Track-Me at Track-Town

For anyone equally uninformed as I, Eugene, OR is called Track Town USA. 

You are reminded of this by murals on the side of every building, paintings inside of Trader Joe's, and on the cover of every book in their local bookstore.  

The first thing the guy at my hotel front desk told us to do was check out Prefontaine's gravesite.  Runner Nerd Alert!!!!!

First item: the Budget Rental reservation we had for an economy car was bumped up FO FREE to a Mustang, since they were out of other cars.  Pays to show up late.

It's so wildly inappropriate in this hippie town...we are a little embarrassed.

Flower-adorned hippie.  Golden Gate Park, 2010

Second item: We brought cute-pie-panini's laptop on vacation, so here I am blogging. 

Tricked ya into commenting and saying good luck before Sundays marathon, now you have to do it again! (nah, one time is enough.  And whoa you are optimistic about my bum knee...I realllllllllly hope your well wishes come true).

Third item: there was a minor debacle checking through security at the airport...they were convinced I was smuggling in a liquid.  

I promised I wasn't, and the only liquid possibly present in my backpack might be from my recently-washed retainer (yup, that's right I wear a retainer at night.  And I wash it every morning.)

culprit found:

Gu! Gel! please security girl, that is not liquid.  I had to explain it was for running a marathon, and then explain that a marathon is NOT 40 miles as she guessed.

Fourth Item: I finally bought a foam roller-type thing at the expo, just in time for me to roll out ALL possible knee issues and any other kinks that I have neglected to ice, stretch, strengthen, or foam-roll for the past 15 years of my running life -- in a span of 24 hours.  Logical, no?

It's called a Tiger Tail....which sounds a little wrong to me.
Fifth item: My bib number is 362

Go here on race day if you want to stalk me.   Find the "track a runner" link that will be up Sunday only.

Don't be alarmed to learn my name is not Rose.  It's my middle name.  And if you stalk the bib and learn my name, remember that my name SHALL NOT BE SPOKEN on the blog, ya'hear? 

I don't have a great reason for that rule, except that the internet is scary and full of.....potential future employers? 

Sixth item: Still nervous about my knee.  It is definitely not in "injury stage".  It is in "make one bad move and I'll be an injury" stage.  I am cautiously optimistic.

Seventh item: We just spent the last hour in the hot tub with a fellow named Benjamin who is running the half on Sunday...we talked knee injuries, and ended up doing yoga poses to stretch.  Hear Ye Hear Ye, I Now Invent Hot Tub Yoga.

Eugene is pretty odd and boring so far, but tomorrow will be beach-filled. 

Who will be stalking?  Any thoughts on Mustangs and Gu-Security alerts??

Send Off

I think I'm sick

I think I'm injured

I think Sunday is going to be a super-stellar awesome day!

V for Virginity!  Nah, it's for Vacation!

I'm so excited to get to Eugene, explore the city, and run.  I'm posting this potential "see-you-on-the-other-side" chat tonight (Wednesday) because I fly to Eugene Friday morning and haven't decided if I will bring a laptop or not, so this may be the last contact I have here before the ole Marathon.

I'll be busy tomorrow night (Thursday) packing and preparing the worlds best playlist

Actually, it will probably be a very average playlist.  All I know is half of Britney Spears' new album is making the cut.

Ima help y'all run a marathon y'all!

I think you can track runners from the Eugene website on race day, and I know my bib number...

but I'm afraid to share it.  I am so, so worried that I am going to get 10 miles in and then this injury-ish thing will rear it's head.

And then you will see that my splits suddenly come to a dead stop as I'm carried to first aid.

I don't want to go into it, injuries are so boring....

but basically the side of my knee (tendon?) started hurting Saturday when I was WALKING.  Sunday I forgot about it, and at mile 4 of an intended 10 mile run, my knee suddenly blared "HEY! STOP RUNNING!" so I did.

Been taking it easy since.  Walking seems to aggravate it more than running. 

