June 4, 2011

I decided when I can't think of a title for a post, I'm just writing the date.  It's an easy fallback.

Exiting things going on for me this weekend:

  1. One of my younger sister's 25th birthday
  2. My older sister's baby shower (she's due in 4-5 weeks I think)
  3. Our law school friend's wedding
  4. Run Jane Run half marathon
I just got back from the expo for Run Jane Run.  It was the biggest piece of unorganized crap I've ever been to, so I don't have high expectations for the course tomorrow.

The "expo" was in a tiny kids school cafeteria.  The line for the half-marathon bib and chip pick up was spiraling outside the door in the rain, and I waited probably 40 minutes. 

The chip was one of those horrible chunky anklets (I paid $95 for this race, I THINK they can afford the latest technology), and the bib did not come with safety pins.  I don't have any safety pins at home. 

Anklet, pin-less bib, caffeinated Chomps, and FRS

After I got my chip and bib, I asked "so...where do I get my bag and shirt?"  and the chip ladies had no idea.  Dudes--I mean Ladies--get your act together!

I found the t-shirts in this tiny little back closet, which thankfully had a shorter line.

The only vendors were FRS, Sketchers, Chocoperfection, and Arbonne protein shakes --for which I couldn't get a sample out of because they were so focused on the one person already at their booth. 

The Sketchers vendor was fun, because I was wearing the Sketcher shoes I recently received in the mail for placing in the Oakland half, and I flashed them at the guy at the booth who helped create them. 

We talked a bit about the design of the shoes, which is basically heel-less and therefore forces you to land mid-foot.  I told him I still hadn't ran in them -- only walked -- because I was nervous about how unusual they feel.  Anyway, I felt like such a teachers pet vendor-patron for already wearing/owning the product

Then I got my handy-dandy FRS, an expo staple,  and got wildly jealous of the woman at the booth after learning she plays soccer for Cal.  Cutie-Pie-Panini and I both have a soccer history, and have been looking for a local intramural team to join.  I'm sure we will be just as good as the Cal team. 

It was stuffy and muggy in there thanks to the rain, so I hauled out.

Cool thing number 1 (out of 1 cool things): the shirt.  I love the shirt, it is this silky texture and a color that I love.  I want so badly to wear it to the race, but that is a racing faux pas since 3000 other people will be wearing it.

not sure what I will wear, since it is going to RAIN.  I'll probably pull a RoseRunner and wear something I've never worn before, like these calf-length tights I bought at the Eugene expo.

and this shirt from the Western Pacific half.

Other than pondering my outfit, I am woefully ill-prepared for the race.

For one thing, I wanted to get some sprint intervals in this week to get my legs ready to run fast, but it didn't happen.  I haven't wanted to run when I get home from work lately, which is when I had planned to do such runs.

The only run I've done this week was Wednesday morning, and it was AWESOME.  It was on the treadmill, and I got myself another new TREADMILL PR

8.48 miles in one hour, as follows:

Minute        MPH
1-5:             Warm up between 7.5 and 7.8 mph
5-10:           9.0 mph, worked up to 9.3 mph for the last minute
10-15:         7.8 mph
15-20:         9.0--9.3 mph
20-25:         7.8 mph
25-30:         9.0--9.3 mph

and continued that pattern for one hour, finishing with a 9.5 mph minute.  The burn feels so good!

Besides the possibility of stiff legs from having run so little this week, my other concern is that I will be going to a wedding this afternoon/evening, which means my pre-race dinner is pretty much out of my control.  

I don't know what will be served, and although I normally love the idea of free food and stuffing myself to oblivion, I have to be careful not to eat anything that could settle badly in my stomach (or to eat anything with garlic, which I am allergic to).

Last unprepared item: I have no idea what shoes to wear.  I was originally going to wear my brand new Asic Cumulus's, which I wore during that Wednesday treadmill run for the first time.  I love the way they feel, but they aggravated my heel ever so slightly -- a band aid or sports glide may help.

My back up option was to wear my brand new Saucony Pro-Guide 3's, which I'm not worried about breaking in on race day because Saucony's are amazing like that.

But now that it's going to rain, I kind of don't want to wear a brand new pair of shoes.  Which leaves me with my used pair of Saucony Pro-Guide 3's, which probably have about 200 miles on them.

They are much dirtier and uglier than this now

Help me out knowledgeable friends: New Asics, New Sauconys, or Old Sauconys??

Lastly, thank you to Bobbi at Zero to 26.2 for the Auria headphones I won and received in the mail last week! can't wait to try them out.