Beans, Beans, They're Good for Your Heart

Poor Japan :(  The details and #'s keep getting worse and worse.  A 9.0 is just....fully, absolutely, incomprehensible.

I think about the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 when I was 5...this was over 900 times as strong.  NINE-HUNDRED TIMES.  I can't even fathom 10 times as strong. 

In honor of Japan, I'm going to share this gem:

the entertaining music videos of World Order.  I'm obsessed. 

Ex-mixed-martial-artist and kickboxing star Genki Sudo turned into a musical superstar, and his trademark is performing with back-up dancers. 

The back-up dancers are suited Japanese men...dancing? roboting? Please, take the 5 minutes to see what I am talking about.  You MUST keep watching, it gets better and better.

So, I've been eating a lot of Beans this week.  When I asked for vitamin supplement advice, I was told that eating a lot of beans and spinach would help with low iron. 

I feel a little silly about this, but I just open a can (Black beans, Kidney beans, Garbonzo beans, White beans), drain, grab a fork and chow down

I especially like the Black Beans

I also tried putting it in a tortilla with salsa, cheese, and greek yogurt.  I tried it with cut-up vegetarian hot dogs.  But ultimately, I like eating them plain.  Out of the can.

I feel like such a good little vegetarian for putting some effort into eating something so...well...boring.  I've never been a bean eater.  Ever! Occasional hummus perhaps, but really not that into things that taste kind of  blah to me, like beans or rice (yes it's true, I don't love Mexican food).

And for inquiring minds, it hasn't made me more gaseous. 

Gaseous Nebula
(side story: my wonderful boyfriend used to teach high school science.  One day the topic included the word "gaseous", which he pronounced as "gas-ee-iss".  Some little precocious 16 year olds raised their hand to correct him and tell him it is pronounced "gash-ess".  He was embarrassed.)


Thursday and Friday: no running

Saturday: slow, hilly 20.2 miles (8:50 pace)

Today/Sunday:  fast, flat 14.2 miles (7:30 pace).

Total miles was HIGH this week, since I did 5 long runs in anticipatory sadness of not being able to run as much during the work-week with a new job.

Listen, I fully understand that it is super annoying that these pictures below are sideways, and that I should just have kept them out.  I had fixed them and saved them, but cannot find them.  They are also horrible cell-phone quality.

casual Friday at my new law firm

our building is a mirror outside.  we are a very vain workplace.

Week Total: 87.8 miles

Year Total: 745 miles

Any bean recipes or tips to share?