Track-Me at Track-Town

For anyone equally uninformed as I, Eugene, OR is called Track Town USA. 

You are reminded of this by murals on the side of every building, paintings inside of Trader Joe's, and on the cover of every book in their local bookstore.  

The first thing the guy at my hotel front desk told us to do was check out Prefontaine's gravesite.  Runner Nerd Alert!!!!!

First item: the Budget Rental reservation we had for an economy car was bumped up FO FREE to a Mustang, since they were out of other cars.  Pays to show up late.

It's so wildly inappropriate in this hippie town...we are a little embarrassed.

Flower-adorned hippie.  Golden Gate Park, 2010

Second item: We brought cute-pie-panini's laptop on vacation, so here I am blogging. 

Tricked ya into commenting and saying good luck before Sundays marathon, now you have to do it again! (nah, one time is enough.  And whoa you are optimistic about my bum knee...I realllllllllly hope your well wishes come true).

Third item: there was a minor debacle checking through security at the airport...they were convinced I was smuggling in a liquid.  

I promised I wasn't, and the only liquid possibly present in my backpack might be from my recently-washed retainer (yup, that's right I wear a retainer at night.  And I wash it every morning.)

culprit found:

Gu! Gel! please security girl, that is not liquid.  I had to explain it was for running a marathon, and then explain that a marathon is NOT 40 miles as she guessed.

Fourth Item: I finally bought a foam roller-type thing at the expo, just in time for me to roll out ALL possible knee issues and any other kinks that I have neglected to ice, stretch, strengthen, or foam-roll for the past 15 years of my running life -- in a span of 24 hours.  Logical, no?

It's called a Tiger Tail....which sounds a little wrong to me.
Fifth item: My bib number is 362

Go here on race day if you want to stalk me.   Find the "track a runner" link that will be up Sunday only.

Don't be alarmed to learn my name is not Rose.  It's my middle name.  And if you stalk the bib and learn my name, remember that my name SHALL NOT BE SPOKEN on the blog, ya'hear? 

I don't have a great reason for that rule, except that the internet is scary and full of.....potential future employers? 

Sixth item: Still nervous about my knee.  It is definitely not in "injury stage".  It is in "make one bad move and I'll be an injury" stage.  I am cautiously optimistic.

Seventh item: We just spent the last hour in the hot tub with a fellow named Benjamin who is running the half on Sunday...we talked knee injuries, and ended up doing yoga poses to stretch.  Hear Ye Hear Ye, I Now Invent Hot Tub Yoga.

Eugene is pretty odd and boring so far, but tomorrow will be beach-filled. 

Who will be stalking?  Any thoughts on Mustangs and Gu-Security alerts??