Yellowstone Fever

I'm in a tiny little cabin -- with internet!! -- but tiny enough that taking out the laptop is a big enough struggle that I haven't done it until now... the evening of our third day on vacation.

There's another reason I haven't pulled out the laptop:

Within 10 minutes of our taxi ride to the airport, I came down with the flu.

Stomach cramps while waiting for our plane turned into drowsiness and cold sweats during our layover in Salt Lake City, which turned into nausea and pure torture during the final leg of our (tiny, 30-person plane, extra-turbulent) flight.

Things have been rough.  Definitely not how I envisioned our vacation.  We've had a couple other bummerific incidents stemming from our cabin (example: mosquito attacks that kept us up most of Tuesday night).

After the plane flight...I collapsed

But even when I've felt like all I have the energy to do is lie down in a bed, it is easy to buck up as soon as we see the sights.

After my post-plane nap...walking this 0.5 mile boardwalk was hard.  But awesome.

This National park blows my mind! It's incredible.  To hike, drive, and wander through a living volcano makes no sense to me, but it sure makes for incomprehnsible beauty and wonder.

And can you believe that I kind of enjoy the smell of sulfur??

I have a million bug bites, dirt under all my nails, and I don't know what is going on with my hair, but I'm still hoping not to scare the wedding attendees on Saturday. 

My shower situation here is questionable (it's more of a leaking rust circle), so hopefully everyone likes the smell of sulfur as much as I do.

Accomplishments so far:

Spotted: 2 black bears (AAHHHH! both within the first 24 hours here), a gazillion bison, 2 bison walking straight on the road forever as if they were a car (rude), 3,000 elk, 2 wolves (the Gentleman really savored this one), and 2 humans wearing vibrams while hiking/walking the boardwalks.

Hiked: over 20 miles.  Lot's of thermal boardwalk features, Bunson and Osprey trails in the Mammoth area, North and South Rim in Canyon area (Mt. Washburn is closed due to snow...)

Wednesday, beginning to feel OK.  South Rim of Canyon

who knew my tiny non-smart phone could do a panorama?

South Rim

Canyon Wall, "artist's point"

some lake

Eaten: once I could keep food down, it was hard to find any that didn't include meat.  I think every waiter here hates mostly trail mix for me.  Trail mix and the butterscotch-dipped Dairy Queen cone I just enjoyed.

Ran: heck no.  Having the flu is humbling, as it makes 1 mile sound like eternity.

I've got many more pictures to share, but am having trouble with blogger, so next time.

What's the most inappropriate time you have gotten the flu or another illness?

I liked it

I passed a very important milestone as a runner.

I ran with other talented, passionate, energetic runners.

And thank goodness Enrique Iglesias invented this phrase, because I wouldn't know how to express myself without him.  "Baby I liked it."

Aron, I'm sure you knew it was fair game that we would all be swiping this picture?
Alisyn, Naomi, Page, Kristen, ME, Kerry, Layla, Beth, Courtney
Alyssa, Tara, Audrey, Jana, Katie, Megan and Aron.

It was an excellent way to top off my running tank before leaving for Yellowstone/Montana.

I left buzzing with happiness after meeting so many uniquely cool ladies.  Before the meet-up, I only knew Katie and Aron (one brief meet-up in real life) and Page (merely friends through blog-stalking).

But I met women who live in Oakland and shared hella good knowledge of places to run in our city (Jana!); I met another running lawyer who just passed the Bar (Kristen!); I met this lady who loves running hills so much that she has earned this nickname of "mountain goat" (Alyssa!); and someone in the group (It's true, I didn't even have time to officially meet everyone) was a bad-ass and brought homemade baked goods for the after party.

Page, Alisyn and I ran a tad over 8 miles, but the only thing I remember is chit-catting away. 

It's true what everyone says about running being easier when you have company.  I had to check my pits for proof that I actually ran....and yeah, my pits said that I had.  In a feminine, floral way.

Followed by 2 hours of mingling at Peet's Coffee = my idea of a blissful morning. 


my heavy week milage that I warned you about.  I have no explanation for why my legs felt fresh all week, but they weren't begging for a day off every other day like they normally do.  So:

Monday: 13.1
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 13.1
Thursday: 17-18 (my Garmin died, this is a guess based on 2 hours 35 min of running)
Friday: 13.5
Saturday: 17.7
Sunday: 8.?