I was prepared for this.  If you read my "About Me" page, written I think 3 months ago, I was clear that I ALWAYS get injured approximately 5-10 days before any marathon.  Regardless of whether my recent mileage was high or low.

I hoped this would be my chance at a marathon non-injured.  Although that may not be the case, I WILL HAVE A GOOD TIME, despite the lame-wad aka my left knee area.


1) I got a real, live, old-fashioned letter in the mail, just to say "Hi I'm the Best Friend in the Universe", from an astoundingly thoughtful woman, Brittani.

Brittani (left) and I in high school.  Sophomore year?

She hilariously remembered how much I love (ahem, don't love) Soy Joy Bars

Brittani is a professional baby catcher, AND mother of two kids who have enough energy to fuel a small city, AND a runner, AND she manages to get up at 5:00 a.m. every morning to hike!  If you are as fascinated by all that as I am, check out her daily documentations of her family and life.

2) Placing 1st in my age group for the Oakland Half gets me my very own free pair of Skecher Resistance Shoes! 

heck yes.  I love free stuff, no matter what.  But what are resistance shoes?  Are they the bubble shoes that the Kardashian's promote? If I hate them, we're looking at a giveaway for anyone that wears a woman's size 8...

(whoa, I just looked them up, they are $100.  Not bad, not bad!) 

3) Panini got an iphoneilove it.  iknow, im only 10 years behind everyone else.

Our very first iphone picture


Friday: 12 miles
Saturday: elliptical
Sunday: 4 miles
Monday: cry
Tuesday: mope
Wednesday: punch a wall

My Deep Dark Running Secret

I have a secret to share with you.

A secret you would never guess given that I have a blog with which I talk at you about my running.

For a very, very long time, I Kept Running a Secret.

Where to begin....

I first began to run purely for pleasure -- rather than for soccer or track -- immediately after high school. 

Throughout my 4.5 years of undergrad at UCLA, and through all 3 years of law school in the Bay Area, I kept up a consistent routine of 40-90 miles per week (injury periods not included).

It became a secret almost immediately.  I had two roommates in my tiny little freshman dorm, and the lack of privacy made me feel as though they were tracking my every move. 

I woke up to run the perimeter of campus every morning (4 hilly miles), and every now and then would run some laps around the track in the late evening as well (late, as in 10:00 p.m. -- it helped me fall asleep). 

For some reason, I began to think of my daily runs as a source of shame.  It was too disciplined and regular for someone who should be wildly and chaotically enjoying their freshman year.  (Although, I did spend plenty of time being wild and chaotic). 

To appease my roommates questions of "You're running AGAIN!?  Didn't you run Yesterday!?!"  I started trying to hide it.  I would claim I was going for a walk, or I would pack gym clothes in my backpack and shower at the gym before coming home. 

Then, as running became easier and I became stronger, I added distance -- my daily 30 minute run became a daily 45 minute run.  A year later, it became a 60 minute run.  A year later, 75 minutes.  Etc etc, until my calorie intake wasn't able to keep up.

And so I looked like this:

no. comment.

Then it became more important than ever to keep running a secret.  It was much, much too important to me to let go, but I knew in my skinny state, people who cared about me would advise (or beg) me to give it up.

This is really cutting a long story short (maybe one day I'll devote a full post to these years), but with the help of some Athlete Nutrition books, I learned how to maintain my milage and some meat on my bones (short explanation: eat constantly.  every hour).

Yet still, even in my healthier body, I couldn't get rid of my inclination to hide my running habit/passion.  When I began dating cutie-pie-panini in 2007, I kept the extent of my running a secret for at least a month -- mysteriously only coming over after noon, mysteriously leaving his place before 10:00 a.m. (I'm strictly a morning runner if you didn't know).

Then two things happened.

1) I found the running-blog community.

There were people equally nuts online! 
People who wake up at 5:00 to run double-digit miles! 
People who think it is admirable rather than disordered to run 70 miles a week!
People who understand an obsession with the marathon distance!

