Send Off

I think I'm sick

I think I'm injured

I think Sunday is going to be a super-stellar awesome day!

V for Virginity!  Nah, it's for Vacation!

I'm so excited to get to Eugene, explore the city, and run.  I'm posting this potential "see-you-on-the-other-side" chat tonight (Wednesday) because I fly to Eugene Friday morning and haven't decided if I will bring a laptop or not, so this may be the last contact I have here before the ole Marathon.

I'll be busy tomorrow night (Thursday) packing and preparing the worlds best playlist

Actually, it will probably be a very average playlist.  All I know is half of Britney Spears' new album is making the cut.

Ima help y'all run a marathon y'all!

I think you can track runners from the Eugene website on race day, and I know my bib number...

but I'm afraid to share it.  I am so, so worried that I am going to get 10 miles in and then this injury-ish thing will rear it's head.

And then you will see that my splits suddenly come to a dead stop as I'm carried to first aid.

I don't want to go into it, injuries are so boring....

but basically the side of my knee (tendon?) started hurting Saturday when I was WALKING.  Sunday I forgot about it, and at mile 4 of an intended 10 mile run, my knee suddenly blared "HEY! STOP RUNNING!" so I did.

Been taking it easy since.  Walking seems to aggravate it more than running. 

I was prepared for this.  If you read my "About Me" page, written I think 3 months ago, I was clear that I ALWAYS get injured approximately 5-10 days before any marathon.  Regardless of whether my recent mileage was high or low.

I hoped this would be my chance at a marathon non-injured.  Although that may not be the case, I WILL HAVE A GOOD TIME, despite the lame-wad aka my left knee area.


1) I got a real, live, old-fashioned letter in the mail, just to say "Hi I'm the Best Friend in the Universe", from an astoundingly thoughtful woman, Brittani.

Brittani (left) and I in high school.  Sophomore year?

She hilariously remembered how much I love (ahem, don't love) Soy Joy Bars

Brittani is a professional baby catcher, AND mother of two kids who have enough energy to fuel a small city, AND a runner, AND she manages to get up at 5:00 a.m. every morning to hike!  If you are as fascinated by all that as I am, check out her daily documentations of her family and life.

2) Placing 1st in my age group for the Oakland Half gets me my very own free pair of Skecher Resistance Shoes! 

heck yes.  I love free stuff, no matter what.  But what are resistance shoes?  Are they the bubble shoes that the Kardashian's promote? If I hate them, we're looking at a giveaway for anyone that wears a woman's size 8...

(whoa, I just looked them up, they are $100.  Not bad, not bad!) 

3) Panini got an iphoneilove it.  iknow, im only 10 years behind everyone else.

Our very first iphone picture


Friday: 12 miles
Saturday: elliptical
Sunday: 4 miles
Monday: cry
Tuesday: mope
Wednesday: punch a wall