I Think I'm Addicted

Oh Friday.  I just got back from 4 awesome miles of sprint-intervals after work, and am chillin at my computer because I decided I was too tired to go see Thor

(too tired to sit on my butt for 2 hours!? yes.)

I'm tired because although the Fleet Foxes concert was most excellent, I stayed up an hour past my Thursday bedtime to watch them, and ended up feeling hungover when my alarm went off at 6:00 a.m. this morning. 

I took this picture of them one day when we were all hanging out at the park

Robin Pecknold has the best voice in the music industry right now.  Discuss.

And, he has the cutest bashful smile

Oakland's Fox Theatre is the most incredibly beautiful Music Venue in California.  Fact.  So don't even bother to discuss.

I'm swiping a lot of pictures today.  Thanks Google

Now that another weekend has rolled around, I find myself realizing this:

I wish I had a race this weekend.

And then this:

I think I'm now addicted to racing.

And the worst....then this:

I think part of my addiction is to the praise that comes along with running a good race.  And I can confidently say that's not a very good thing.

oh pleeeaaaase like me!! like me like me like me?

Let's be clear here: I don't run for praise. 

I've been running trillions of miles a week looooooong before I knew what a blog was.  In fact I recently posted about how I sought the opposite of praise when I ran in college; I sought privacy.  It was my secret.

Now that my running is out in the open, friends and readers are rather complimentary. 

Some people of course think I am 1000% mentally insane, even more are bored to tears, and others are unimpressed as they think anyone that takes 3 hours and 8 minutes to finish running something sounds very slow.

But here, on this little bliggety-blog, it's mostly words of support.  AND I LIKE IT!!!!

I'm running, do you like it?

It's time for me to learn a good hard lesson.  

I can't keep thriving on praise, because a) races are expensive, and b) it reeks of conceit and narcissism and all those other qualities that I deplore

Listen, I haven't been afraid to brag so far.  There are some bloggers out there who have never given me the time of day (read: never acknowledged a series of non-fluffy comments), which I guessed was because they thought I wasn't in their league.

So I commented away: "Hey! hey guess what blogger! I didn't really read your post, I'm just here to post that I ran a 3:08 marathon.  Can we be friends now??"

To which they probably cringed and said "NEVER!! mwuhahaha, DELETE."

We're mostly all up here on the internet, ultimately, for our own selfish reasons.  It may have began as documentation of your training or hobby, but when readers connect, it grows into something else...

From here forward, no more kissing butt.  I'm going post to entertain myself, and document the things I want to remember far in the future when these words will be my diary.

Are you addicted to racing? to compliments? to growing your blog circle of friends??