I Like Long Runs and I Cannot Lie

I promise to you I am not vain -- I'm your average girl who has 2039847 complaints about my appearance -- and so there is a reason, besides vanity, that I try and post a picture of myself in every single post.

Sup, it's me as usual

I have, oh, probably 50 blogs stacked up in my Google Reader subscription.  Sometimes -- especially if I am reading a newly added blog -- I read one paragraph of a post, then the next paragraph, and realize that despite the blog name, I have no idea whose blog I'm reading.

Is it that competitive college runner? Or that 38 year old lawyer?

Then I have to open up a new tab to see their blog live, scroll through and look for a picture, so I can remember what the heck I'm reading.

You're reading about ME, remember?
Can I get a holler down there in the comments if my trick worked and you now know who wrote this post even though you might not have remembered?

If I get no hollers, that means I have especially poor blog reading skills, and I will work on my memorization skills...


Monday, no running.  Today, 18 miles in the a.m. watching the sun rise and waking up somewhere around the 12 mile mark.


The same reason why I ran 22 miles on a treadmill on Saturday:

Because I like long runsI don't like short runs.

If anyone is wondering why I go on such long runs, it isn't because I'm following some training plan -- I wake up and run whatever I'm in the mood for (and of course have the time for), and that usually happens to be between 14 and 20 miles.

It's relaxing.  Training and sprinting are not relaxing.  I run because it feels nice, not because I am trying to reach a goal.

My goal (which happens to be to PR my May 1st marathon -- sub 3:30)  comes second to enjoying myself. 

Maybe one day it will be important to me to reach a certain marathon or half-marathon goal, but for now the marathon is just a sorta-nice way to gather with other runners, travel somewhere I've never been (Oregon!), and push myself a little. 

Running these 18 miles before the sun comes up is pretty scary for me, but once dawn peeks out I LOVE it -- such a beautiful, crisp, gentle time of day.

Question: what do you think -- Run at 6:00 a.m. in the darkness which means an early wake-up call and having it out of the way, OR run at 6:00 p.m. when it is light out which means less free time in the evening to eff around and play on blogs.

And while I've got you, another SERIOUS QUESTION: Super duper Green bananas, so green they are hard to peel -- OR sweet and sugary brown bananas?  Or plain jane yellow bananas?

I'm on this major kick where I'm craving my bananas to be as GREEN as humanly possible.

green green green green

Maybe this is a remnant from St. Patty's day...some leprachaun infiltrated my brain and made it want green things.