The Last Post Before the Storm

New Job starts tomorrow, Thursday :) or :( or :} but mostly a mix of all of those.   

I had to quit my fellowship prematurely, but I loved the law professor I was working for, so gave her an IOU of sorts, promising to come back and work some of my remaining hours when there is a lull in my new gig.

I will be working at a law firm in Pleasanton, (home of Page! I think...), and my first project is a real estate litigation dispute.  The firm does general civil litigation, real estate, estate planning, contracts, and IP.  Nice mix.  I'm most interested in estate planning.
Yay, law school and it's requisite schmoozing will finally pay off.  At the famous Barrister's Ball my 1st year

So when any of you get extremely wealthy, you can come to me and I will help manage your trusts and portfolio ;)

In anticipation of work, my mom just took me shopping for some blouses, which I am lacking in.

Instead of blouses, we scored a suit at Macy's that was originally $280 -- for $29!  What the heck!?  I think this is off-season for suit buying.  It kind of looks like something a first lady would wear -- it is red and has a knee length skirt -- but I'm smitten.


Knowing I will not be running much during the week anymore, I crammed some miles in early.

Monday: 20 miles (I posted about that already)
Tuesday: 17.5 miles
Wednesday aka today: 15.8 miles

That is manic, and I don't recommend it nor do I want any praise for it!  I typically never go on two long runs on back-to-back days, but my legs felt surprisingly refreshed after Monday, so I went for it.

I am already convinced that the multi-vitamin with iron that I am taking has changed my life.  I never used to have the energy for three runs in a row like that, so I'm thanking the iron, or the placebo effect of those beautiful pills.

Not only will I be running less during the week, I suspect I will be blogging less too.  Or this thing may end up dying out altogether.  

Aww, remember all the good times we had together on this blog? (this is me talking to me).

I'll still be reading blogs and commenting, but I definitely won't be able to sneak a post in except for between my many free hours of 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.  And I will probably spend that time eating, sorry.  

I saw King's Speech on Sunday, finally, and really enjoyed it.  I have to share my boyfriend's insight as we left the theater, which I found hilarious enough to share on facebook as well.

Panini: "You know why Colin Firth won an Oscar, right?  He didn't go full retard."

Please don't throw rocks at me for using the retard word, he/I are only quoting one of the best movies of the decade.  

He's handsome AND hilarious.  And accidentally flipping you off.

But seriously, it's so true.  Movie-watchers and Oscar-voters are always ENTHRALLED when actors play the role of someone with some crippling obstacle, often partial retardation or ugliness 

(Tom Hanks in Forest Gump...Charlize Theron in Monster...Nicole Kidman in The Hours...and of course Natalie Portman in Black Swan.  REMEMBER I HATE THAT MOVIE, RIGHT?? my blog, my platform, I can rant about that in every post if I want)

Goodness I love going to the movie theater.  We go through phases where we don't go for months and months -- and then all of a sudden we will go twice in a weekend.  

I know some of you probably NEVER go to the movies. Too cool for school.

I simply cannot commit to watching a movie at home, so going out to a theater is an incredible experience for me in which I realize that movies are great, because I actually pay attention instead of leaving the room to check the web and such.

And with that, I'm off to check the web and such.