See Jane Run, a Wedding, & a Baby Shower,

The official results for See Jane Run half marathon:

Time: 1:28:22
Average Page: 6:45
Overall Place:  3rd out of 1519
Division Place: 1st of 231
Number of Free Asics Shoes for Me: 1
 Level of Embarassment for referring to the race as "Run Jane Run" in my last post: 4 (on a 1--10 scale).  (I fixed the "typos")

Final Thoughts:

still happy for the experience and the PR, still think it was the worst race I've ever run.   From Expo to Finishing area, it all blew.

The woman who officially placed 2nd is the woman whose chip fell off while running.  She is officially posted as 12 seconds ahead of me.  Since this is entirely based on her word and not a chip, it is somewhat concerning.   But I'm not surprised they let someone's word be an official time, given how below-standard so much of the race was.

What irks me even more is that I lost more than 12 seconds during my wrong turn.  So in some parallel universe, I think I placed 2nd.  In this Universe, I'm stoked with 3rd.

I also secretly don't think of this as a PR in certain ways.

Let me explain why: 1:28:22-ish is the exact same time I got when I hit 13.1 miles in the Oakland Half.  My pace was exactly the same for Oakland -- I just ran an extra 0.25 miles that day (13.35 miles), thus earning a 1:30:00.

I know not everyone trusts their Garmin, but I do, and I think I ran both races at the same pace.  I also just didn't feel good, or strong, or fast for See Jane Run, so it didn't feel like an improvement or huge goal-breaker.  I WILL keep getting faster though!  6:45 is my steady half pace, now I will figure out how to shave that down.


EVENT #1 : Wedding of the most BEAUTIFUL Woman to Ever Exist to the Most Newly Married Man that I Went to Law School With ;)

The event, in Pictures:

My handsome Chauffeur on the way into the City (SF)

The groom awaits

The glowing bride during one of her last minutes unmarried

Check out that dress!


Good eye contact, groom

 This was during the "Cocktail" hour.  The food was fabulous, but I sadly didn't get to drink any of the copious wine/champagne because of the half marathon the next morning (my sleep is very interrupted when I drink, even if only a little)

Dinner with a table full of new acquaintances

First Dance

I had so much fun when the dancing started -- but unfortunately it started shortly after 9:00 p.m., and we had to leave by 10:00 in order not to turn into a pumpkin.  I mean, in order to be home and in bed by 11:00 p.m. for my 6:45 a.m. wake-up call.

The wedding was perfection, I was beyond happy to be able to share their big day with them.  Next time I race, I'm going to ensure it isn't the day after a wedding, so I can dance and drink until 2:00 a.m.

EVENT #2: The Baby Shower Of The Best Pregnant Sister of RoseRunner to Ever Exist, Yet.

Captured in video:

(that is my sister and me dancing -- there was LIVE music)

And by Pictures:


From Left: youngest sister, second youngest sister, older beautiful pregnant sister, me in my new FAVORITE dress.

Mushroom Cupcakes

For some reason that I don't entirely understand, there was kind of a toadstool theme to the event.  These were SO tasty -- the frosting was quality, and had a slight saltiness to it that I loved.

My silly parents, and sister on the right

Me and Panini.  Kicking back outside despite the rainy weather

My sister trying really hard to make a pretty face.  She's special

Me and my stunning mom.  We look nothing alike, it's true.

I had such a good time.  I'm ready to fall head over heels in love with my Niece!!!

Lastly: I don't usually do shout-outs for no particular reason, but while I was running 13.1 miles this weekend, Alyssa was running a 50k and making it sound easy.  Props to her!