Total: around 84 miles?

I think the heat is helping my legs feel loose and warm.  I don't expect to have the time or the energy to replicate a week like this too often...

Off to Yellowstone through Friday, then Montana through Sunday for my dearest friend's wedding.  I am excited beyond words, I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!  Hope to get one or two posts up while I'm there to share my public diary of thoughts.

Hoping to replicate the amazing time I had at this national park (Grand Canyon)

See you on the flipside!

Summer Movies

This most amazing thing has happened since I graduated law school and finished prepping for the Bar exam (which is to say, since August of 2010).

I actually HAVE weekends.  Totally have them all to myself, to relax, socialize, eff around, and go see movies.

Saturday.  Wanna know what I was doing? Hanging out at the library FOR FUN, not for law school.  We picked up Yellowstone guidebooks.  And yes I know that dress is cute.

Hangin with my sister on Father's Day

The Gentleman and I recently noticed we have been seeing a LOT of movies lately.  We've been seeing one per week for the last 5 or 6 weeks.

There were times during law school when we would go at least 4 months without visiting a theater.  Our weekends were always shot -- pure study parties.  Mostly study, not much party.

Now that I'm on movie track, I'm going to share a few of my Summer movie observations.

#1: I think Blake Lively is hot $h!t.

I saw Green Lantern last week.  It was really no good, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.  The bad guy was, to me, pretty terrifying.

My nightmares look like that

Besides being a bad movie that had a few cool things going on, I was reminded of something that I already had a hunch of thanks to magazines (specifically Esquire): Blake Lively has it going on.

Her face is BLINDING ME!!!!

I don't know what it is.  Feature-by-feature, she's just like every other Hollywood chic, with the blond hair and perfect teeth and aversion to eating.

But look at that face again:

Did I say face? LOOK at those boobs.  Delicious.
And all 7 feet tall of her

 cool dress

What I'm really sayin here is that of all the PYT's in hollywood, I currently envy her the most.

#2: I don't much enjoy Woody Allen style movies, But I like Classic Books. 

I saw Midnight in Paris this weekend (it was between this and Bad Teacher), which is a Woody Allen movie in limited release but getting great reviews.

It stars Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and Maria Bello.  I enjoyed the film, but the number one takeaway for me was an utter fascination with Ernest Hemingway.

Can you believe I've never read a single work by Ernest Hemingway?  Half the jokes in the film went over my head because I don't know anything about him, except that he was my 6th grade teacher's idol.

Hemingway in the Movie

I have two books of his lined up to read, and I'm already making plans to go on a classic book obsession.  I'm a little alarmed that outside of high-school, I haven't read many classics. 

I always loved Cuckoo's Nest (Ken Kesey), Catcher in the Rye (Salinger), anything by Charles Dickens (especially Great Expectations), Les Miserables (Victor Hugo), Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald) and Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte).

Shakespeare is a'ight. 

I disliked Grapes of Wrath (Steinbeck), Beloved (Toni Morrison), and was never able to appreciate Kurt Vonnegut. 

What Classics am I missing out on??! I'd love to hear.  Nothing new, just classics.  I have to build my snobby dinner party conversation skills.  Just kidding, I never go to dinner parties.  So just my snobby blogging skills.

#3: the Woody Allen movie reminded me that I want to scour vintage stores to get dresses from the 1920's (and Mad Men constantly reminds me I want to get a cute dress from the 1950's-60's).

I stopped in a local vintage shop and couldn't help it.  I bought this adorable 1950's dress, which screams "go on a picnic with coca-cola and cigarettes and two kids you don't really care about."  Which is to say it screams Betty Draper.

So Cute.  I'll post a pic of me wearing it as soon as I do.

Close-up of the pattern.  Do you see the chickens!? horses?!

#4: Cameron Diaz Might be Cool.

A lot of actresses bother the crap out of me in film.  Examples: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston (film poison), Renee Zellwegger, Scarlett Johanson.

But for every actress that kills a movie, there is an actress that I love.  And I'm totally shocked and surprised to find these words come out of my mouth, but lately I've really been enjoying Cameron Diaz.

