These are a few of my Favorite Things

I think the title is pretty self explanatory.

1) Vitamin Water Zero, Lemonade
I don't think ANYTHING tastes better in the middle of a long, hot run.  I often bring a fiver so I can duck into a 7-11 and buy one of these in the middle or end of my run.  I get so sad when they only have orange or red flavors.

2) TJ's raw crunchy almond butter
This pic is of the creamy kind, which is a runner up to the crunchy.  I like eating it with frozen yogurt, regular yogurt, and everything else in the world.

3) Roku
Bless the day my boyfriend and I got this thing.  We don't have cable -- in fact, we only get about 5 channels -- so this things lets us watch whatever we want from our Netflix subscription.  It's so great that we hardly ever even care about what Netflix actually sends us in the mail.

4) SNL
Always excellent, no matter what the naysayers say.  The current cast rocks my sox because of Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Abby Elliott.  I'm also growing a great love for Taran Killam.

5) Parks & Recreation
These are my favorite characters in my favorite show.  Ron Swanson and Andy are the best.  But it makes me sad when people are mean to Jerry.

6) Check it Out, with Dr. Steve Brule
If you don't know about this, google it and find it right now.  Here, I'll help you.  Start here or at Adult Swim.

7) Between Two Ferns

Same as above, please invest some time discovering this internet show if you enjoy laughter.  Starring Zach Galifianakis.   Start at FunnyOrDie.

8) String Cheese

It's perfect.  I love it.  If you are a vegan, I'm so sorry, and do they make vegan string cheese?  I easily eat four a day, just so you know.

9) Oscillation Mascara
This stuff is the bomb.  I don't like dilly-dallying with make-up, but this is one thing I've found that makes a nice difference in how boring or cool my face looks.

10) Oprah Magazine, Mental Floss, Esquire, and Runners World

My four favorite magazines, although I will read just about any magazine.  I also subscribe to the Economist because my boyfriend is smart like that, and I won't shy away from grabbing an US mag if someone has stashed it at the gym.

btw, I always thought it was "U.S. mag", as in the magazine of our country.  Ha. 

11) INOV8 hiking shoes
That is my foot, and my favorite hiking shoe.  They are flexible and lightweight, but the tread helps your feet stick to crumbly rocky areas like glue.   My feet no longer bark at the end of 16 mile hikes thanks to wearing these instead of 50 pound hiking boots.

12) Saucony running shoes
Not this precise pair, but any women's pair really, size 8, and I'm good to go.  Never have to break them in at all.

13) Champion Sport Bras
I buy mine at costco in a two-pack.  They chafe the least of all sport bras for me.  No matter how much glide I smear on though, if I run over 2.5 hours, I get some sort of chafing on the bottom strap area.  I'm a 34C-minus or 34B+, and these bras are secure enough for that size.

14) Stella McCartney Perfume
I love this -- it reminds me of incense.  It also has a lot of rose to it, which I love because...well...check out the name of the blog you are reading.


Well this is obviously my favorite thing of all.  Us being cute at a boat dance.

Another 20 miles today, because I'm crazy and like to do two 20 milers a week.

I may be starting a full time job as a contract lawyer as soon as Wednesday, which makes me very sad because I will not be running as much.  I physically can't keep my eyes open long enough at 5:00 a.m. to run one mile, let alone 15-20. 

Which is how I like my runs.  I'm an all-or-nothing kind of runner.