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Beautiful dialogue we got going, I appreciate all the input.  I even appreciate the infamous anonymous attitudes, which I know is a right of passage for any blogger to receive.  I feel like a legit blogger now :)


This has been an unusually tame running week for me.  I blame it partially on being sick, and partially on being an insomniac who got on average, 3 hours of sleep per night all week.   My tired self just couldn't make it to my closet to change into running clothes in the evenings.

Friday20.5 miles.  Felt fantastic (and not sick yet), wanted to throw in a long run knowing I would be in Vegas the rest of the weekend. 

Saturday: Vegas.  Some mild dancing, mixed with strutting back and forth from swimming pool deck-chair to swimming pool bar.

Sunday:  Recover from the sleeplessness of Vegas.  Watch Bridesmaids the movie, give it two thumbs up for not casting Natalie Portman ;)

Monday: 10.5 miles.   I intended to make this about 18, but was sicker than I realized and my heavy head made me cut it short.

Tuesday: Jillian Michaels "No More Trouble Zones" which --> nice, sore butt.  Why is having a sore butt so satisfying?  uh oh, that's what...HE said?

Wednesday: None. 

Thursday:  Treadmill PR!  Precisely 8.4 miles in one hour, as follows:

  • warm-up for for 2-3 minutes at 7.5 mph pace. 
  • Bump up the pace slowly until I'm at 8.3 mph at the 15 minute mark.
  • Bump up the pace by .1 every 5 minutes
Minute     MPH
15-20        8.3
20-25        8.4
25-30        8.5
35-40        8.6
40-45        8.7
45-50        8.8
55-60        8.9

1.0 incline until the 45th minute, then 0.5 incline.

I wish I had gotten more of these great speed workouts in over the past few weeks, as I'm running the See Jane Run half marathon Next Sunday, in Alameda. 

1st place in each division gets a sweet pair of Asics that I have my eye one...and I'd really like a new PR, which means sub 1:30.

As long as I'm mentally in the right frame of mind, I know that is doable.  Just gotta stay healthy.

Speaking of winning a pair of shoes for placing first in your division...Look what came in the Mail this week!

BUBBLE SHOES.  I won these for placing 1st in my division at the Oakland Half Marathon.

Skechers ProSpeed Running Shoes

Bubble time

These are marketed for running.  Helps build speed, endurance, burn calories, make you land midfoot.  Something like that, I only glanced at the description.

After trying them on -- they are like walking on pillow clouds -- I immediately knew I would not be running in them. 

Maybe lounging like a gangsta in them, but not running

I can see how they might be good for someone who is running solely for the purpose of calorie burn.  They feel like you are running in sand.  There is this weird resistance with each step you stride.

But for anyone running more than 3 miles, or training for a race, or doing speed work, wearing these seems like a decent way to get an injury.

Walking in them is surprisingly fun though.  They're really comfy!  I just don't know if they're worth growing my running shoe pile, if they're only for the occasional walk.  Oh, and they're also a little unsightly...maybe neonblonderunner wants to get all over this?

Another thing arrived at my door today:


I got a gift certificate from my sis for Christmas/Birthday, and waited until it was closer to summer to endorse it.  Love summer fruits and vegetables...peaches, tomatoes, mmmm.

Here is what was in the box.

The whole lot

Close-up, clockwise from left: Bell Pepper, Rhubarb, Broccoli, lettuce, carrots, cilantro, grapefruit, strawberries

Clockwise from top right: corn, white radish, bock choy, cilantro, carrots

Best strawberries I have ever tasted. 

These make me want to jump on the "eat locally" bandwagon.   But in reality I will still be going to Trader Joe's most weeks.

Cutie-Pie-Panini made the recipe suggestion that came with the box, which utilized the corn, the cilantro, the grapefruit, and the bell pepper.  Freakin summer corn.  So good.

black bean, corn, and quinoia salad
 Now I think we all know why I'm not a food blogger.  That picture is...amateur at best

  • Is anyone running the Run Jane Run half next weekend?  Other races in the pipeline?
  • Anyone else suffer from insomnia and know how to make it go AWAY?