I fell in love with her when I was 10 and first watched The Mask.  I thought I had never seen anyone more beautiful.

a 10 year old's idea of perfect

Then she kept making bad movies where she did butt-shaking dances and giggled a lot.

But now I'm totally cool with her.  Bad Teacher looks pretty entertaining, and largely due to her.  Anyone see it and enjoy it? Can I get an endorsement?

Bad Teacher

#5: Super 8 is the best movie of the summer.

so far.

Can Harry Potter Part: The End beat it?


This has been a very heavy running week, even for me.  I'll post a recap of the week's miles after tomorrow's run, but I think it might be close to 80 miles. 

I'm very excited that tomorrow (Sunday) will be one of my very first experiences running with "friends" rather than with my ipod.  I'll share more about that later too.

Share your Summer movies and books?

The White Stuff

Today, someone found my blog by searching "Leadbutt cake".  That one almost made my last post, but I guess the craving for leadbutt didn't hit that person until today.

FYI for those wondering how to find your search sources: on blogger, the administrative page lets you look at stats, including traffic sources.  One source of traffic is google search terms.  If your blogging platform doesn't let you see these stats, you can sign up for Google Analytics.

Let's all get on the same page about something absolutely mind blowing that ensued from my last post discussing search terms that led to my blog.

In that post, to illustrate the adorable internet-searcher who found my blog by typing "why do I love vaginas so much I'm 12", I posted the first picture that showed up when I google-image-searched "cute 12-year old".  

What picture was that? let's take a peek.

I, hopefully obviously, had not noticed their shirts when I posted this.  Two readers alerted me of the shirts and of the history behind these two girls.

and now, to cleanse myself of that horrifying duo, let's get some cute non-white supremacist kids up in here.

these diversity pictures remind me of UCLA and UC Hastings, my alma maters.  Everything with the school name on it -- website, alumni magazine, recruiting pamphlet -- always has a rainbow of people.  Utopia!

Back to those girls.  Here's the dish, and I'm guessing if I didn't know about this, most of you don't either.

Those blonde whiteys are a California duo, formed in 2003, called Prussian Blue.  They covered "white nationalist" songs. 

Now that these girls are 18, and have hopefully learned a little bit more about the world, I wonder if they are horrified by their past.

What a sick mess. I kind of wish I never found out about them?

Now that I've stumbled onto the topic of race, I'm going to tackle it:

race in the runner-blogging world.

I'm white.  A member of the identity-less race. 

By that I mean I don't identify with my race, I'm not lumped in with people "like me",  and I don't identify with any culture.

pure Irish and Polish by blood, culturally blank

I have the privilege of not thinking about my race, almost ever.   Except when I would attend the Reggae festival at UCLA, and stick out like a sore white thumb.

I can't be the only white girl who likes reggae, right?

Every now and then, despite--as I said above-- having the privilege of ignoring my white-ness, I will stop and notice it. 

I'll notice that more than half of my friends are white.  I'll notice that all the lawyers at my law firm are white except for one (asian).  I'll notice that WHY can't I dance like that black chic??

Ugh, such a white girl.  Eating her fro-yo.

Which brings me to: I have noticed that the many (most?) running blogs are authored by white chics.  And the occasional white dude. 

bless America for the few blogs I know of and read that are authored by Latinas or Asians or multi-racial runners.  If it wasn't for you (and the Kenyans), I would start to suspect running was a white supremacist sport.  Instead, I suspect that is assigned to croquet and polo. 

Anyway, what the heck is going on? Why don't I know of any black running bloggers?

Please share your thoughts, and share any blogs you know and enjoy that prove running (and blogging about it) is a passion shared by more than just white women. 


this morning was another 4 laps around the lake.

The last 2 or 3 times I've done this run it has been exactly 13.1 miles, due to a couple shortcuts I take when I'm worried about being late for work.  Otherwise, 4 laps is closer to 14 miles.

Today = a comfortable 13.1 miles in 1:43.

I think I will run long tomorrow (Thursday) too, maybe 17-18 miles, to stomp out some good miles before I'm surrounded by bears in Yellowstone and forced to take it easy.  The end.

p.s. did y'all know that Skinnyrunner and HungryRunnerGirl had a meet-up today in a fro-yo shop?