I quietly read for 3 years.

2) I became friends, through Panini, with a fantastic woman and die-hard runner, Lesley.

Lesley lives, breathes, and talks talks TALKS running!  She does a significant amount of socializing while running.  She is, in short, the opposite of who I was: NOT SHY about her running :)

When she found out I had a few marathons under my belt, she asked questions -- what times do I run?  How far did I run today?  I would shrug my shoulders, not really knowing how to share something that I normally never talked about.

Throughout the last 3 years, I have grown more and more comfortable talking "runner language" with Lesley, and have admired how much passion she has for the running community -- for the act of sharing the love of running with others.

She showed me how nice it would be to come out of my running shell.

Something has been lost now that I have opened by running mouth.  It's less personal now, more shared.   Less humble, more bragadocious -- and probably to some, annoying. 

Time to Spill: do you keep the extent of your running a secret from people in your life?  Any other spicy secrets harboring inside that you suddenly HAVE to get out right here on the internet in the comments below?

Celebrity Lookalikes

Time to have some fun!

For absolutely no reason other than entertainment, I've decided to expose the celebrity that resembles the people in my life + the bloggers that I read.

If anyone is offended that I posted a picture of them, please email ASAP at and I will take it down immediately.  I apologize for being too lazy to e-mail each of you to ask.

This first one knocked me across the head the very first time I read her blog.

1) While Janae is pretty much the most beautiful thing on the internet, she's also a goof and reminds me SO much of Kristen Wiig.

Which one is Kristin, which one is Janae?

2) To the non-delight of Cutie Pie-Panini, he gets told all the time that he looks like so-and-so.  One of the most common these days now that he's sporting some scruff is Mr. Ggyylleennhhaall.

3) My dearest most incredibly talented and stunning friend who I met at the mature age of zero-years-old, Allison, has her own unique look going on.  But out of desperation to include her pretty picture here, I must announce she has been compared to Mandy Moore.

4) One of the best blogs I've stumbled across in a long time is authored by the model-worthy AJ, who's sparkly smile reminds me of Natalie Imbruglia.  She's also rocking a little bit of Angelina.

5) Jenna has the refreshing girl-next-door look, a combination of that OC chic and Kate Middleton...if you are as mesmerized by the resemblance as I am, Jenna is the one below and center.

6) My handsome and hilarious Dad often gets compared to the handsome and hilarious Alec Baldwin.

7) Lastly, my older sister Ariana stole all the pretty genes before I got a turn at them.  The brunette in the photo on the right, she's about 75% Zooey Daschenal and 25% Reese Witherspoon.

If you have a celebrity lookalike, please share!  If you send me or direct me towards a picture, I'll include it in round two.

Work it

It's kind of strange that I write so much about running -- something that takes up about 10% of my day -- but I never say much about work, which consumes over 50% of my (awake) day.

Casual Friday...I'm allowed to have messy hair.

I am a fairly new lawyer.  I've been working at my firm for 7-8 weeks now, and by the graces of some incredible luck and a boss who really trusts me, I have already been able to do many things that an associate at a huge firm might wait years to have a shot at doing.

My 2nd day of how things have changed!! (Not.  I still sit at that desk taking pictures of myself with my phone).

The following is a list of a few of the tasks I've conquered thus far:

