Question party

Let's answer some Q's, since I get them so rarely that I pounce on the opportunity to pretend someone is interested in what I have to say when I get them.

1) Briana asked if I always drink red bull before I run, because it gives her the jitters.

Dearest Briana, it gives me the jitters too.  I never do caffeine -- as in, I won't even eat dark chocolate.  Or green tea.

I have this amazing blood stream that manages to keep caffeine flowing through my veins at midnight, EVEN if I drink it at 6:00 a.m.  I swear.

However, I do knock back some caffeine on race days.  I think you know why.  Let my spell it out for you:  I want to run with empty bowels.  Sorry everyone, blame Briana for the TMI, she's the one who asked.

The unpleasant side effect is that for the first 3 miles of the race, I'm all jittery and spaztic and as you might expect, rather fast  ( I went from 6:35's to 6:55's pretty quickly last race).

This is too good.  That dufus -- who I briefly talked to -- was just out for a jog.  But a series of like 5 of the race pictures are of him, with me hidden behind him.  Can't photographers figure out that he had no bib?  Mile 2.

Anyway, caffeine is the key, not necessarily red bull.  it's just what we had.  Gu chomps will do or any other caffeinated sugar, as will coffee.

2) Roserunner asked: how was the movie Source Code?

thanks for asking.  It was so freakin good.  I really enjoyed it, more than I thought I would.  Somewhere along the way from Bubble Boy to Brokeback Mountain, Jake Ggyylleennhhaall (yep, 2 of everything) learned how to be a fine actor.

hottie + hottie (Vera Farmiga)

3) Alyssa asked where my trophy was since I "won" 2nd place woman

I'll tell you what, I really have no idea because as soon as I finished and grabbed my post-race "It's-It" (best race swag ever!!), I ducked out of there for a shower and lazy brunch with friends.

Around mile 11, started having to swoop around 5k runners/walkers

I plan to contact the race directors eventually and ask them for my medal/trophy whatever it may be.

FYI, the 2nd place is kind of not as awesome as it sounds if I reveal that the 3rd place woman was over 12 minutes behind me.

Which is to say I could have taken a 10 minute nap in a port-o-pottie at mile 8 and still got 2nd place.  (1st place woman was 4 minutes ahead of me).

4) Pam asked if I do speed work (Pam! is secretive and has her link as

This is a quality question that could probably earn it's own post.

Short answer: no, I don't do speed work.

However, I do occasionally run fast because I love the post-workout feel of a hard run where you really pushed it.

I very recently started running on the treadmill because of rainy days, and the stats on the machine brought out the number game part of me.

I started cranking it up to see how fast I could go, and would occasionally run 5-10 minutes at the 9.0 range (6:40 min mile).  That is the extent of my speed work.

I also do "sprints" once or twice a month with panini, but this is really pretty tame.  We run around our 3.5 mile lake, occasionally pointing to a street lamp 200 yards away or so and then pick up the pace until we get to it -- repeat 7-10 times.

I mentioned in my Oakland half recap that I stunned myself by running sub 7:00's, because I never trained with a pace even close to that (maybe 7:20's at best).  the 6:40 range just felt so comfortable with all the adrenaline and excitement.

5) Multiple people seemed to possibly be wondering: why are your leg's so Arnold-like?

to those who pointed out my manly legs (ok, you were much nicer and more complimentary than that) I must reveal that for whatever reason--ah, more precisely the specific reason of genetics-- my leg muscles have always, always been kind of ridiculous.

I have large calves.  I have large quads.  I have hated this my whole life, until I realized they play a big role in letting me run 20-milers multiple times a week while never getting a knee injury (KNOCK ON WOOOOOD!!).

My middle name is CALVES

So thank you for the compliments, but it's all the work of my dad who gave me these legs.

6) Sesa asked if my pink race shirt is from Target

Sesa, way to drag Target back into my blog!! Can I just be the Target girl? Will Target adopt me?

YES, the shirt is from Target.  The race was my first day wearing it (cause we all know I'm a fan of trying new things on race day...and that's not a joke.  I just can't help it).

I don't remember there being any problems with it, except that it wasn't as good a receptacle for blowing my snotty nose on as the cotton shirts I normally run in.

Sesa said she saw it at Target and was going to wait for it to go on sale...DON'T WAIT girl, it was only $10!! And it is quality material!

It came in "ow, my eyes!" pink, neon green, and I think a rich blue and plain white (for if you want others to clearly see where you blew your snotty nose).

As a last note I edited my race recap post to reflect that the Western Pacific race directors sent out a mass e-mail verifying that the last part of the course was longer because of last minute emergency course changes.  I finally feel vindicated in my whining.