When I read this news, I jokingly commented on HRG's post that I'm pretty sure all of her readers just came.  And then I worried that this could offend her readers who all seem very pure and "Janae, I love you and you're so pretty and I have fat days too!" 

So I'm writing my joke here instead, since I think if you've handled my blog up to this point then you can handle a joke about what may be the biggest moment in running blogger history.  They're like the Brangelina of this circle of the internet.  SkungryRunner?

Finding RoseRunner

I'm feeling re-invigorated, and now have a couple topics tucked in my pocket for an uninspired day.  Brittani, a shoe post will be devoted to you: and Page, a post about crazy running stories -- and maybe pumpkin pie -- will be in your honor: and Lindsay, a snot post may be in the horizon just for you.  Or not, that's just gross. 

Oh, I'm back. With stuff to say

Today I realized there is an excellent source of entertainment that I should have thought of writing about weeks ago, as I always LOVE it when other bloggers post about this:

SEARCH TERMS that led to finding my blog. Goodness these are a barrel of laughs.

without further ado, some of the recent hilarious search terms that have brought people to my blog:

1) "I'm not chipping in for a baby shower"

At my sister's baby shower.  I can't remember who asked, but the dress I'm wearing is from a thrift shop.  I'd guess it's from the '60's?
 Google really has me figured out.

I've certainly never typed that term...but it does sum up my feelings about baby showers.  Except that I do love the good, non-traditional showers where men are allowed and games are prohibited.

2) "porn blogger"

geez that was quick.  I just posted a picture of Natalie as a stripper one post ago.

One more for old times sake.  Don't let your kids read this blog.

3) "getting over fear of mountain lions"

I'm guessing my post on Death By Running only added to this person's fears.

Speaking of animals that might eat and kill me, I have an important question.

I'm going to Yellowstone next Monday through Friday, more or less.  I was planning on mostly hiking, but at least getting one or two runs in.

Then my older sister sweetly reminded me that Yellowstone has about a population of 12 trillion bears, who probably all would be very angry or very hungry at the sight of me running by their honey trove.




Has anyone been to Yellowstone, and if so, is there anywhere outside the park to run? Anywhere safe? Any crappy hotel gyms to sneak into?  

4) "why do I love vaginas so much I'm 12"

This cutest, most adorable and rad twelve year old boy or girl, searched this term at least three times.  It clearly is love.

EDITED TO DELETE a picture of "cute 12 year olds" (seriously, a google search brought the picture up for me) that some wonderful readers pointed out were a pair of 12 year old white supremacists who had Hitler smiley faces on their shirt.  O.M.G.  This deserves it's own post some day.

And btw, good job to the parents who locked their computer settings so that the 12 year old found my blog, and not something else... 

5) "is it ok to arrive at work with wet hair"

According to the RoseRunner manifesto of life, YES.   Always, always yes. 

6) "roserunner dead"


this better not be wishful thinking.  maybe a new reader who didn't realize I don't post everyday?

 raise the roof cause I'm ALIVE!!!

7) then there were 24 hours where I got about 50 different search terms that were all a variety of different phrases relating to my post about the Urban Blogging Summit -- like "blogging summit here's my beef", or "skinnyrunner blog summit elitist", etc etc.

It was so shady.  The exact phrases would each lead to my blog 10 times, which made me think someone was trying to make Google associate those terms with my blog?

Either way, that post made someone go bat sh!t crazy on google.  (and I absolutely do believe it was all one person).

8) After my post on See Jane Run, a lot of readers found my blog by searching "runner death/ runner collapse at See Jane Run".  Which is really sad, but I never heard any news of this happening.


I did my usual weekend routine, which is a slow and relaxing long run on Saturday and a short run of sprints on Sunday.

Saturday morning was 18.8 miles at 9:30 a.m.

My weekend runs never start before 9:00 a.m. unless I have somewhere to be before noon.  I don't know why or how those of you without kids wake up super early to run on weekends -- I would rather battle the heat and sunscreen dripping in my eyes than wake up before 6:30 on a non-work day.

The run was rough.  I felt like I was dragging.

This is my theory, and I'd appreciate your input: I wonder if the strength training I've started incorporating (45 minutes of Jillian, once or twice a week...and by that I mean almost always only once) has made my legs feel heavier while running. 

