The Runner who Cried Wolf

Well humph.  Nothing I write now is going to top my bragadocious posts about the Eugene Marathon.  What to say, what to say...

A couple people (hi Dana! And my little love Alyssa) asked how I felt after the race and feel now -- particularly my knee.

I might now have the reputation of the runner who cried wolf (slash knee-pain), cause my knee feels completely solid. 

It was a real scare before the marathon.  And now it feels completely normal.  I guess all it needed was 26.2 miles?

The Un-Taper Week
Monday: Walked 4 miles.
Tuesday: Elliptical-ed for an hour.
Wednesday: Elliptical-ed for an hour and ran 3 miles.

My recovery has been thankfully easy. 

I was a failure at walking down stairs on Sunday and Monday, and by Tuesday the quads were only slightly sore.  Today (Wednesday) I feel pretty fully recovered except for some tight hips, which is pretty normal for me. 

K, I am a little disappointed that only one person -- Keep Moving Forward's Pam -- thought it was as hilarious is I did that all of University of Oregon's stuff was littered with a big "O" that looked exactly like Oprah's logo. 

Oprah Helmet

I'm mentioning it again now to demand you laugh about it.

Backtracking to the day before the race, the last day of two weeks of suffering aka tapering, Cutie-Pie-Panini and I desperately were seeking for something to do in Eugene. 

Listen, it's a great city for running, but other than that it's.........boring. Eugene was boring.

With our hot little Mustang rental, we decided to drive to the coast.

I already miss this car.  I put the pedal to the medal today in my CR-V, forgetting that it would be a lame putter instead of a VROOOOM!

We trudged through some sand dunes, me whining about my knee (remember, runner who cried wolf) and made it to the beach.

I wore the same outfit the entire vacation

Knee-threatening sand

Where we promptly braced ourselves for the most uncomfortable beach visit of my life.

IT was sooo windy.  HOW WINDY WAS IT?!

  • We couldn't hear each other.
  • Every two steps forward resulted in one step backwards.
  • The plants were being swept in circles, making prints like this:

  • I saw Winnie the Pooh fly by saying "It's Wiiiiinnnddds-day".  And then piglet came flying by after him.

  • I tried to seek shelter in this house, but it was quickly blown down to become just a few sticks.

We tried to take a short-cut out of the beach, but got pretty lost in the dunes.  I momentarily thought I would miss the marathon due to being LOST AND ASLEEP IN THE DUNES.

Cutie Pie briefly distracted me from the wind by digging a huge crab out of the sand, which was rad

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**I'm going to see Fleet Foxes at Oakland's Fox Theatre tomorrow.  Who's Jealous!?!?!**