Lead Butt

With so much tapering, marathoning, recovering, and celebrity-themed posts, it's been a while since I've actually done any talking about non-race running.


Me, famous guy, sister

famous guy, sister, me

So let's talk RUNNING!

Here's my recent schedule:

Friday: 4 miles sprint intervals around my neighborhood lake.  This felt fantastic, fast, and easy -- fully recovered from Eugene the previous Sunday.

Saturday: 18.7 miles, fast and flat for the first 7 miles (7:25 pace), slow and hilly for the last 11+ miles (8:30--9:00 pace).   Felt a little bit of that knee pain.

Sunday: Jillian Michael's 40 minute workout video

Monday: Butt is SO SORE, barely jog 3 miles

Tuesday: Work sabotages my running plans so I get a big fat 0 miles.   Work is very busy starting now least August, as we are preparing for two big trials.   So be warned, possibly less running and less blogging :(

Let's talk about my sore butt a little more.

I caved into the curiosity about Jillian Michael's workouts after every blogger wrote a love/hate letter to Jillian about how great/miserable her videos are.

Last Fall of 2010, I was doing the 20 minute shred regularly for somewhere around 6-8 weeks.  I loved how much strength I was building, but in full disclosure my body didn't change at all (nor was I attempting to change it).

This is the VERY first image that pops up when you google Jillian Michaels.  Huh?

That's more like it.

Then shortly into my routine with her videos, I couldn't help but fall back to my one true love -- running.

And so Jillian went to the back burner and I spent all free time with by dearest cardio instead of sweating all over the carpet in our office to her videos, making the room smell like a sweat towel.

(no big deal, my sweat smells like flowers.  No joke, my B.O. is fantastic)

They call me Roserunner for a reason

While "training" for the Eugene marathon, I didn't want to do any strength training because it makes me so sore that my running gets all thrown off.

Sure sure, if anything that is evidence that I need to be doing MORE strength training.  To that I say, if you love strength training so much than WHY DON'T YOU MARRY IT?

Now suddenly, after months of nary a sit-up, cutie-pie and I up and did a Jillian video this past Sunday.

I forged ahead, doing lunge after lunge and sit-up after plank, thinking it wasn't too hard and perhaps I maintained some muscle from last Fall.

Riding an imaginary bike!

Then I woke up Monday, and my butt was made out of lead. 

Finding a picture of my backside was easy...thanks to Panini

SO SORE.  the kind of sore where you lament that toilet seats aren't made out of pillows and cotton.

And my abs felt like they were made of fist-punch-bruises.  Laughing was my greatest enemy.

Can you believe that 40 minutes of fairly simple strength training made me MUCH sorer than the marathon just one week prior?
I think, despite how nice it is to feel like I'm doing something good by working non-running muscles, that I will NOT plan anytime soon to make strength training a super regular thing

You're up: Do you strength train?  Do you like Jillian's videos or other workout videos?  Do you want to preach at me that to be a good runner, I need to balance out my cardio with my strength?