Daydreaming Tuesday

Tuesday is kind of a sad don't have the energy of Monday, and it's not even hump-day yet so the weekend seems so far away.

Today, cutie-pie-panini and I must have especially been dreaming of being away from our desks and outside making memories, because we had a text session that went like this:

Panini: let's go on a Golden Gate Park date

We had our first date at that Golden Gate Park Arbetoreum behind us.  This pic is from a later date.

Roserunner:  Yes! on Sunday!  (panini works on Saturdays during the tax season)

1 hour later....

Roserunner: Let's go on a hike in Napa with homemade artisan bread and soft cheese.

Panini made that bread...the cheese was amazing.  I dream about it.

Panini: yea, the Sunday after this one.

1 hour later...

Panini: Then let's go to Disneyland.

Our first vacation.  We've been thrice now I think?

1 hour later...

Panini: Oh and then lets go 2 a random mexican restaurant and catch a great mariachi band.

I don't have a pic of that event, so look at this instead

Roserunner: Oh yeah, Palm Desert!  Let's go on a 16 mile hike and XXXX (sorry, I cannot disclose what was written here)  ;)

On our 16 mile hike in Joshua Tree park

1 hour later...

Roserunner: let's go to a wedding in Yosemite

At the Awhanee lodge in Yosemite.  The wedding photographer tried to erase red-eye, and instead gave everyone DEAD-EYE.  Our eyes are black.

For my sister's wedding celebration.  I'm the fake blonde sister, and the least hot of these hot sisters/mom

Super intelligent blonde wearing a tiny dress in the snow

So that was the highlight of my day.  Pretending I was in one of those pictures.

What was the highlight of YOUR day?


The sun is coming up earlier!! Only a smidge of my run was in the dark this morning, because light starts cracking at about 6:10a.m. or so these days.

19 miles, about 5.5 laps around the lake.

2 hours 32 minutes.

A little bit slower than muscles still seem to be in recovery from my bad running form due to a hamstring injury-ish thing.

I listened to Jillian Michael's podcasts.  She's kind of annoying as heck.  She has this shtick where she yells are her producer a lot.  Why is she trying to constantly remind people that she is an angry yelling abuser!

Buy my latest book or I'll eat you and then spit you back out because I'm terrified of weight gain

I still have 2 very important questions to ask you friends.  I'm saving it though, cause you're probably already checked out from my rambles above.

Who's a fan of Jillian?  And anyone have any good podcast recommendations!?