Dear Reader

I am seeking your advice on two issues.

The First:

Should I sign up for a half marathon that is on Saturday, April 16th?

The Pros:
1) The course is in my "in-laws" city of Fremont, which means our friends and family can come watch or I can at least spend time with them after.
2) The course is along a "quarry"/river type thing, and mostly flat, so seems nice.
3) It is inexpensive and I think probably on the smaller side (less than a thousand runners maybe?)
4) I recently ran a great half and would love to run one again before the summer weather picks up.
5) It starts at 8:00 a.m.

The Cons:
1) It is TWO weeks before the Eugene Marathon I am signed up for on May 1.
2) My hamstring is 96% healed, but not exactly perfect.
3) I am severely underslept these days and really like sleeping in on the weekends.
4) Mostly look back at the first con.

The Second:

After finishing Oakland half in 1:30:00, I have considered re-evaluating my marathon goal.

Goals aren't entirely for me.  I don't like the pressure.

However, my previous goal of 3:29 (or less) seems kinda weeksauce now.  It would be pretty lame if it takes me an entire extra 30 minutes to complete double the time/distance of my last half.

Or is that normal?

Ultimately I desire your advice: what should my new goal be?  3:25? 3:20? Stick with 3:30?

I have "trained" with a 20 miler or two at about a 7:42 pace or something like that, but it was challenging.  It's not like I felt I could easily stick with that pace for another 6 miles.

But then again, I would not have though I could run sub 7:00 for 13 miles, so what the heck do I know about my running abilities.

and now that you have given me advice, here is my advice for you

PLEASE turn OFF the word verification requirement for the comments on your blog.   

That extra minute wherein my comment pretends to load, then I receive a notice that I have to enter a wobbly "grufert", then I try to enter it and realize it was actually "grOfert", is really cramping my style.  I have a proven lack of talent for correctly reading and typing in those codes.  

Unless you literally have 10,000+ hits a day, no one is going to spam-comment you.   Promise. 

My other piece of advice is to run when you are in the mood.  Don't force it.  Running is one of my only true loves, and I wish for others to feel that let it be a pleasurable thing, not a dreaded thing.

Changing Topics:

 I just sent some prom/ high school dance pictures over to Sarah, as she's been highlighting readers hilarious looks.  Here's a teaser, I'll post more soon if she doesn't beat me to the punch.  

This is the least scandalous of what is about to come.  Brace yourself for the skankines that awaits.

Anyone recognize that dress?  If you fish around on this blog, I posted a pic in which I am also wearing it -- 6 years later -- for a law school social.

I can't stop posting pictures of me.....AAGGGG!  I'm slightly terrified that my words alone will bore people, so I can't stop with the pictures.  

I swear I'll stop if someone requests it or tells me they are sick of my mug.


yesterday: none.

Today (Thursday):  18 miles as the sun rose, extremely slow and hilly.

I listened to the "Who Charted" podcast.  It's a new fave, definitely scope it out if you like laughing while you run.