  • represented a client twice (all by myself!) at a Case Management Conference in Federal Court.
  • Attended a site inspection (this included hiking to a beautiful part of Sunol to view the location of an oil pipe burst).
  • Drafted a Request For Production of Documents; a Motion for Dismissal; multiple Declarations of Custodian of Record; an Amended Cross-Complaint
  • Done some sleuthing at the San Francisco Department of Building Inspections, and the San Francisco Planning Department
  • Attended a meeting with another firm to take over their client (due to conflict of interest)
  • Prepared for a Deposition (in the process of this)
  • Become the office weirdo who doesn't eat meat, doesn't drink coffee, turns downs donuts at 9:00 a.m., and runs 20 miles before arriving in the morning 
    • there is now a running joke in the office where when someone has to step out, they say "I'll be back, just going for a quick 20 miler.
  • Become the office supplier of tootsie-pops.  
    • I stuck a couple of my spare stash in the front-desk candy bowl, and they went like hot cakes.  So I bought a 100-count box at Costco, and that lasted about 2 weeks.  This is a high-sugar office.
  • Apparently learned to think/write/blog in bullet points
  • Made my blog readers fall asleep while reading what is basically a resume.
I feel really lucky that I'm not just pushing papers behind the scene, and that I'm actually getting to see a courtroom or a client so early in my career.

This job was very unexpected.  At the time that I landed it, I had been searching for work for over 3 months after passing the Bar exam, and was seriously considering stepping outside the legal field--it just seemed to be such a dead career in the Bay Area.

I had an opportunity for a non-legal government job in my hometown of Napa that I pondered over for a hot minute.  I was also thinking about jumping ship and getting into the fitness industry somehow. 

I wonder if this is the job for me.  I doubt I'll every know what the PERFECT job for me is.  At various times in my life I thought the perfect job for me was:

  • Astronaut
  • CIA agent
  • Soccer player
  • Movie or Restaurant Critic
  • Journalist
  • Physical Trainer
  • Lobbyist
  • Grand Canyon Park Ranger
Who here has the PERFECT job for them?  If you don't, what is your dream job?


I ran on the treadmill this morning, because it is the only way I know how to really pace myself, and I wanted to run at a steady pace to prep myself for what my marathon goal pace should feel like.

1.0 incline (I always do this)
5 minutes warmup
10 minutes at 8.0 mph
40 minutes at 8.3 mph
5 minutes at 8.8 mph

I thought the 8.3 pace felt really comfortable, which was encouraging.  I think that was somewhere near a 7:15 pace.

My left hip felt tight again near the end...this seems to be happening when I run at a faster range.  Any suggestions? I will continue to stretch it.

Tape Ring

While many of you are now reading/posting about recovering from your marathon, here today in class we will be discussing ramping UP for a marathon.  That means it's time for...


I have run 4 marathons and 3 halfs.  I have NEVER tapered.

A ring, made of tape.  tape ring.  You're welcome for the excellent play on words, somebody alert Jason Mraz

The Eugene marathon is in 10 days (ugggh, is anyone else getting tired of me talking about it?).  This time, I'm going to attempt to do it "right".

Whatever "right" means.  There are a lot of pre-marathon runner-rules, and I feel that they are a bit too black and white to fit all our individual running selves.

For instance: for my first 3 marathons, I didn't eat anything during the race.  It worked out fine, I wasn't hungry and had a fair share of energy.

For my 4th marathon, I had some sports beans, and I'm not certain what the point was.  I only remember thinking they were yummy--and noisily clacking around in my pocket--but not that they really helped or replenished me.

yum yum yummmm

For instance:  As I mentioned above, I've never tapered.  In the past, I just took it easy the day before the race by doing something light at the gym.

I'm nervous that if I really take it easy for 2 weeks, my legs will get all stiff and running will feel unfamiliar.

Sometimes my legs feel BEST and loose the day after a long 18 mile run!  And worst after taking two days off!

I really want to trust that tapering is the right thing to do, so what I'm asking from you is to flood me with advice or reasons why I should taper, and what my next 10 days should look like.

So far this week: 
Saturday: 13.1
Sunday: 4
Monday: 0
Tuesday: 17
Wednesday: 0

that puts me at 34 miles.  My highest mileage weeks are 70-80 miles.  I understand I should aim for 50-ish miles this week?

I also want to know what you do, or what you recommend I do, the day before the marathon in terms of activity.  I was thinking 4 miles or so to shake out my legs.

Either that, or I might jog the entire marathon course to get a feel for it ( ya know just 26.2 easy miles)


Question party

Let's answer some Q's, since I get them so rarely that I pounce on the opportunity to pretend someone is interested in what I have to say when I get them.

