My Big Fat Greek Lunch

I had a nice weekend.

A little bit on the fuller side than what I prefer.   I can't remember the last time I had zero plans lined up for the weekend, and there's nothing sweeter than a full day of absolutely no obligations.

Spring is like that though -- every weekend is a baby shower, a wedding, a bridal shower, a barbeque, a graduation party, a marathon, etc etc.


I ran around the lake (just under 4 miles) with cutie-pie-panini and we did our usual Sunday Sprints -- about 1 minute of sprinting followed by 2-3 minutes of slow recovery jogging. 

Then I did two more laps around the lake on my little own self while panini went home and cleaned our apartment, since that is the trend in our relationship.  I run while he holds up the fort.

Mile 5: 7:14
Mile 6: 7:10
Mile 7: 7:15
Mile 8: 7:02
Mile 9: 7:13
Mile 10: 6:56
cool down, 0.55 mile in 5 minutes.

I need to learn how to do a Garmin screen shot.

Week Total Mileage:
Monday: none
Tuesday: 19
Wednesday: none
Thursday: 18
Friday: none
Saturday: 21.6
Sunday: 10.5

Year Total: 952.6


Sister # 3 came up to visit on Sunday.  You can call her PP, since that is what she calls me.

Didn't lose any readers with that one I hope.  These are the kind of nicknames that happen when you spend the ages of 0 through 18 sharing small quarters with someone.

PP on the left, pp on the right

We walked to a new Greek joint in our neighborhood for a late lunch.

Walking in droopy-eye-sunglasses.  Sis and mom behind us.

My handsome, Irish dad

Check out my beautiful Oakland neighborhood, and my 4th target dress

The Greek food was great.  I had a moment where I very, very nearly caved in to my 14th month of not eating meat for the chicken gyro looked so so tender and juicy. 

(My parents definitely were pronouncing it "Ji-roh".   I was too ladylike to correct them, but it is pronounced "euro")

Panini and my dad both ordered delicate yet manly Greek coffees, and I caught them toasting to the sludgy sandiness of their drinks.

Ever had a Greek or Turkish coffee?
And then we went back home and Panini experimented with his camera until he found the device that does this:

he yelled at me to "MOVE!", so I got stage fright and did some grandma dancing

We both agreed that this setting MUST be used at a race.  We can make flip books!

Speaking of races, this is the race that I am signing up for, held this Saturday the 16th in Fremont CA:

Western Pacific Half Marathon

Any bay area runners want to join me?  If you aren't too busy running Boston?