Summer Movies

This most amazing thing has happened since I graduated law school and finished prepping for the Bar exam (which is to say, since August of 2010).

I actually HAVE weekends.  Totally have them all to myself, to relax, socialize, eff around, and go see movies.

Saturday.  Wanna know what I was doing? Hanging out at the library FOR FUN, not for law school.  We picked up Yellowstone guidebooks.  And yes I know that dress is cute.

Hangin with my sister on Father's Day

The Gentleman and I recently noticed we have been seeing a LOT of movies lately.  We've been seeing one per week for the last 5 or 6 weeks.

There were times during law school when we would go at least 4 months without visiting a theater.  Our weekends were always shot -- pure study parties.  Mostly study, not much party.

Now that I'm on movie track, I'm going to share a few of my Summer movie observations.

#1: I think Blake Lively is hot $h!t.

I saw Green Lantern last week.  It was really no good, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.  The bad guy was, to me, pretty terrifying.

My nightmares look like that

Besides being a bad movie that had a few cool things going on, I was reminded of something that I already had a hunch of thanks to magazines (specifically Esquire): Blake Lively has it going on.

Her face is BLINDING ME!!!!

I don't know what it is.  Feature-by-feature, she's just like every other Hollywood chic, with the blond hair and perfect teeth and aversion to eating.

But look at that face again:

Did I say face? LOOK at those boobs.  Delicious.
And all 7 feet tall of her

 cool dress

What I'm really sayin here is that of all the PYT's in hollywood, I currently envy her the most.

#2: I don't much enjoy Woody Allen style movies, But I like Classic Books. 

I saw Midnight in Paris this weekend (it was between this and Bad Teacher), which is a Woody Allen movie in limited release but getting great reviews.

It stars Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and Maria Bello.  I enjoyed the film, but the number one takeaway for me was an utter fascination with Ernest Hemingway.

Can you believe I've never read a single work by Ernest Hemingway?  Half the jokes in the film went over my head because I don't know anything about him, except that he was my 6th grade teacher's idol.

Hemingway in the Movie

I have two books of his lined up to read, and I'm already making plans to go on a classic book obsession.  I'm a little alarmed that outside of high-school, I haven't read many classics. 

I always loved Cuckoo's Nest (Ken Kesey), Catcher in the Rye (Salinger), anything by Charles Dickens (especially Great Expectations), Les Miserables (Victor Hugo), Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald) and Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte).

Shakespeare is a'ight. 

I disliked Grapes of Wrath (Steinbeck), Beloved (Toni Morrison), and was never able to appreciate Kurt Vonnegut. 

What Classics am I missing out on??! I'd love to hear.  Nothing new, just classics.  I have to build my snobby dinner party conversation skills.  Just kidding, I never go to dinner parties.  So just my snobby blogging skills.

#3: the Woody Allen movie reminded me that I want to scour vintage stores to get dresses from the 1920's (and Mad Men constantly reminds me I want to get a cute dress from the 1950's-60's).

I stopped in a local vintage shop and couldn't help it.  I bought this adorable 1950's dress, which screams "go on a picnic with coca-cola and cigarettes and two kids you don't really care about."  Which is to say it screams Betty Draper.

So Cute.  I'll post a pic of me wearing it as soon as I do.

Close-up of the pattern.  Do you see the chickens!? horses?!

#4: Cameron Diaz Might be Cool.

A lot of actresses bother the crap out of me in film.  Examples: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston (film poison), Renee Zellwegger, Scarlett Johanson.

But for every actress that kills a movie, there is an actress that I love.  And I'm totally shocked and surprised to find these words come out of my mouth, but lately I've really been enjoying Cameron Diaz.

I fell in love with her when I was 10 and first watched The Mask.  I thought I had never seen anyone more beautiful.

a 10 year old's idea of perfect

Then she kept making bad movies where she did butt-shaking dances and giggled a lot.

But now I'm totally cool with her.  Bad Teacher looks pretty entertaining, and largely due to her.  Anyone see it and enjoy it? Can I get an endorsement?

Bad Teacher

#5: Super 8 is the best movie of the summer.

so far.

Can Harry Potter Part: The End beat it?


This has been a very heavy running week, even for me.  I'll post a recap of the week's miles after tomorrow's run, but I think it might be close to 80 miles. 

I'm very excited that tomorrow (Sunday) will be one of my very first experiences running with "friends" rather than with my ipod.  I'll share more about that later too.

Share your Summer movies and books?