1) Briana asked if I always drink red bull before I run, because it gives her the jitters.

Dearest Briana, it gives me the jitters too.  I never do caffeine -- as in, I won't even eat dark chocolate.  Or green tea.

I have this amazing blood stream that manages to keep caffeine flowing through my veins at midnight, EVEN if I drink it at 6:00 a.m.  I swear.

However, I do knock back some caffeine on race days.  I think you know why.  Let my spell it out for you:  I want to run with empty bowels.  Sorry everyone, blame Briana for the TMI, she's the one who asked.

The unpleasant side effect is that for the first 3 miles of the race, I'm all jittery and spaztic and as you might expect, rather fast  ( I went from 6:35's to 6:55's pretty quickly last race).

This is too good.  That dufus -- who I briefly talked to -- was just out for a jog.  But a series of like 5 of the race pictures are of him, with me hidden behind him.  Can't photographers figure out that he had no bib?  Mile 2.

Anyway, caffeine is the key, not necessarily red bull.  it's just what we had.  Gu chomps will do or any other caffeinated sugar, as will coffee.

2) Roserunner asked: how was the movie Source Code?

thanks for asking.  It was so freakin good.  I really enjoyed it, more than I thought I would.  Somewhere along the way from Bubble Boy to Brokeback Mountain, Jake Ggyylleennhhaall (yep, 2 of everything) learned how to be a fine actor.

hottie + hottie (Vera Farmiga)

3) Alyssa asked where my trophy was since I "won" 2nd place woman

I'll tell you what, I really have no idea because as soon as I finished and grabbed my post-race "It's-It" (best race swag ever!!), I ducked out of there for a shower and lazy brunch with friends.

Around mile 11, started having to swoop around 5k runners/walkers

I plan to contact the race directors eventually and ask them for my medal/trophy whatever it may be.

FYI, the 2nd place is kind of not as awesome as it sounds if I reveal that the 3rd place woman was over 12 minutes behind me.

Which is to say I could have taken a 10 minute nap in a port-o-pottie at mile 8 and still got 2nd place.  (1st place woman was 4 minutes ahead of me).

4) Pam asked if I do speed work (Pam! is secretive and has her link as

This is a quality question that could probably earn it's own post.

Short answer: no, I don't do speed work.

However, I do occasionally run fast because I love the post-workout feel of a hard run where you really pushed it.

I very recently started running on the treadmill because of rainy days, and the stats on the machine brought out the number game part of me.

I started cranking it up to see how fast I could go, and would occasionally run 5-10 minutes at the 9.0 range (6:40 min mile).  That is the extent of my speed work.

I also do "sprints" once or twice a month with panini, but this is really pretty tame.  We run around our 3.5 mile lake, occasionally pointing to a street lamp 200 yards away or so and then pick up the pace until we get to it -- repeat 7-10 times.

I mentioned in my Oakland half recap that I stunned myself by running sub 7:00's, because I never trained with a pace even close to that (maybe 7:20's at best).  the 6:40 range just felt so comfortable with all the adrenaline and excitement.

5) Multiple people seemed to possibly be wondering: why are your leg's so Arnold-like?

to those who pointed out my manly legs (ok, you were much nicer and more complimentary than that) I must reveal that for whatever reason--ah, more precisely the specific reason of genetics-- my leg muscles have always, always been kind of ridiculous.

I have large calves.  I have large quads.  I have hated this my whole life, until I realized they play a big role in letting me run 20-milers multiple times a week while never getting a knee injury (KNOCK ON WOOOOOD!!).

My middle name is CALVES

So thank you for the compliments, but it's all the work of my dad who gave me these legs.

6) Sesa asked if my pink race shirt is from Target

Sesa, way to drag Target back into my blog!! Can I just be the Target girl? Will Target adopt me?

