Wet Hair is so Hot Right Now

Recently, I was reminiscing about the good ole days of Law School 2007-2010, when the Gentleman and I didn't work, and instead got to spend all day together studying, or grabbing lunch, or holding hands under the desk in class.  (That's not all we did hidden under the desks.  I'm kidding.  Am I?)

So I said to the Gentleman: hey, remember when we were in Law School?

Gentleman: yea.

Me: remember how we got to spend all day together?

Gentleman: yea

Me: What is a memory that you have of law school?

Gentleman: sitting in class everyday with 10 seconds until class starts, and then you running in the door with wet hair.

Me: hahahaha.  Wow that's your number one memory?  I can't deny it.  I was the wet-haired slacker.

WAY TMI for this blog...but this wet hair is too good not to share

More wet hair on a mysterious shadowy person.  Due to thunderstorm.

So now that we were already on the topic of hair (See: last post), I'm going to address the wet hair issue.

I prioritize my life in this order:

1) Family and the Gentleman
2) Running (and other physical activities)
3) Friends (ok ok, maybe this is tied with running)
4) Puppies
5) Career and Education
6) Frozen Yogurt

See where Career/Education ranks?  Not very high.

I was "type A" when it came to my education until I was about 22.  I used to be all about 4.0's (or in the case of high school with their honors class menu, a 4.5) and straight A's and obsessive test preparation.

Then the closer I got to realizing the end point of all the education -- a job -- the less I gave a crap.  And the more I cared about the more selfish things in life: sleeping, running, getting a nice lunch, reading blogs...

wai-wai-wait a second.  Let me clarify.  I worked by butt off in law school.  Easily 80+ hours a week devoted to studying, attending classes, writing papers.  Wearing PJ's for 4 weeks straight during finals.  Completing every single assignment in full instead of relying on outlines (think "Cliffs Notes").

See, I graduated.  And I have a "great" job.

But when it comes to law school, the majority of the people in my school were probably devoting 100+ hours a week.  And not sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night.  And not running 60+ miles per week.  Which is what I was doing. 

My point:  compared to the many hardcore students who competing for the $160,000/year job (which, ahem, translates to $10/hour when you work 2 billion hours per year), I was a relative slacker.

I would choose a morning run over reviewing my prep for class.  I would choose hanging out in my dorm room with the Gentleman over schmoozing at the latest networking event. 

goodness I miss this little dorm room.  The Gentleman is eating Trix while closing a business deal.

This is where the wet hair comes in.

I learned to maximize the possible number of minutes of sleep with the maximal possible number of minutes running/ellipticaling, while minimizing the number of minutes grooming and minimizing (to a safe degree) the amount of time I devoted to law school.

This was a recipe for a 2 minute shower, 5 minutes before class started...and a barely-on-time arrival with wet hair.

I still arrive to work two days a week with semi-wet hair (the 30 minute commute helps dry it) and wonder if it comes off as unprofessional.

Presentable enough

If it is unprofessional, I don't think anyone in my office is brave enough to tell me that the drowned rat look is scaring our clients away.

Is your career high on your list of life priorities? 

Does running -- or any other hobby -- impair your devotion to an elaborate grooming schedule?