Tape Ring

While many of you are now reading/posting about recovering from your marathon, here today in class we will be discussing ramping UP for a marathon.  That means it's time for...


I have run 4 marathons and 3 halfs.  I have NEVER tapered.

A ring, made of tape.  tape ring.  You're welcome for the excellent play on words, somebody alert Jason Mraz

The Eugene marathon is in 10 days (ugggh, is anyone else getting tired of me talking about it?).  This time, I'm going to attempt to do it "right".

Whatever "right" means.  There are a lot of pre-marathon runner-rules, and I feel that they are a bit too black and white to fit all our individual running selves.

For instance: for my first 3 marathons, I didn't eat anything during the race.  It worked out fine, I wasn't hungry and had a fair share of energy.

For my 4th marathon, I had some sports beans, and I'm not certain what the point was.  I only remember thinking they were yummy--and noisily clacking around in my pocket--but not that they really helped or replenished me.

yum yum yummmm

For instance:  As I mentioned above, I've never tapered.  In the past, I just took it easy the day before the race by doing something light at the gym.

I'm nervous that if I really take it easy for 2 weeks, my legs will get all stiff and running will feel unfamiliar.

Sometimes my legs feel BEST and loose the day after a long 18 mile run!  And worst after taking two days off!

I really want to trust that tapering is the right thing to do, so what I'm asking from you is to flood me with advice or reasons why I should taper, and what my next 10 days should look like.

So far this week: 
Saturday: 13.1
Sunday: 4
Monday: 0
Tuesday: 17
Wednesday: 0

that puts me at 34 miles.  My highest mileage weeks are 70-80 miles.  I understand I should aim for 50-ish miles this week?

I also want to know what you do, or what you recommend I do, the day before the marathon in terms of activity.  I was thinking 4 miles or so to shake out my legs.

Either that, or I might jog the entire marathon course to get a feel for it ( ya know just 26.2 easy miles)