Target Dresses + Racing Decisions + 21 miles

Who loves Target!?

TRICK QUESTION.  You all do.  We all do.  Obvious.

Who hates how quickly Target empties your wallet!?

me.  and probably you.

The reason Target is on my mind is because they've got this thing going on right now, which to me, is worth getting excited about:

They've brought back the most popular of the GO International dresses!

Dudes and any other non-Target obsessors, the GO International line is a series of rotating legit designers who make "affordable" clothes for Target.

I don't know a lot about designers, but they are high-end peeps: Zac Posen, Alice Temperley, Proenza Schueler.

Here is what I want, and I want it now

Zac Posen, $40.  Purple makes me happy, and I adore the unique cut.

I tried this one on, I'm a fan.  I can't say the designer name, it's like Benaz Shavanpour or something

Also tried this one the color.  Zac Posen.  Not to be RUDE, but this model does not do the dress justice. It looks rumply on her.

Erin Fetherston.  Those are BUNNIES!  Is it annoying that I'm making these pics huge? I'm trying to show detail

And myself in 3 of my only dresses, and my favorite dresses, all from the GO International line.

I wish I had a better shot of this dress.  It is adorable, periwinkle blue is such a happy color.  And the sheer neckline material is a nice ice-skater touch.

I have worn the $#!t out of this dress.  At least 20 wears.

Rodarte for Target.  This was my fancy birthday outfit.  The non-naked kind.

This skirt is also from the GO line.  It's kind of dark ballerina-ish

This dress is another fave, Tucker for GO International.


I drank in and appreciated every single morsel of advice I received after requesting it in my previous post.

(and please know your advice is valuable whether you are an experienced runner or not.  I definitely don't always run by the books here).

My Decisions:

a) for the half marathon next weekend, I got like 18 "DO IT, DUHHH's!" and two "wait and see how your hamstring feels" and one "don't do it, you will regret it if it effs up your body for the marathon."

I truly thought I was going to get a lot more of the latter comment -- that it was too close to the marathon.

With your gung-ho attitudes though, I think I will dive in.

I probably won't sign up until Wednesday (3 days before the race), and if it's sold out then I'll take that as a sign.  That I took too long.

b) for the marathon goal question, I got a lot of "You got 3:20 in the bag girl!", and one comment that an online calculator predicted 3:09.  haaaaaaaaaahahaha.  wow that is one optimistic little electronic machine.

I'm going to aim for 3:15-3:20.

Who knows, this may be way out of my league.

Some days I feel confident that this will be a piece of cake.  Other days when I'm sprawled out on the couch eating a box of licorice, I wonder what the heck makes me so ballsy.

but on a good day, I think a sub-3:20 is attainable.

And what's the worst that can happen if I go out at a 7:20-7:30 pace?

The VERY worst thing, besides an injury of course, is that I putter out and don't finish strong and end back up at the ole 3:30 range.

And who cares?  I have the rest of my life to keep getting PR's.  

Today/Saturday: 21.6 miles

2 hours 56 minutes.

Some hills, some flats, and about 438723 red lights.  I hate the stop and go.

I listened to Sarah & Vinnie podcasts.  bay area radio personalities.  They do a pretty good job of not being that stereotypical radio douche with the cartoon voice and horrendous sound-buttons pressed every 3 seconds.  Sarah's kinda the $#it.