Celebrity Lookalikes Part Deux

Today would have been a Mother's Day themed post....BUT, my mom doesn't really read my blog unless I specifically tell her to (such as for a race recap).   So you are saved from having to read about MY argument for why she is the best mom ever, and instead I'll just try and let her know with some $10 flowers ;)

Me, my hair, and my mom

My last post about being addicted to praise was kind of confusing, wasn't it?  I was enthralled by the thoughtful responses, almost all of which had a much better perspective on the situation than I.   I was reminded that all the praise and mushiness is really just a form of support, and why the heck would anyone complain about that?

The post sprouted, really, from me realizing that I wasn't liking the side of myself that was seeking more readers/attention/compliments.  I wanted to get back to my roots of running only for myself, and not for the sake of my blog growth.  Does that make sense?


First up is the almighty Skinnyrunner, who I declare shares a resemblance to  reader (and SR pal) Pam -- and, of course, when in a bikini they both bear a STRIKING resemblance to model Marissa Miller.

Pam with her cute kids

 Marissa HATES being dry, and SR LOVES posing by this door.

little racer is 100% as cute and hot as reese witherspoon



Vanessa claims to have been compared to Lori Loughlin (Full House), but I'm overriding her and comparing her to the gorgeous Diane Lane.

I'll eat whatever she's cookin

Diane Lane just can't help it.  She's a goddess.


Reader Jenni has gotten Rachel Bilson, which I can't deny is pretty accurate.

Jenni seducing a lego-man is pretty fantastic.  I bet Rachel Bilson couldn't do that.

Sweet thing Briana has been told she looks like Jena Malone

Beautiful! And sophisticated, with fancy wine (water?)

Let's check out a side-by-side of comedienne Charlyne Yi and the NEWLYWED Diana!

The only similarity I really find between these two is that I ADORE both of them.  I didn't love Charlyne Li in Paper Heart, but if you search for her interview on Conan, she is sooo lovable.

Cindy Lu, my fellow runner and UCLA-er, has been compared to the lovely America Ferrera

They both have glam and warming smiles!
Cindy recently ran/swam the LA Marathon!

And Cindy's Dad totally looks like Cesar Chavez! I wonder if America Ferrerra's dad also looks like Mr. Chavez... :)

Cesar on the left, Mr. Lu on the right

Caroline was once attacked my a strange man who INSISTED she was Kirsten Dunst

I can almost see the resemblance.....nah, that guy was just crazy.

This better have been enjoyable, because I literally skipped the gym this Sunday morning just so I could plug away at this time-consuming post.   Rest days are good though...for the body, not for the brain.