I don't know if it's a real correlation or not, but I feel like I noticed this last fall when I was doing the Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred a couple times a week.

The other possibility is I'm low on iron again.  I was feeling lethargic during runs this past winter, and as soon as I bumped up my black bean intake I felt great.   I'm going to start attacking the lentil beans this week.

get back in my life

Sunday was two laps around Lake Merritt of intervals, for a total of 7 miles.

I normally only do one lap of intervals (a little under 4 miles), so this was TOUGH.  I took the second lap much easier than the first, but I have never felt my legs get fatigued quite like that -- it felt GOOD!

When I do interval sprints, I leave the Garmin at home.  I brought it on Sunday, and learned some interesting things.

1) I never knew the distance of my sprints, as I just kind of ran a little under all-out effort -- maybe 85% effort -- until I needed a break, then jogged til recovering, repeat, etc.

I learned my sprints are all between 0.15 and 0.30 miles.  Good to know.  Somewhere in the range of a lap around a track (0.25 miles, of course).

2) I also learned that repeatedly sprinting for a minute, followed by jogging very slowly for 1-2 minutes, leads to a pretty fast mile.  

my first 3.5 miles averaged about 7:05 per mile.  My second 3.5 around the lake was closer to 7:30 minute miles.

It made me start thinking about the idea of running a race that way.  I wonder if anyone has succeeded trying it?  Like running fast for 5 minutes, recovering for 3, etc, with the hope that their average mile pace is pretty fast?

Monday I ran 13 miles before work, 3.5 of which were with the Gentleman.  Four pretty boring laps around the lake. 

I love nothing more than reading your thoughts, so let's talk:  
  • How do I run while vacationing in Yellowstone?  
  • What's the most hilarious search that led to your blog? 
  • Why are you so neato?

Pete and Repeat

oh bliggity bloggety.

It's too early in my blogging career (Month 6!? 75 posts!) to have a slump.  But I really have no idea what to talk about.

And you know what? It seems like no one else in this blogworld knows what to talk about either.

Exhibit A:  I've been noticing a lot of "repeat" posts lately.

Repetitive.  In more ways than one....I've used this picture before

Posts where a blogger waxes on about something that I SWEAR they already talked about, in an almost identical post.

Maybe I read too closely or have too strong of a memory.

My hunch is that some bloggers either a) have been blogging for too long to remember what they have already posted about, or b) reallllly love the repeated topic and just want to milk it for all it's worth.

I'm not referring to the repetition of a "general" topic, like daily recaps that are similar to other days....

or how I repeatedly explain that Natalie Portman ruins all movies

(let me take this moment to highlight the Natalie Portman-Ruined Movie of the Week:

Closer, in which she totally and absolutely failed to convince me that she was a purple-wigged stripper).

Natalie, no.  Clive Owen, yes.
I'm not buying what your selling

 It's nice to see I'm about one tassel away from posting porn on my blog, hm.

Anyway, an entirely hypothetical example of what I mean by repeating posts, is sharing your passionate thoughts about vegetarianism in a grand post...and then 2 months later, doing it again.

I have no reason to be bothered by the repetitiveness...I'm reading for free, at my own choice, the words of unprofessional writers.  But I wonder, why do we persist on slapping up a post when we have nothing at all to say?

Would readers prefer to read something, anything, than to wait a week of zero posts until the blogger is inspired again?

I freaking have nothing else to say.

Let's to fill this awkward silence...

Running! ah yes, running.  there will always be that!

  • Monday: none
  • Tuesday: 13.25 miles.  3 of the miles with the Gentleman, 10 with the poop geese that have officially conquered Lake Merritt.  The lake path is 80% geese crap, 20% concrete.
  • Wednesday: shoot hoops with the Gentleman after work...get a ratio of 3 mosquito bites for every shot I make.  I made about 1 shot.  It was pathetic
  • Thursday: 19 miles. 3 of the miles with the Gentleman.
  • Friday: none


Gross and constantly pooping.  Jealous Allison Marie? ;)

This is a semi-joke, so don't attack me for insensitivity towards the homeless...but the Gentleman and I have this incredible plan that we hope to address with the city government in the near future:

Have the city's hungry homeless hunt for fresh Geese.  It will solve the geese overpopulation, and the hungry homeless in one swoop.  And may even make for excellent entertainment?

