Chewing and Tingling

20 mile Friday, hollaaa.

Just under 2 hours 34 minutes, 7:41 mile pace.  Picture of a Garmin, bam.

This run was kind of all over the place.   The first 10 miles were between 7:20 -- 7:35 paces.  The last 10 were 7:40--7:55 paces.

I clearly kind of puttered out.   But strangely enough, I felt worst between miles 6 and 10 -- I think it was a mental thing, since I was just mulling over how many miles I had left to go.


This is my Favorite Kind.

I have a habit.  I chew gum when I run.

Every now and then -- well, after returning from a Dentist's visit to be precise -- I think about quitting.  I can succeed at not chewing during the day, but while exercising, I just can't quit.

I usually stuff about 5 pieces in my shorts pocket, and chomp away, switching for a new piece every 20 or 30 minutes.  I only run in shorts that have zippered pockets because of this.
You can see the pocket in these shorts -- my ipod wire is hanging out of it

I have one pair of shorts that has a tiny velcro pocket.  Last time I ran with these, I lost the $5 bill I tucked in there for an emergency 7-11 drink stop.

I wore that pair today, and lo-and-behold, I lost my pieces of gum right away.

Point: my 20 mile run was virtually gum-less, besides the piece I had been chewing when I started.

Real Point: there is no point.  Sorry for making you read all that.  Because after all, even though I survived, I will definitely still bring gum on my next run.

gross pic, but the first proof I could find of my gum addiction

(If you want to see a brief but poignant breakdown of my gum preferences, go here.)

TANGENT # 2: Baby Shower Continued

O EM GEE Y'ALL, remember how I JUST posted about shopping for a baby shower that is to take place tomorrow, Saturday?

Mere hours after posting that, my sister-in-law's water broke.  Very unexpected, as she is only 32 weeks (full term is 40 weeks).

I was very concerned at first, but then was reassured that survival rate at 32 weeks is 100%.   She is still at the hospital, and as far as I know, no birth yet.

However, the strange thing is, the baby shower is still going to happen.  Even though the mom-to-be won't be there, she will be at the hospital.

The explanation? the Grandma-to-be already bought cake.  Sooooo, I'm driving out of town just to eat cake.

If you google-image-search baby shower cake, you might gag a little.  This is a pregnant belly

I don't like cake.

If you can sense a little bit of bitterness here, you are very insightful.  I would much prefer to drive to the hospital to drop off the gifts and see how she is doing, than eat cake with people I don't know.

Positive attitude!  People I don't know will become People it was a Pleasure to Meet!

TANGENT # 3: Pills that make me Tingle

Oh another important topic: how come NOBODY TOLD ME (ahem Diana the pharmacist) that Beta Alanine causes insane tingling?!!?

I took 2 pills after my run, and then tried to eat lunch while compulsively wringing and scratching my hands.  They were tingling like no other.

I know you can't read this, but it says "Taking this product may cause tingling and flushing sensations."
Then later it spread to my feet, and lastly my upper thighs.  Very, very strange.

I get a milder version of this feeling when I drink alcohol after a run...

TANGENT # 4: Deep Thoughts

I just went on a walk to run an errand, and realized two things.

1) It makes me so, so sad to see a limping bird.

I saw this big ole turkey and my first thought was "ew. why is there a turkey there."  Then I saw it was limping and went "awwwww!", even though no one was around to hear me.

2) Rollerblades are incomprehensibly under-rated.  I could have ran this errand so fast if I had been wearing rollerblades, like the cool dude who passed me on the sidewalk at 30 mph in them.

Deep Thoughts

Question: would you pay $150 to enter a raffle to win a $2.8 million home, and have a 1 in 100 chance of winning between $100 and $25,000?  I am so tempted to enter this Dream House Raffle