Uma, Britney, and Victoria

I commute 30 miles to work everyday.  I go back and forth between NPR and Sarah & Vinnie (Bay area peeps you know what's up), and when it is a commercial party I will check out KFOG ("world class rock").

This week I found myself listening to KFOG, and a really catchy song came on that also seemed to me to be HILARIOUS.

The lyrics leading up to the chorus were saying something to the effect of "I heard your heart belongs to some other girl, this person has your heart..."

And then the chorus:

"Uma has it.  Uma has it.  Uma has it.  Uma has it"

Ahhh, hahaha.  How clever!  It's like that old David Duchovny song.  It's a shout-out to hard crushes on celebrities!  In this case, the singer's love is sadly obsessed with Uma Thurman.  And why not!? She's pretty foxy.

I thought she was the shit in The Truth About Cats & Dogs

Long story short, the song is NOT an awesome ode to Uma.

It is Adele, singing "Rumour has it.  Rumour has it.  Rumour has it."

Crazy british people leaving out their "R's".  Give it a listen and see if you think she is definitely saying Uma.

While we're making brain cells die by talking about celebrities, let's talk Britney.

I love/ have sympathy for/ am fascinated by Britney.  She was The Most Famous Chick on Earth when I was in high school, while I was forming opinions about what is Hot and Desirable.

I wasn't too impressed by her new single, "Hold it Against Me", but I was all over the bridge in that song.  It's rad.

Fittingly, the raddest part of her music video for that song is ALSO the bridge. 

WATCH.  It's 30 seconds, don't act like you're too busy for 30 seconds.

And in further Britney news, even when she's a hot mess, she is still representin the Hot part of the mess.  I think she looks pretty sick in these pics of her latest concert tour.

Pants have been OUT for years, just ask Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Check out those cheeks! Yoww!
And now, I have to share this last piece of guilty-pleasure semi-celebrity news. 

This are pics of some Victoria Secret event, and I presume these are famous underwear models.  Focus on the woman in the middle, and prepare to either be disgusted or envious, depending on how broken your brain is.

Oh lordy.  If I can fit an entire third thigh in the space between her thighs, then we have an issue.

What's V.S. thinking?  Aren't they about "curvy" women?
Ok moving on.


I mentioned in my last post that I had a hamstring issue, due to being a BAD RUNNER WHO DOES NOT STRETCH.

After taking 5 days off and icing, I decided to eff it all and run today.

I ran 19.4 miles, and came home with the shin-splint from hell (most likely due to running with bad form because of my painful hamstring).  I drove to Costco today, and the motion of breaking and accelerating was making me wince in pain the whole time.

Listen, just don't do what I do.  Don't run on a bad hamstring.  I'm an idiot.  Well no not entirely, I actually did think my hamstring felt great when I woke up this morning. 

I also suspect that those brand new shoes I wore to the half-marathon last weekend are actually terrible for me, and that was part of what caused the shin issue.

So now I have a bad hamstring and a worse shin splint, and I'm not gonna whine about it.  I'm just going to write about celebrities instead. 

And since I never post without a picture of the Author, I present you random picture of the day.

Fuzzy, low-quality-image lawyer.