Just Another Blog Post

Thank you for being my personal WebMD and sharing your advice on the supplements.  I trust you fellow runners and bloggers more than the meathead at GNC.

I learned that liquid iron in the form of ferrous sulfate is the way to go.  This may be way TMI, but I heard that a possible side effect of iron supplements is constipation.  Anyone care to quash this rumor?
Let's be honest, I look a little constipated here


Despite a failure of a run yesterday, which I blamed on low-iron level and shoes, I managed to have a freaking-fantastic run this morning on the treadmill. 

8.34 Miles in one hour (A new high for me!)

Minutes        Pace (Miles per Hour)
1-5               7.7
5-10             8.0
10-15           8.1
15-20           8.2
20-25           8.3
25-35           8.4
35-45           8.5
45-55           8.6
55-60           Worked my way up to 9.0

I have to admit that at the 35 minute point, I bumped the incline down to 0.5, and at the 52 minute point, bumped it down to 0.0.   Kinda cheating myself, but any incline feels like a mountain when I’m nearly sprinting.

Mountain.  Can you spot me?

I'm still going to knock back some iron supplements, regardless of magically feeling energetic on that run.  I have totally not figured out what makes for a great run.  Some days it just won't happen.


This Saturday I will be attending a baby shower for my “sister-in-law

She is my boyfriend’s brothers wife, but I consider my boyfriend’s families my in-laws at this point.  They lovingly welcomed me into their family years ago, so it feels silly not to consider them relatives.

Me on the right, at my in-laws home.  The baby-shower girl is on the left.  I was reading an awesome book about explorers of the Grand Canyon
More of his family.  Preggo is the pink girl on the right.

I’m going to drop by Target this evening – which is exciting even when it’s a chore since they ventilate giddiness drugs into the air in Target – and pick up a baby shower gift. 

Her registry is pretty much never-ending, so I’m having trouble deciding what to get her.  Any suggestions as to what is most appreciated by new moms?  Diapers? Books? Breast-feeding gadgets?

Here's hoping there will not be any tee-hee-giggle-giggle games at the shower with sex innuendos.  I like pin-the-pacifier-on-the-baby, and that is all.