Read About Stuff I Ate and Did this Weekend

My weekend started on Saturday with a 20 mile run, followed by chowing down on Indian food at Viks Chaat in Berkeley with my youngest sister who just got home from college, and my friend Allison who has an adorable picture of us as 5 year-olds on her blog here.

Pictured below are 6 of the 8 or more things we ordered and shared.

(Pictures "borrowed" from Yelp.  You didn't actually think I could photograph this well, did you?)

Sev Puri  (Contender for my fave dish)

Samosas (SO. hearty)

Dahi Batata Puri (Contender #2)
Bhatura (the size of a bowling ball)

Masala Dosa (also enormous
Lamb Roti (the only thing I did not eat)

Aaaaand, a few other dishes.  All this split between four people.  I'd guess I ate 57% of all of it?  Allison, maybe you can vouch for me here.  63%?  Way more than the 25% I should have been allotted.

Then my weekend continued, on Sunday, with another big feast in Oakland's Chinatown, at one of those crazy restaurants where dead chickens are hanging from the window, which is apparantly appetizing to some people.

Cutie Pie Panini was craving Juk (or Jook), a chinese savory porridge dish, so we hunted some down here.

We wisely chose to copy-cat all the regulars we saw sitting around us by ordering the Chinese Donut to start with.

It's like a donut, without any sugar

Panini ordered his Juk, which I think quenched his craving.

I love claypots, so I ordered the tofu and vegetable claypot.  What I received was tofu soup, with fishballs and one piece of cabbage.  So I frowned a lot.

Then we walked it off in Cost Plus, dreamily imagining we owned a house full of Cost Plus furniture, attacking all the British candy, buying a stack of marshmallows and desperately trying to make up a reason for it (maybe I'll bring it to my older sisters' baby shower?), and playing like goofballs with all the nostalgia toys.

Amazing Marshmallow Kabob

Close-up.  They have sprinkles.  YUM.

Playing with Kaleidoscopes



cute guy

and more

Then Panini showed off his cooking skills by deciding to utilize the rhubarb that came in our CSA box.  He made a cobbler with rhubarb, cherries, and a peach.  It was off the hook.  Here is my ugly photography skills picture of it, mostly eaten.

I think we all know that delicious food is sometimes ugly

Monday was of course followed by more eating -- BBQ style at my parents home in Napa -- but since I didn't take any pictures, I won't bore you with a long story about it.  We ate well, played Dutch Blitz (an addictive card game), and giggled over The Bachelorette.

Bentley.  Is.  INCREDIBLE. 

Look at that weasel.  So crafty

I always go for the villains.  Life wouldn't be the same without them, SO entertaining.  I loved Michelle last season of the Bachelor as well.

Adored her clips, which usually involved fist-punch threats

If you don't watch the Bachelorette, watch it next week for his ingenious cruelty.  He plans to make the Bachelorette cry, while ensuring his hair looks good...gosh, I'm horrible for enjoying it so much.


Just to prove I have a duty to eat as much as I did this weekend:

Saturday: 20 miles, steady and fun
Sunday:  3.5 miles of intervals with Panini
Monday: 16.3 miles, slow and easy

Random Question Attack:  Do you like Villians? This Bentley character? Juk? Indian Food? Marshmallow Kabobs?