Finding RoseRunner

I'm feeling re-invigorated, and now have a couple topics tucked in my pocket for an uninspired day.  Brittani, a shoe post will be devoted to you: and Page, a post about crazy running stories -- and maybe pumpkin pie -- will be in your honor: and Lindsay, a snot post may be in the horizon just for you.  Or not, that's just gross. 

Oh, I'm back. With stuff to say

Today I realized there is an excellent source of entertainment that I should have thought of writing about weeks ago, as I always LOVE it when other bloggers post about this:

SEARCH TERMS that led to finding my blog. Goodness these are a barrel of laughs.

without further ado, some of the recent hilarious search terms that have brought people to my blog:

1) "I'm not chipping in for a baby shower"

At my sister's baby shower.  I can't remember who asked, but the dress I'm wearing is from a thrift shop.  I'd guess it's from the '60's?
 Google really has me figured out.

I've certainly never typed that term...but it does sum up my feelings about baby showers.  Except that I do love the good, non-traditional showers where men are allowed and games are prohibited.

2) "porn blogger"

geez that was quick.  I just posted a picture of Natalie as a stripper one post ago.

One more for old times sake.  Don't let your kids read this blog.

3) "getting over fear of mountain lions"

I'm guessing my post on Death By Running only added to this person's fears.

Speaking of animals that might eat and kill me, I have an important question.

I'm going to Yellowstone next Monday through Friday, more or less.  I was planning on mostly hiking, but at least getting one or two runs in.

Then my older sister sweetly reminded me that Yellowstone has about a population of 12 trillion bears, who probably all would be very angry or very hungry at the sight of me running by their honey trove.




Has anyone been to Yellowstone, and if so, is there anywhere outside the park to run? Anywhere safe? Any crappy hotel gyms to sneak into?  

4) "why do I love vaginas so much I'm 12"

This cutest, most adorable and rad twelve year old boy or girl, searched this term at least three times.  It clearly is love.

EDITED TO DELETE a picture of "cute 12 year olds" (seriously, a google search brought the picture up for me) that some wonderful readers pointed out were a pair of 12 year old white supremacists who had Hitler smiley faces on their shirt.  O.M.G.  This deserves it's own post some day.

And btw, good job to the parents who locked their computer settings so that the 12 year old found my blog, and not something else... 

5) "is it ok to arrive at work with wet hair"

According to the RoseRunner manifesto of life, YES.   Always, always yes. 

6) "roserunner dead"


this better not be wishful thinking.  maybe a new reader who didn't realize I don't post everyday?

 raise the roof cause I'm ALIVE!!!

7) then there were 24 hours where I got about 50 different search terms that were all a variety of different phrases relating to my post about the Urban Blogging Summit -- like "blogging summit here's my beef", or "skinnyrunner blog summit elitist", etc etc.

It was so shady.  The exact phrases would each lead to my blog 10 times, which made me think someone was trying to make Google associate those terms with my blog?

Either way, that post made someone go bat sh!t crazy on google.  (and I absolutely do believe it was all one person).

8) After my post on See Jane Run, a lot of readers found my blog by searching "runner death/ runner collapse at See Jane Run".  Which is really sad, but I never heard any news of this happening.


I did my usual weekend routine, which is a slow and relaxing long run on Saturday and a short run of sprints on Sunday.

Saturday morning was 18.8 miles at 9:30 a.m.

My weekend runs never start before 9:00 a.m. unless I have somewhere to be before noon.  I don't know why or how those of you without kids wake up super early to run on weekends -- I would rather battle the heat and sunscreen dripping in my eyes than wake up before 6:30 on a non-work day.

The run was rough.  I felt like I was dragging.

This is my theory, and I'd appreciate your input: I wonder if the strength training I've started incorporating (45 minutes of Jillian, once or twice a week...and by that I mean almost always only once) has made my legs feel heavier while running. 

I don't know if it's a real correlation or not, but I feel like I noticed this last fall when I was doing the Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred a couple times a week.

The other possibility is I'm low on iron again.  I was feeling lethargic during runs this past winter, and as soon as I bumped up my black bean intake I felt great.   I'm going to start attacking the lentil beans this week.

get back in my life

Sunday was two laps around Lake Merritt of intervals, for a total of 7 miles.

I normally only do one lap of intervals (a little under 4 miles), so this was TOUGH.  I took the second lap much easier than the first, but I have never felt my legs get fatigued quite like that -- it felt GOOD!

When I do interval sprints, I leave the Garmin at home.  I brought it on Sunday, and learned some interesting things.

1) I never knew the distance of my sprints, as I just kind of ran a little under all-out effort -- maybe 85% effort -- until I needed a break, then jogged til recovering, repeat, etc.

I learned my sprints are all between 0.15 and 0.30 miles.  Good to know.  Somewhere in the range of a lap around a track (0.25 miles, of course).

2) I also learned that repeatedly sprinting for a minute, followed by jogging very slowly for 1-2 minutes, leads to a pretty fast mile.  

my first 3.5 miles averaged about 7:05 per mile.  My second 3.5 around the lake was closer to 7:30 minute miles.

It made me start thinking about the idea of running a race that way.  I wonder if anyone has succeeded trying it?  Like running fast for 5 minutes, recovering for 3, etc, with the hope that their average mile pace is pretty fast?

Monday I ran 13 miles before work, 3.5 of which were with the Gentleman.  Four pretty boring laps around the lake. 

I love nothing more than reading your thoughts, so let's talk:  
  • How do I run while vacationing in Yellowstone?  
  • What's the most hilarious search that led to your blog? 
  • Why are you so neato?