Pete and Repeat

oh bliggity bloggety.

It's too early in my blogging career (Month 6!? 75 posts!) to have a slump.  But I really have no idea what to talk about.

And you know what? It seems like no one else in this blogworld knows what to talk about either.

Exhibit A:  I've been noticing a lot of "repeat" posts lately.

Repetitive.  In more ways than one....I've used this picture before

Posts where a blogger waxes on about something that I SWEAR they already talked about, in an almost identical post.

Maybe I read too closely or have too strong of a memory.

My hunch is that some bloggers either a) have been blogging for too long to remember what they have already posted about, or b) reallllly love the repeated topic and just want to milk it for all it's worth.

I'm not referring to the repetition of a "general" topic, like daily recaps that are similar to other days....

or how I repeatedly explain that Natalie Portman ruins all movies

(let me take this moment to highlight the Natalie Portman-Ruined Movie of the Week:

Closer, in which she totally and absolutely failed to convince me that she was a purple-wigged stripper).

Natalie, no.  Clive Owen, yes.
I'm not buying what your selling

 It's nice to see I'm about one tassel away from posting porn on my blog, hm.

Anyway, an entirely hypothetical example of what I mean by repeating posts, is sharing your passionate thoughts about vegetarianism in a grand post...and then 2 months later, doing it again.

I have no reason to be bothered by the repetitiveness...I'm reading for free, at my own choice, the words of unprofessional writers.  But I wonder, why do we persist on slapping up a post when we have nothing at all to say?

Would readers prefer to read something, anything, than to wait a week of zero posts until the blogger is inspired again?

I freaking have nothing else to say.

Let's to fill this awkward silence...

Running! ah yes, running.  there will always be that!

  • Monday: none
  • Tuesday: 13.25 miles.  3 of the miles with the Gentleman, 10 with the poop geese that have officially conquered Lake Merritt.  The lake path is 80% geese crap, 20% concrete.
  • Wednesday: shoot hoops with the Gentleman after work...get a ratio of 3 mosquito bites for every shot I make.  I made about 1 shot.  It was pathetic
  • Thursday: 19 miles. 3 of the miles with the Gentleman.
  • Friday: none


Gross and constantly pooping.  Jealous Allison Marie? ;)

This is a semi-joke, so don't attack me for insensitivity towards the homeless...but the Gentleman and I have this incredible plan that we hope to address with the city government in the near future:

Have the city's hungry homeless hunt for fresh Geese.  It will solve the geese overpopulation, and the hungry homeless in one swoop.  And may even make for excellent entertainment?

Alas, the homeless here probably do a little too well, between pan-handling and breaking in to my car, to be hungry.

So that is my post about nothing...and I expect you can read a similar version of this in a couple months.  So there's that to look forward to.

What do you do when you have nothing novel to share?

Let's play improv here: throw me a topic!! Give me an idea -- what should I post about?