Alas, the homeless here probably do a little too well, between pan-handling and breaking in to my car, to be hungry.

So that is my post about nothing...and I expect you can read a similar version of this in a couple months.  So there's that to look forward to.

What do you do when you have nothing novel to share?

Let's play improv here: throw me a topic!! Give me an idea -- what should I post about?

Wet Hair is so Hot Right Now

Recently, I was reminiscing about the good ole days of Law School 2007-2010, when the Gentleman and I didn't work, and instead got to spend all day together studying, or grabbing lunch, or holding hands under the desk in class.  (That's not all we did hidden under the desks.  I'm kidding.  Am I?)

So I said to the Gentleman: hey, remember when we were in Law School?

Gentleman: yea.

Me: remember how we got to spend all day together?

Gentleman: yea

Me: What is a memory that you have of law school?

Gentleman: sitting in class everyday with 10 seconds until class starts, and then you running in the door with wet hair.

Me: hahahaha.  Wow that's your number one memory?  I can't deny it.  I was the wet-haired slacker.

WAY TMI for this blog...but this wet hair is too good not to share

More wet hair on a mysterious shadowy person.  Due to thunderstorm.

So now that we were already on the topic of hair (See: last post), I'm going to address the wet hair issue.

I prioritize my life in this order:

1) Family and the Gentleman
2) Running (and other physical activities)
3) Friends (ok ok, maybe this is tied with running)
4) Puppies
5) Career and Education
6) Frozen Yogurt

See where Career/Education ranks?  Not very high.

I was "type A" when it came to my education until I was about 22.  I used to be all about 4.0's (or in the case of high school with their honors class menu, a 4.5) and straight A's and obsessive test preparation.

Then the closer I got to realizing the end point of all the education -- a job -- the less I gave a crap.  And the more I cared about the more selfish things in life: sleeping, running, getting a nice lunch, reading blogs...

wai-wai-wait a second.  Let me clarify.  I worked by butt off in law school.  Easily 80+ hours a week devoted to studying, attending classes, writing papers.  Wearing PJ's for 4 weeks straight during finals.  Completing every single assignment in full instead of relying on outlines (think "Cliffs Notes").

See, I graduated.  And I have a "great" job.

But when it comes to law school, the majority of the people in my school were probably devoting 100+ hours a week.  And not sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night.  And not running 60+ miles per week.  Which is what I was doing. 

My point:  compared to the many hardcore students who competing for the $160,000/year job (which, ahem, translates to $10/hour when you work 2 billion hours per year), I was a relative slacker.

I would choose a morning run over reviewing my prep for class.  I would choose hanging out in my dorm room with the Gentleman over schmoozing at the latest networking event. 

goodness I miss this little dorm room.  The Gentleman is eating Trix while closing a business deal.

This is where the wet hair comes in.

I learned to maximize the possible number of minutes of sleep with the maximal possible number of minutes running/ellipticaling, while minimizing the number of minutes grooming and minimizing (to a safe degree) the amount of time I devoted to law school.

This was a recipe for a 2 minute shower, 5 minutes before class started...and a barely-on-time arrival with wet hair.

I still arrive to work two days a week with semi-wet hair (the 30 minute commute helps dry it) and wonder if it comes off as unprofessional.

Presentable enough

If it is unprofessional, I don't think anyone in my office is brave enough to tell me that the drowned rat look is scaring our clients away.

Is your career high on your list of life priorities? 

Does running -- or any other hobby -- impair your devotion to an elaborate grooming schedule?

Not Boring

My favorite part of blogging so far, is growing close to people very far away.

The beautiful, speedy, generous Pam

Pam, who is over 300 miles away in southern California, brightened my weekend by sending this to my door:

Ding Ding Ding!  See's Lollypops, in my TWO FAVORITE flavors: butterscotch and vanilla.

Along with a sweet card, and these rich, dense, chewy and above all DIVINE chocolate-covered-caramels.  I ate one within 15 minutes of receiving the package, and immediately remembered why See's is so stellar.

See's really excels in all things caramely/ butterschotch-y/ maple-y.  So good.  THANK YOU PAM!!!

