You are Magic.

I realized after my last post that given how often runners get injured, it may be really boring for me to write about my poor little hamstring this and my sorry little shinsplint that, wah wah wah.

But then several of you wished me well and a quick healing, and YOU ARE MAGIC, because I'm pretty close to feeling great.  Like 88% not injured.

durrrr, yay you healed me!

So thank you, and next time I get injured we are going to do this exact operation again: I will whine slightly, and 3 or 4 of you will wish me well, and then I will be perfect when I wake up the next day.  It's science.

Indeed I did wake up feeling decent-ish Sunday, and cutie-pie-panini wanted to run around our neighborhood lake, so I joined him.

Neighborhood lake.  Come on, I paid $ for these pics so you best believe I will be repeating them.

4 miles of intervals.

We always just wing it -- we did about 8 sets of 45 second "sprints".

It's always fun to sprint around a busy lake where you have to dodge the folk who walk 4 abreast with a tangle of 18 dogs leashes spread out everywhere.

I was glowing with happiness after our little sprint session, because my body miraculously let me run after a day in which I was literally limping

Panini and I headed out for Sunday lunch at a restaurant that exclusively sells different kinds of macaroni!!!  It's called Homeroom, and we heard about it from my "mother-in-law" who heard about it from the Food Network.

Panini drinking a delicious Drake Blonde out of a mason jar.  No relation to the "Oh you Fancy Huh" Drake.

Me copying Panini.  My beer actually was made by "the square root of 69 is 8 sumpin" Drake.

The first Macaroni we ordered was "Mac the Goat" -- goat cheese, chevre, scallions, and crispy topping.

This was a winner.

Next was panini's choice, Mexican Mac, which I carefully picked at since it had meat in it and I'm in a temporary no-meat phase (well, a 13-month-and-going phase).  chorizo, chipotle peppers, jack cheese, and cilantro, topped with crispy breadcrumbs and served with a wedge of lime.
It had a nice spiciness to it.  The lime addition was rad, but we thought it would be radder if the lime was an avacado.

We also ordered a side of broccoli with homemade ranch, and we both noticed that homemade ranch is incredible.

The decor at Homeroom was very Oakland/Berkeley, which for those not in the know means it had a hippie/hipster vibe with a hint of local farmer to it.

When I looked up at the wall to my side, I saw this.

Plants growing out of a frame.

Cool? or trying to hard to be cool and therefore lame?

Then I went to a laundromat and made panini do our 2398 buckets of laundry while I sat outside in the sun and phoned one of my very favorite people in the world, Jennie, a friend I met in 1st grade who ran away to Montana with a handsome cowboy.  Jealous?

You will be hearing more about her, as I gear up for her bachelorette party (Vegas!) and wedding (Montana!) this year.

Stay tuned for my next post, because I have two VERY important questions that I need smart people's advice for.

How was your weekend?  And WHAT is your favorite way to make macaroni?  And WHY are you Magic?