YES, the shirt is from Target.  The race was my first day wearing it (cause we all know I'm a fan of trying new things on race day...and that's not a joke.  I just can't help it).

I don't remember there being any problems with it, except that it wasn't as good a receptacle for blowing my snotty nose on as the cotton shirts I normally run in.

Sesa said she saw it at Target and was going to wait for it to go on sale...DON'T WAIT girl, it was only $10!! And it is quality material!

It came in "ow, my eyes!" pink, neon green, and I think a rich blue and plain white (for if you want others to clearly see where you blew your snotty nose).

As a last note I edited my race recap post to reflect that the Western Pacific race directors sent out a mass e-mail verifying that the last part of the course was longer because of last minute emergency course changes.  I finally feel vindicated in my whining. 

Western Pacific Half Marathon

Thank you for doing the right thing and choosing to say that I looked better in those prom dresses in my 20's than I did in high school.  You would all make excellent boyfriends ;)

So I ran a cute li'l 13.1 today, and I am content with the knowledge that any running that happens this weekend is destined to be overshadowed by the big event, Boston.

Running, Not in Boston

I've never had an interest in signing up for Boston, because it is so far away (read: expensive) and so crowded (read: earrrlly wake up call).

After today, I finally learned the appeal of huge crowds.  And the misery of a small, emptier race.

Oh it really wasn't miserable -- the race directors did a fab job.  I just mentally cracked with boredom. 

The race was smaller than any I've ever run, with 268 halfers and a handful of marathoners, 10k-ers, and 5-kers.

Let's cut to the chase and get the stats out of the way:

1:32:50, 13.4 miles (to be further discussed...this time the extra 0.3 really threw me off ) 6:55 avg garmin pace, 7:05 chip pace.

2nd place woman, 7th place person of 268, 1st place in division.

I love the motion you can sense from this image -- and you can see the edge of a smile because I just passed my incredible team of support, cutie-pie-panini + our friends Spencer & Elka

Today's race was a minor struggle.

My legs felt great -- my hamstring is fine.  But I couldn't muster up the motivation to run any faster in the midst of a flat, repetitive, lonely course.

Ultimately, it was a blessing in disguise.  My body feels fantastic right now -- I feel like I could go on an afternoon run -- so I expect to feel fine long before Eugene in two weeks.

I thank Fremont for the boring straight path and the lack of cheerers for helping me take it easy today.

Still Running, Not in Boston

Lessons Learned:

1) a HUGE part of racing is INFLUENCED by the cheering and motivation you receive from those supporting from the sidelines, and the fast runners at your side.  Today, there were very very few cheerleaders, and I was by myself for a large span of time (miles 7-13) and couldn't convince my brain to go for it.

2) Flat  I'll run on a treadmill if I want that.

3) I need to cool down the pre-race sugar.  I had a bunch of gummy chews, sips of red bull, cherry juice, half a lava gel (courtesy of hauterunningmama).  Sugar overdose led to an early side-stitch.

4) I. Need. Music.  I neeeeed music!!!  The boredom was deafening.  I will definitely bring my ipod to Eugene.

5) I need to strengthen and stretch my hips to whatever degree possible during the next two weeks.  Today and during the Oakland half, I noticed that around mile 10 my left hip starts to get a little angry.

The other common pain I have noticed (this race and the US Half in SF) was in my left shoulder.  Don't know how to fix that or avoid it...

Why The 13.4 Hurt Me

Let me have my moment of whining.  I learned my lesson that Garmin's aren't always accurate, but I will start by sharing this picture, which tells a lot about how I felt during that 0.4:

I'm at 13.3, saying to panini "What's happening, did I miss a turn!?!"

Story: my Garmin was aligned perfectly throughout the race.  At every mile marker, my Garmin also struck a mile mark within several seconds.  At the 13th mile marker, my Garmin read 13 miles.  So I started the ole homestretch sprint.

AND THEN.  the end.  Never.  Seemed. to come.

