LOVE YOU-love you, I’ll reserve this more casual phrase for you:

Luv ya!