Supplements and Such

You know how really popular blogs start to get mean comments, from jealous readers who think the blogger has gotten a little too cool for school?

Well one really lovely thing about having a small blog is that other bloggers/readers are pretty darn kind.

Just a sweet little RoseRunner, not annoying people on the internet yet...

No reason to knock me down, when I am already low in the blogger ranks.  I'm like an intern.  I still have to pay my dues here on the internet.

It occurred to me that if I ever got a mean comment or personal message, I would probably go bat-shit and personally learn how to hunt down a computer's special IP address (real scientific here), find the commenter even if they are in Germany, and decorate their car with tampons.

Ima find you, and GIT YOU
You have been warned.


I have never taken vitamins or supplements, except for the occasional Calcium chew since they satisfy my craving for tootsie rolls.   I also throw protein powder into smoothies pretty regularly.

Today, I spent a billion dollars at GNC on an "Active Woman" multi-vitamin (primarily for the Iron), Glucosamine chews, and Beta Alanine pills.

I self-diagnosed myself with low-iron levels (I can't afford to visit the doctor on my crappy health insurance plan, and I suspect the low-iron because I went veg a year ago and have been feeling lethargic lately).  Thus, the multi-vitamin.

Me in the green, feeling lethargic during US Half in San Franciso

Glucosamine is good for joints.  My mom recommended this for me, I thought it could help keep me strong as I get closer to the Eugene Marathon.

The Beta Alanine is because speedy hungryrunnergirl recommended them for increased something-or-other (muscle exhaustion? lung expansion? I dunno) that helps runners.

Like I said, so scientific.

Your input would be GREATLY APPRECIATED because these were seriously expensive, and before I pop them open, I am considering returning them. 

Be a sweetheart and share your thoughts!


Another run today that felt very "off".  I felt slow and stiff and heavy-headed.  17 miles, 2 hours 20 minutes.
Panini thinks this looks like the viewpoint of someone who is about to murder me.   I think it shows how I felt on my run today.

Again I'm suspecting my iron is low, and that I need new shoes. 

I'm partial to Saucony's, but I would also take shoe advice from anyone.  I don't know my arch situation, but I think I'm neutral.