What's Next

A few people have asked, following the See Jane Run half, what's next

What to do next...
I think they meant in terms of racing/running.

no idea what is next.  Probably no races for a while, unless someone wants to pay for my race entry.

I feel like I may need to cool it on signing up for another race, because a) it is selfish, and b) it is expensive.

Selfish? Yes.  You know how for all my race recaps, I have some good non-professional pictures? And how I roll out of bed right before the race because I know I don't have to worry about parking?

That's because my sweetest most ridiculously selfless and supportive Gentleman* comes to every single race. 

He wakes up at the same time, stands in the rain, takes pictures, waits and gets bored and takes pictures of himself, runs to other locations along the course to lift my spirits, and tells me I'm a rockstar with a hug when it is all over.

He stands in the rain for me

He hangs out at the starting area in the cold with me

He makes me smile every time I run by him

And he listens to me complain or bask in happiness, depending on how the race went

Given that weekends are the only time we really get enough sleep, I feel guilty when I provide a reason (racing) for waking up before 7:00 on one of our precious sleep days.

(I know, those of you with kids are rolling your eyes about the luxury of sleeping in on weekends.  Which is one of my many reasons for not wanting kids).

I also feel guilty that he has to kill so much time -- either 1.5 hours or 3 hours depending on the race -- with only small spurts of seeing me. 

Lastly, I feel guilty about digging into our "shared" fun money.  We don't have a joint bank account, but we generally share all expenses in our shared lives.  So $100 that goes to one of my races is $100 that doesn't go to a concert together, or a fancy dinner together, or a new appliance we both want. 

Date Night > Racing?

So there you have it.  I would race twice a month if I could, but I'm trying to be careful about not pouncing on anything else right away.

Luckily, I am not the kind of person that needs a race as a goal to keep my weekly running in check.  I want to run most days of the week, whether just for fun or for "training".  

I really don't feel like I have ever "trained".  Rather, I've used races as an excuse to have on hand when people ask me why I run all the time. 

Speaking of weekly running:

Sunday: 13.1
Monday: none
Tuesday: 12.8
Wednesday: 7.2
Thursday: 17.7

I wasn't sore or fatigued from Sunday's half, so I jumped right back in.

AND, I have a REALLY GREAT reason for running 3 work-day mornings in a row.

The Gentleman* spontaneously decided this week that he wants to run with me before work a few days a week.

the athletic Gentleman
:)  !!  :)

I love it so much.

The first reason I love it is because normally, I sneak out the door for a run or for the gym before he wakes up to his alarm an hour later (he sleeps through my alarm, as I'm pretty good at shutting it off within 1.3 seconds).

I really dislike not seeing  him all day until 6:00 or 7:00 p.m., or even later.  So having 30 minutes together while we run around the lake in the morning has been very satisfying.

The second reason I love it motivates me to run in the morning.  I will often choose the elliptical over a run in the morning, because when I'm groggy it just sounds easier to be comfortably in a gym than out in unpredictable weather.  But if he's running, the choice is a no brainer.

* Many of you know I usually refer to my boyfriend of 3.5 years as "Cutie-Pie-Panini", which is a personal "pet" name that I'm going to gradually retract from the blog and bring back to being only personal.  A few too many real-life friends started mentioning the "panini" name in his presence, and really that name is only for me.  So from now on (or until I feel comfortable using our real names), he is The Gentleman. 

What's Next for YOU?  Anyone have any good California races to recommend for the rest of 2011?  Bay Area and inexpensive preferred ;)