It's March 17th, It Is!

Since I'm Irish and it's March 17, I'm going to FLOOD YOU WITH GREEN PICTURES

Pastel Green!

Bright Green, and WRONG holiday!

Green in Malibu State Park!

Green in Big Basin!

Green at Disneyland with Jack Sparrow!

Turquoise-ish-green in Rocky Mountain National Park!

Bright Green and Gross at US Half marathon in SF!

Still Bright Green!

Pale Green in Joshua Tree Park!
Did you wear green today!?

So, am I naughty for luring in readers from the Blog Queen SkinnyRunner with a fancy picture of me in a gold dress?

I’m pretty embarrassed that the day SR cat-ladied me, her readers all landed on the lamest post ever.

Anyone visiting from her blog came upon yesterday's 30-second post, in which I called turkey, ham, pumpkin pie, etc, the stupidest things I ever heard of.  

I still feel this way, and I think it’s funny to call a popular food stupid (as if food had a brain…well, the turkey and ham did...anyway)

With the godsend that is being a featured Cat Lady Blog, I excitedly checked to see if I gained any subscribers on Google Reader.....

Nope.  No, I lost one reader :(

If SR can send over 1,000 people my way, and no one sticks, either SR's readers are bad people (I Kiddddd), or I'm really boring over here.  OR my last post sucked.


This is quite possibly the nuttiest thing I've ever done, but I left the house long before the sun came up this morning and ran six laps around our neighborhood lake.

20.5 Miles.

Before Breakfast.

It was 2 hours, 41 minutes.  

The first hour was pitch black.  Doesn't it feel like you are super speedy when it is dark out?

My very kind law firm knows I want to squeeze in a long run during the week for marathon training, and let's me come in an hour later (and then stay an hour later) as long as I give notice.

We'll see if I can keep that up once a week or so.  It sure feels like an accomplishment to step into the office in the a.m. and holler "Gimme a Beer, I just ran 20 miles!"

Green Beer anyone?  Be safe!!