The White Stuff

Today, someone found my blog by searching "Leadbutt cake".  That one almost made my last post, but I guess the craving for leadbutt didn't hit that person until today.

FYI for those wondering how to find your search sources: on blogger, the administrative page lets you look at stats, including traffic sources.  One source of traffic is google search terms.  If your blogging platform doesn't let you see these stats, you can sign up for Google Analytics.

Let's all get on the same page about something absolutely mind blowing that ensued from my last post discussing search terms that led to my blog.

In that post, to illustrate the adorable internet-searcher who found my blog by typing "why do I love vaginas so much I'm 12", I posted the first picture that showed up when I google-image-searched "cute 12-year old".  

What picture was that? let's take a peek.

I, hopefully obviously, had not noticed their shirts when I posted this.  Two readers alerted me of the shirts and of the history behind these two girls.

and now, to cleanse myself of that horrifying duo, let's get some cute non-white supremacist kids up in here.

these diversity pictures remind me of UCLA and UC Hastings, my alma maters.  Everything with the school name on it -- website, alumni magazine, recruiting pamphlet -- always has a rainbow of people.  Utopia!

Back to those girls.  Here's the dish, and I'm guessing if I didn't know about this, most of you don't either.

Those blonde whiteys are a California duo, formed in 2003, called Prussian Blue.  They covered "white nationalist" songs. 

Now that these girls are 18, and have hopefully learned a little bit more about the world, I wonder if they are horrified by their past.

What a sick mess. I kind of wish I never found out about them?

Now that I've stumbled onto the topic of race, I'm going to tackle it:

race in the runner-blogging world.

I'm white.  A member of the identity-less race. 

By that I mean I don't identify with my race, I'm not lumped in with people "like me",  and I don't identify with any culture.

pure Irish and Polish by blood, culturally blank

I have the privilege of not thinking about my race, almost ever.   Except when I would attend the Reggae festival at UCLA, and stick out like a sore white thumb.

I can't be the only white girl who likes reggae, right?

Every now and then, despite--as I said above-- having the privilege of ignoring my white-ness, I will stop and notice it. 

I'll notice that more than half of my friends are white.  I'll notice that all the lawyers at my law firm are white except for one (asian).  I'll notice that WHY can't I dance like that black chic??

Ugh, such a white girl.  Eating her fro-yo.

Which brings me to: I have noticed that the many (most?) running blogs are authored by white chics.  And the occasional white dude. 

bless America for the few blogs I know of and read that are authored by Latinas or Asians or multi-racial runners.  If it wasn't for you (and the Kenyans), I would start to suspect running was a white supremacist sport.  Instead, I suspect that is assigned to croquet and polo. 

Anyway, what the heck is going on? Why don't I know of any black running bloggers?

Please share your thoughts, and share any blogs you know and enjoy that prove running (and blogging about it) is a passion shared by more than just white women. 


this morning was another 4 laps around the lake.

The last 2 or 3 times I've done this run it has been exactly 13.1 miles, due to a couple shortcuts I take when I'm worried about being late for work.  Otherwise, 4 laps is closer to 14 miles.

Today = a comfortable 13.1 miles in 1:43.

I think I will run long tomorrow (Thursday) too, maybe 17-18 miles, to stomp out some good miles before I'm surrounded by bears in Yellowstone and forced to take it easy.  The end.

p.s. did y'all know that Skinnyrunner and HungryRunnerGirl had a meet-up today in a fro-yo shop?

When I read this news, I jokingly commented on HRG's post that I'm pretty sure all of her readers just came.  And then I worried that this could offend her readers who all seem very pure and "Janae, I love you and you're so pretty and I have fat days too!" 

So I'm writing my joke here instead, since I think if you've handled my blog up to this point then you can handle a joke about what may be the biggest moment in running blogger history.  They're like the Brangelina of this circle of the internet.  SkungryRunner?