I don't have anything great planned to discuss today, so it's going to end up being kind of a blah weekend recap -- which is sad because recently, when Page was asking for reader advice on how to keep her blog excellent, I recommended she stay away from daily recaps.  They are usually pretty take-it-or-leave-it.

So you can take this post or leave it, I won't mind.

Friday night, the Gentleman and I threw food into our mouths as fast as possible after work in order to make it to the 7:00 p.m. showing of Super 8 at our neighborhood theatre.

Wish I lived through the 70's.

Sidenote: our neighborhood theater, the Grand Lake Theater, is the best one to exist, ever.  A guy plays an organ for new movies on the big screen.  It looks like an opera-house inside.  It is such a rad place.

I live 2 blocks from this!

And this is the inside.  See the organ down there!?

We both went to the movie not knowing ANYTHING about it.  We just trusted that with J.J. Abrams name, it would be worth the trip.

I advise everyone to do the same.  Close your ears to anything about this movie -- in fact, do this for all movies -- and then go see it.  Having no expectations is SO good.

All I will say is I don't remember ever screaming in a movie theater before.  That evening, I think I screamed 3 or 4 times.

Saturday, I ran 18.15 miles, and decided I am the only person in Northern California who really loves that it doesn't feel like Summer.  I hate long runs in warm weather.  It can stay 65 the whole summer and I will be very happy.

My run felt great, I am a huge fan of the Asic Cumulus 12's.  I hope they are called that because it is like running on a cloud.

Then we went to the City (San Francisco) where my mom was having an open house for an apartment she is renting (that she inherited) in the Noe Valley neighborhood.  It's very San Francisco, with long hallways and old fashioned everything.

BART-ing to the City.  The freakin arm pose rears it's ever-present head

After spending some time in the City in Noe Valley and then in SoMa to stop at Costco, I remembered immediately why I hate the city.

It is just so, unbearably, suffocatingly crowded.  It makes Oakland feel like a small quaint town in comparison.

Too many people, too many strollers, too many cars, too many lines, too many beggars....

I obviously wouldn't survive in India or China.  The only times I am cool with crowds is when I'm at Disneyland or a race expo, in which case the crowds are party of the excitement.

Oh wait, did you need extra proof that I'm a boring old lady besides my aversion to crowded, stimulating cities? Well read ahead.

After watching a couple of Mad Men episodes (we are starting over with the 1st season, because it is that worth it), we did the unthinkable.

We spent Saturday night.  At a laundromat.

Our apartment, the one time a year ago we didn't have enough quarters for the dryer

hahaha.  the life of poor law students.

It's ok.  I'm comfortable with my loser-essness.

Sunday: 4 miles of sprint intervals

They felt sooooooo sweet today.  Just one of those runs where you feel like you are flying, having an out of body experience because you feel no pain.  It felt effortless.  I had to make myself stop after 13 sprints because I wasn't reaching a point of exhaustion like I normally do after the 10th sprint or so.

Then lunch with the Gentleman's family at this Mac & Cheese place I mentioned before.

the Gentleman declared this the best milkshake in the history of the world (maybe).  It was strawberry flavored. He has had many-a-milkshake in his day, so his milkshake opinion is worth considering.

Thick blob of fresh whipped cream

I shared a few sips, and agreed that it was stellar -- it was clearly made with actual fresh strawberries, and tasted like strawberries instead of the artificial strawberry flavor that we are used to ice cream tasting like.

And now, at this moment Sunday evening, I'm dying my dark-brown roots blond with a $2.50 dye box (Clairol or something).  I'll never understand women who spend $100+, several times a year, on hair.  It's HAIR.  So boring.  My hair bores me at least.

I kind of half-assed the application process because I was so bored with touching my hair (really, 12 seconds of brushing per day is enough for me), and decided this is the last time I'm dying it blonde.

Can I get some support or disapproval?  Keep it blonde or go a new route?  My natural color is a darker brown.  I think.  I haven't seen my real color since my early teens (red --> brown with blonde highlights --> black --> red --> blonde).

17 years old, long jumping, as close to my natural color as it gets
Talk to me: can you handle big city crowds? does hair maintenance bore you? Did you have any awesome runs this weekend or see a good movie?