Ideal Workout Conditions

I'm such a total treadmill convert.

I ran one of my favorite treadmill runs before work on Monday -- you've probably seen some variety of this one before:

Minutes         Pace
1-5                   7.5
5-10                 7.8
10-15               8.0
15-20               8.1
20-25               8.2
25-30               8.3
30-35               8.4
35-40               8.5
40-45               8.6
45-50               8.7
50-55               8.8
55-60               8.9

I ran another 30 minutes between 7.8 and 8.0, for a total of 12.5 miles in 90 minutes.

I don't know why, but I love this kind of "building" run -- where you gradually sneak up the pace, so slowly I never even notice it.  Then, by the end I am running a 6:40 mile pace and feel like I'm floating.

On the other hand, I've tried intervals before (5 minutes at 7.0, 5 minutes at 9.0), and I don't enjoy it.  It's harder to zone out and watch the local news.

This bay area weather girl -- Cristina Loren -- is way hot.  It's ridiculous.  I love watching her.

She exclusively wears tight clothes.  it's awesome. 

Besides hot weather girls, The following are the conditions required for me to have a great treadmill running session at the gym:

  • 1 large sweat towel, stuffed in the left cupholder
  • 1 paper towel sprayed with cleaner, stuffed into that cupholder, to protect the sweat towel from smelling like gross other-person sweat.
  • headphones, plugged into the local news.   
  • The biggest water bottle sold anywhere (1.5 liters) -- I buy one every 3-4 weeks and reuse it at the gym until I decide I'm giving myself cancer with too much plastic, recycle it and buy a fresh one.
Fascinating picture, I know
  • 5 pieces or gum or so.
  • grab one of the 20 gym fans (no AC, so they have lots of personal fans) and turn it on high, blow directly at you.
  • Make sure you just woke up.  If it is the weekend -- which means I don't go straight to the gym -- I cannot do the treadmill.  the more awake I am, the less patient I am for the boring treadmill.
  • make sure the weather isn't an incredibly perfect-for-running 64 degrees.

The following are the conditions that make for a mandatory awesome outdoor run:
    • Enough time to run for more than 1 hour (my favorite outdoor runs are longer than 14 miles)
    • Sunscreen, all over
    • sunglasses
    Always gotta wear shades.  I hate squinting

    • Garmin forerunner 305
    • 5 pieces of gum or so
    • $5 in case I need to buy two Vitamin Water Zero's
    • House keys
    • Decent weather -- no rain, no intense wind gusts, over 40 degrees, under 85 degrees. 
    1/2 marathon in San Francisco last November.  Super rainy.  Not ideal

    icky yucky
      • Ipod, loaded with my staples: Big Boi, the soundtrack to Tron, Fleetwood Mac (Tusk), Girl Talk, Yeasayer, Britney, and Justin Timberlake
      • Alternatively: Ipod, loaded with podcasts from NPR, Sarah & Vinnie (local radio), Radiolab, comedy stuff...
      • A belly full of banana and pretzels and some sort of sugar (jelly beans, chomps, or licorice)
      If I just had candy and pretzel covered bananas, I'd be good to go in one CHOMP!

        Now if I'm injured, sore, or not in the mood for a run, the following are the conditions that make for a great elliptical workout:

        • a magazine I can really look forward to zoning out with -- I've tried reading the economist, and it makes my body and my brain hurt.  So I stick with Oprah, Running World, Esquire, Health, etc.  And I drink in every single page, every letter to the editor.  I'm not sure why but I try to suck all the value out of magazines, whether I paid for them or not.
        • 5 pieces of gum or so.
        Gum is my constant.  And say it with me now: EWWWWWWWW

        • 2 liter water bottle
        • sweat towel
        • shoes on the thinner side that don't make my feet feel like they are burning up a rug.  (That phrase sounded cute to use, even though it really means "dancing".  I mean burning.  like rug burn)
        • Intervals as such: 4 minutes pretty hard -- not a full-out sprint, maybe a 7 exertion on a scale of 1-10. 1 minute relaxed, like a 2 or 3 on a scale of 1-10.  Repeat for the hour.
        • pack of dried cranberries in my gym bag for emergencies


        I really do think I will make this a blog regular.  It's too easy.

        I briefly mentioned, I saw Thor last Friday night.

        It was pretty entertaining, almost good even.  There were two things that prevented it from being great.


        Kat Denning

        Natalie "bad actor" Portman
        And there were two things that were awesome about the movie.


        The rad scenery

        The guy who played Loki

        That's my recap in pictures.

        Anyone have any success yet with Cherry Juice?  have some before/after a workout that would normally leave you stiff or sore.  Or your next race.  I'm really curious if anyone else has the same results as me!

        Anyone else like or dislike Thor?

        What else makes for an ideal run outside, on the treadmill, or elliptical session?