I suspect the race directors just wanted the halfers, the full marathoners, the 5k-ers and the 10k-ers to run the same homestretch and didn't really care about how long it was.  Well it was 0.4 miles.

After over a minute of kicking into high gear for that 0.1, I slowed it up and began to sulk and growl.  This was a bummer way to end the race.

**Edited to Add:  I just got an e-mail from the race directors explaining that there was an additional 0.2 miles or more added to the end due to some last minute changes which were necessary, as the lake water levels had risen wiping out part of the old course.  


Mile 1: 6:35
Mile 2: 6:34
Mile 3: 6:45
Mile 4: 6:56
Mile 5: 6:54
Mile 6: 6:52
Mile 7: 6:57
Mile 8: 7:02
Mile 9: 7:00
Mile 10: 7:04
Mile 11: 7:17 (aw, what?!)
Mile 12: 6:59
Mile 13: 7:04
Mile 0.4:  2:46 (6:52 pace)

Garmin Avg. Pace of 6:55, chip avg pace of 7:05 based on 13.1 miles.

And here's a smorgasbord of other pictures.

Not my alcohol monitor...the timing chip was an anklet

Panini got a lot of ass shots for some reason...

blurry butt

Mile 3

Will You Go To Prom With Me??

I'm all signed up and ready for the Western Pacific half marathon (think there is an Eastern Pacific half marathon?), and will be running tomorrow, Saturday. 

My hamstring feels pretty great.  99.2%?

I am, however, extremely paranoid now. I feel like I can sense a curse arising, that for some reason I am going to injure myself and take myself out of the Eugene Marathon.

Even though f I wasn't racing tomorrow, I would likely just go out on a casual 20 miler, feel fine and call it a weekend.

I have no plan for the race.  No idea whether I will take it easy or run hard or somewhere in between.  I'm leaving that up to how I feel that morning. 

I'm also planning on getting lost during the race -- the directors emailed us that we should keep a map with us while running....WHAT?!  come on, just paint an arrow on the trail with eco-friendly birdseed or something. 

I was enthralled to hear your thoughts on blog advertising and product reviews.  It felt really nice to see that we aren't all a bunch of "yes men" here who blindly nod our heads.  Everyone had a slightly different take on the subject, so thank you for that.

Many felt a product review does not have to be a bad thing, and can in fact be the right thing to do to help out a small business.

I still may do one in the future -- but for now, this is MY BLOG you know?  Not a platform for marketing.  

(just to clarify, the product I chose not to review was NOT soy joy)

Alright, let's do prom pics!

These are obviously inspired by SR's post on the topic, and if you read her blog (which I'm guessing 98% of you do), you may have seen a couple of these before.

Cute little two piece.  This is a horrible scan, you can't see the detail -- but it is velvet, with lace draping on the bottom.  Prom of Junior year, 2001.

This was a $20 dress from one of those trashy no-name stores at the mall.  I had it shortened from floor length and long sleeve.  And then I added hideous hair.  Turnabout (girl asks guy) sophomore year, 2000.

I'm on the right.  My beautiful friend is wearing another sparkly dress of mine.  That's my natural hair color.  Ya dig it? Senior Year Boat Dance.
This is the dress my friend above wore.  I was just trying it on for fun and saying "Mom!! Take a picture, duh!!"

 Same dress -- on the left, 2001 boat dance, 17 years old.  On the right, 2007 Barristers Ball, 23 years old.  Which Roserunner rocks it better?

This makes no sense, my arms have never been Cameron Diaz/Madonna ripped.  It's a trick of the camera and tanning lotion.  Oh, and please don't be shy about making fun-- I had a sense of humor about this outfit even at the time.

I'm on the right.  I've also worn this dress again 6 years later...this was the most expensive dress I ever bought.  I think it was just under $200. 

Ok you know the game.  Who wears it better, 18 year old me or 24 year old me?

If you hated this, I'm sorry, because I have 10 more decks of high-school pictures at my parents home that are eventually going to make their way up onto the blog.