Will You Go To Prom With Me??

I'm all signed up and ready for the Western Pacific half marathon (think there is an Eastern Pacific half marathon?), and will be running tomorrow, Saturday. 

My hamstring feels pretty great.  99.2%?

I am, however, extremely paranoid now. I feel like I can sense a curse arising, that for some reason I am going to injure myself and take myself out of the Eugene Marathon.

Even though f I wasn't racing tomorrow, I would likely just go out on a casual 20 miler, feel fine and call it a weekend.

I have no plan for the race.  No idea whether I will take it easy or run hard or somewhere in between.  I'm leaving that up to how I feel that morning. 

I'm also planning on getting lost during the race -- the directors emailed us that we should keep a map with us while running....WHAT?!  come on, just paint an arrow on the trail with eco-friendly birdseed or something. 

I was enthralled to hear your thoughts on blog advertising and product reviews.  It felt really nice to see that we aren't all a bunch of "yes men" here who blindly nod our heads.  Everyone had a slightly different take on the subject, so thank you for that.

Many felt a product review does not have to be a bad thing, and can in fact be the right thing to do to help out a small business.

I still may do one in the future -- but for now, this is MY BLOG you know?  Not a platform for marketing.  

(just to clarify, the product I chose not to review was NOT soy joy)

Alright, let's do prom pics!

These are obviously inspired by SR's post on the topic, and if you read her blog (which I'm guessing 98% of you do), you may have seen a couple of these before.

Cute little two piece.  This is a horrible scan, you can't see the detail -- but it is velvet, with lace draping on the bottom.  Prom of Junior year, 2001.

This was a $20 dress from one of those trashy no-name stores at the mall.  I had it shortened from floor length and long sleeve.  And then I added hideous hair.  Turnabout (girl asks guy) sophomore year, 2000.

I'm on the right.  My beautiful friend is wearing another sparkly dress of mine.  That's my natural hair color.  Ya dig it? Senior Year Boat Dance.
This is the dress my friend above wore.  I was just trying it on for fun and saying "Mom!! Take a picture, duh!!"

 Same dress -- on the left, 2001 boat dance, 17 years old.  On the right, 2007 Barristers Ball, 23 years old.  Which Roserunner rocks it better?

This makes no sense, my arms have never been Cameron Diaz/Madonna ripped.  It's a trick of the camera and tanning lotion.  Oh, and please don't be shy about making fun-- I had a sense of humor about this outfit even at the time.

I'm on the right.  I've also worn this dress again 6 years later...this was the most expensive dress I ever bought.  I think it was just under $200. 

Ok you know the game.  Who wears it better, 18 year old me or 24 year old me?

If you hated this, I'm sorry, because I have 10 more decks of high-school pictures at my parents home that are eventually going to make their way up onto the blog.